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Where does the Band Cage The Elephant come from?

Where does the Band Cage The Elephant come from?

Does the Cage The Elephant singer do drugs? Most of the band members had drug problems early in their careers, and it was the music that got them out of their addiction. He has been clean since July 2015 and is currently a music producer in Nashville, Tennessee. While discussing his career with Font Row Live, he wished his former bandmates the best.

Did Cage The Elephant break up? Cage the Elephant mourns the end of a long relationship on their final track. Singer Matt Shultz wrote the song for his ex-wife after their divorce. The album follows Schultz through the stages of the breakup.

Why did Cage The Elephant name his band that? The band’s name, according to vocalist Matt Shultz, comes from a 2006 incident when a mentally ill man approached the band after a concert. He hugged Shultz and kept repeating the phrase “You have to cage the elephant” over and over.

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Where did Matt Shultz go to school?

Matt Shultz from Cage the Elephant. Cage the elephant. Left to right: Brad Schultz, Lincoln Parrish, Matt Shultz, Jared Champion and Daniel Tichenor. Matt Shultz started singing in his first band during his second year at Greenwood High School with his brother Brad Shultz and friend Jared Champion called Liquid Twilight.

Why did Lincoln Parish leave Cage the Elephant?

may have noticed the conspicuous absence of founding member and current Nashvillian Lincoln Parish. It turns out that the 23-year-old guitarist recently made the decision to leave CTE in order to follow his passion for production.

Is Matt Shultz straight?

Private life. Matt Shultz married Eva Daire in early February 2020. Eva Daire is an actress, dancer, and musician. They met in Kentucky where they are both from.

When did Matt Shultz divorce?

Following his divorce in 2018 after a four-year marriage, Cage the Elephant frontman Matt Shultz “did that classic move: run away from everything.” He lived in hotel rooms for much of the year before moving to New York’s East Village for six months to study a Japanese dance form called butoh.

How much is Cage the Elephant worth?

Cage the Elephant net worth: $2 million.

Is Cage The Elephant any good live?

Cage the Elephant can be described as nothing less than rock stars and are considered by audiences and critics alike as one of the best live bands of recent years. Cage the Elephant has so much going for them, but the fact that they can so easily get a crowd moving is by far their best quality.

Is the elephant cage grunge?

elephant cage

The music of Cage the Elephant crosses several eras of rock. His songs pointed to the Beatles, Pixies, glam, grunge and garage-rock, topped by the exuberant lead vocals of Mr. Shultz.

Are Matt and Brad Shultz brothers?

Donald Bradley Shultz Jr. (born in ) is the rhythm guitarist and one of the founding members of the band Cage the Elephant, and is also a record producer. He is the older brother of current Cage the Elephant teammate Matt Shultz.

Are Matt Shultz and Juliette Buchs still married?

It’s hard to imagine that many do. Within two years, Shultz separated from his wife, French model Juliette Buchs, and lost three close friends. “I definitely cracked,” he says.

Who writes the songs for Cage the Elephant?

Singer and lyricist Matt Shultz says he’s moving away from ‘fear-based’ songwriting – hence the title of album number three, Melophobia – and putting less emphasis on emulation and more on communication through songwriting.

Why did Cage The Elephant move to London?

And although the band’s 2008 self-titled debut album won acclaim in this country, it wasn’t until the band lived in England for a while that they came to prominence.

How did Cage The Elephant meet?

Kentucky Thunder: The band originally formed in Bowling Green, Kentucky when the members were still in high school. FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: During past tours with garage duo The Black Keys, the band befriended Keys vocalist-guitarist Dan Auerbach.

What guitar does Brad Shultz play?

Fender Classic Series ’65 Mustang electric guitar.

Who are the brothers in Cage the Elephant?

Cage The Elephant Process Grief With ‘Social Cues’ Album Cage the Elephant brothers Matt and Brad Shultz have learned to lean on each other through a chaotic childhood and recent loss in their lives.

Is Cage the elephant famous?

It was proof that Cage the Elephant had become one of the few popular mainstream rock bands of their time. Formed by Matt Shultz, Brad Shultz, Jared Champion, Lincoln Parish and Daniel Tichenor, the group signed with Relentless and released the single “Free Love” in late 2007.

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