Why does it bother my dog when I blow on him?

Have you ever wondered how your dog loves to stick his head out of the car window, but hates it when you blow on him? It seems somewhat contradictory, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

A dog is so annoyed when a person blows him, that he may even be a bit aggressive to give us a warning to stop doing it. But why? Mypetszone explains it to you.

It irritates his senses directly

When we blow our dog to play a joke on him, we are actually irritating most of his senses, such as his sense of smell, sight and hearing.

Dogs’ noses are always wet because this helps them to perceive smells better, when we blow them we dry them out a little bit involuntarily. The same happens with their eyes, which perceive the air and get a little irritated.

The ears are very sensitive in dogs and when blowing them you will notice that they even move their ears to avoid the air flow, another clear example of how irritating this is for them.

So think twice before blowing on your dog, because for us it is something funny as a joke, but for them it is something irritating and annoying.

So… why do they stick their heads out of the window in the car?

Because they may be hot or they simply feel like feeling the sensation of seeing how the air hits their face. You have to know how to differentiate when a dog does something because he feels like it… and when he consents to it because we force him to do it, whether he feels like it or not.

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I also stick my head out of the window sometimes, I like the feeling of the air deforming my face a bit because of the pressure. But that doesn’t mean I like it when you come to blow on me, do you turn it on?

We disrespect them

For our dog we are the leader of the pack, the alpha, the boss or whatever you want to call it, that’s why they allow us to do many things to them reluctantly, even when it bothers them.

If someone approaches them and blows on them, it is a direct provocation, so it is normal for them to take a defensive and even aggressive position.

Notice that when a dog they don’t know approaches them and stares at them, they either start to snarl at each other or one of them withdraws submissively to avoid a confrontation.

The same happens when they are blown, it is like a provocation that is also very irritating. We may be allowed to do it… reluctantly, but be careful with children and with friends or strangers, because they do not have our social status in the herd.

Blowing yes Blowing no?

Instead of thinking about how much your dog will put up with before he growls at you for bothering him… why don’t you think about playing a little ball with him or going for a walk?

Seriously, blowing bothers dogs a lot, it is a practice that we should avoid because it is not funny at all (if for us… not for them).

Avoid blowing your dog in the face and above all, avoid that other people do it. Because he may respect you, but a stranger or someone with a lower status than you for him, will not respect him.

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