Why couldn’t Karana kill the young elephant seal?

Why couldn’t Karana kill the young elephant seal?

What happens when Karana goes hunting elephant seals? What happens when Karana goes hunting elephant seals? Two of the elephant seals fight and Karana gets injured while dodging them. How does Karana manage to survive on the island? She is able to survive on her own for 18 years.

Why didn’t Karana kill Rontu? So it looks like Karana doesn’t kill Rontu because he’s powerless. She is unable to kill a helpless creature, even if it has done her great harm. Karana’s decision to take Rontu home is almost as mysterious as her decision not to kill him.

How did Karana try to take care of the young seagull? baby birds

Karana clips the babies’ wings and tames them, just as she did their parents. Karana also continues his streak of saving animal lives. She finds a seagull with a broken leg and splints him until he can fly to his family.

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How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu died?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu died? She put a mixture in the spring water to put the dogs to sleep. Their ship had sunk in the storm, so there was no other ship.

Why did Karana burn the village?

Karana destroys the village because he reminds him of “all the people who (are) dead and those who (are) gone”. She burns it so she won’t hear “their voices speaking” anymore, and so she can move on. All the members of his tribe had left on a boat with the white men.

Why did Karana decide not to build her house near the elephant seals?

Karana does not build her house near elephant seals because they are extremely loud. The cows “scream and bark all day and sometimes at night” and she comments that even the babies are loud.

What happens when Karana tries to leave the island?

She wants to leave because she wants to stay with the people she knows. Unfortunately, Karana’s brother doesn’t make it to the boat in time, so Karana jumps into the water to stay on the island with his brother. The attempt fails and she is forced to return to the island.

Why does Karana think she shouldn’t make weapons?

Karana thinks about the fact that women making weapons are forbidden by her tribe. She goes to look for weapons that have already been made. Karana takes care of wild dogs. They are part of a pack that roams the island, turned feral after the death of their owners.

Why didn’t Karana try to kill more Devilfish?

Karana’s pursuit of leisure activities creates problems in Chapter Nineteen. Throwing the giant devil had been her hobby for the past few chapters, but when she finally gets the chance, the result isn’t what she hoped for. She never tries to spear those fish again.

Why didn’t Rontu Go Devil fish with Karana?

In chapter 17, Karan goes fishing for the devil. Why doesn’t Rontu accompany him? Because Karan had to let him out of the fence because the dogs were sniffling.

What kind of dog was Rontu?

Rontu is the ancient pet of Aleutian hunters. “He was a much bigger dog than any of ours,” Karana tells us, “who, in addition, has short hair and brown eyes. I was sure he was an Aleut dog” ( 15.3) Rontu belonged to the Aleuts.

Why did Karana stop counting the moons?

When, one summer, the otters do not leave, Karana knows that all the otters who remember the Aleut hunters are dead. Karana ceases to mark the passage of time that summer. Until then, she had carved a mark in her house for each moon that had passed since her brother’s death. This summer, she makes no mark.

What new creatures does Karana adopt?

Karana gets a new pet in this section, the otter Mon-a-nee. However, Karana does not force Mon-a-nee to stay with her and is happy when she sees he has returned. Karana begins to respect animals as she would respect people.

How does Karana change over the course of the story?

As the book progresses, Karana becomes more independent and adept at surviving on her own. When the book opens, Karana describes life with her village, when she lived among a tribe.

Is the dog alive when Karana brought it home?

On the third day, Karana finds the gray dog, barely alive. She prepares to shoot him but finds she cannot; instead, she takes him home, where she removes the arrow to clean his wound. When she returns, the dog is still alive and has drunk the water.

How did Karana get the dog with the yellow eyes?

This works much better, and after drinking from a xuchal-tainted pond, the hound pack quickly falls asleep. Karana finds the yellow-eyed gray dog ​​among the sleeping bag and brings him home. She names him Rontu-Aru, “Son of Rontu”, and the two quickly become friends.

How old was Karana on Blue Dolphin Island?

Island of the Blue Dolphins is a 1960 children’s novel by American writer Scott O’Dell, which tells the story of a 12-year-old girl named Karana, who is stranded alone for years on an island off the coast of the California coast.

Which chapter Karana burned the village?

In “Island of the Blue Dolphins”, chapter 9, why did Karana burn the village instead of trying to save some things? – eNotes.com.

Why is Karana reluctant to make weapons?

She needed weapons to protect herself from the dogs and kill them one by one. Why does she hesitate before making the weapons? It is against the law of her people to make weapons and for a woman to make a weapon will bring them bad luck. The dolphins made Karana happy to have them swim around the canoe.

How did Karana fix the leaking canoe?

Karana steers the canoe using the location of the stars as guides, but the waves throw her off course. The canoe leaks and Karana seals it with the fabric of her skirt.

Why did Karana jump off the ship carrying her tribe?

Why did Karana jump off the ship carrying her tribe? She noticed that the striped dolphins were no longer following her. She saw her little brother running with his fishing spear along the cliff. She couldn’t bear to leave the place where her father had died.

Why did Karana throw her basket into the sea?

Karana was left behind in 1835 when her tribe, decimated by raids by Aleutian hunters, was taken away by Franciscan monks. Diving into the ocean to rescue a child she left behind, Karana found herself stranded and, when the child died, alone.

What happened when Karana suddenly saw the ship?

Under the dark clouds, Karana sees a ship. She hears the man calling, not to the other man who came with him to the beach, not to the men on the boat, and Karana knows he is calling her. She returns home and gets dressed, then heads for the shore with Rontu-Aru.

What is the problem with karanas at the end of chapter 12?

What is Karana’s problem at the end of chapter 12? The island has a very strong wind; therefore, there are not many large trees. She needs wood to build her shelter.