Where to buy the white tree frog?

Where to buy the white tree frog?

How Do I Get a Whites Tree Frog? Most pet stores with a reptile department will sell White’s Tree Frogs, or at least be able to order them. It’s a basic pet frog, and even big box stores like Petco and Petsmart do their best to keep White in stock.

Can you have a white tree frog as a pet? It is a popular pet due to its small size and facial expressions, which include sleepy eyes and a smiling mouth. Its skin also has a waxy coating that allows it to tolerate more arid conditions than other common tree frog species, making it a better match for domestic environments.

Can you get white tree frogs in the UK? White’s tree frogs are arboreal, which means they live in trees, and their feet are equipped with special pads to easily climb on smooth surfaces. … It is the most popular frog to keep as a pet in the UK. Their color varies from green to blue to dark brown.

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How long do white tree frogs live?

Even White’s wild tree frogs are docile and often live near human habitation, eating insects attracted to light. Larger than most Australian frogs, White’s tree frog can reach 4 inches in length. The average lifespan of this frog in captivity is about 16 years.

How long do house frogs live?

Caring for Pet Frogs

The average lifespan is generally four to fifteen years, although some frogs live longer.

Are white tree frogs poisonous to dogs?

No. Tree frogs aren’t poisonous, but they secrete a substance on their skin, which they use to protect themselves against their prey, including your dogs and cats.

Do white tree frogs need a friend?

Companions. White’s tree frogs are a more social species and will enjoy having the company of their own. Do not store smaller frogs with larger frogs, they could be eaten. Try to acquire your group of frogs at the same age to avoid size difference issues.

How long can a white tree frog go without eating?

For species living in northern climates, this will be the time when they enter hibernation, and the lower the temperature during the winter, the lower their metabolism will be and the less their fat deposits will be metabolized. A well-fed tree frog can easily hibernate for 6 months without becoming lean.