Where Can You Rent a Horse Trailer?

If you are a horse owner, owning a horse trailer can make transporting your horse a hassle-free one. But you may not have the money ready to make such a significant purchase. Enter horse trailer rental, and your horse hauling needs are answered. While trailer rentals are not easy to find, trailer rentals provide the level of comfort that horse owners desire.

Read on to understand everything you need to know about renting a horse trailer.

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Why You Need to Rent a Trailer?

Horse trailers don’t come cheap. But why splash your hard-earned cash on one when you don’t haul your horse very often? A better alternative is to rent a horse trailer when you need it.

Of course, your hauling needs will depend a lot on the horse events you participate in and your lifestyle. If you have friends with them, you can sometimes borrow their trailer when you need to haul your horse instead of renting.

Renting or Buying a Horse Trailer?

Expensive horse trailers. Renting one will set you back $60-$100 a day for a two-horse trailer and $150-$180 for a 3-horse trailer with shelter.

Rental prices are usually affected by the size of the trailer, the number of compartments on the ship, and the brand of trailer. Of course the price will go up for weekly or monthly rentals. But price is not the only factor you need to consider when deciding to rent or buy.

Renting is still a better option if you’re only going to be hauling your horse once or twice a year. But for frequent hauls, especially if you have a racehorse, buying your own trailer will cost you more in the long run.

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Where Can You Rent a Trailer?

You can drive for miles before finding commercial trailers willing to rent out their trailers. Instead, approach local private horse trailer owners for rent.

Hire Private Owner

It remains the most viable option for most people. Visit equestrian events to connect with personal horse owners. You can also contact your local horse organization for recommendations for private horse trailer owners.

Social media also lets you connect with horse trailer rentals. Many fans will point you to the private owner who owns the trailer. Get a wider reach by posting your interest in trailer rentals on sites like Craigslist.

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Commercial Horse Trailer Rental

Dealers who rent out trailers are hard to come by, and even if you do, they rarely rent out trailers. They cite reasons such as trailer damage, additional personnel costs to handle rentals, and high insurance costs.

However, you can still rent a trailer from a reliable commercial vendor. Some even offer a borrower hitch as a bonus if you don’t have the right towing equipment in your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Trailer?

Some of the factors that affect the price of trailer rental include:

  • The length of the rental period—an extension of the period will give you a discount

  • Types and brands of trailers

  • Trailer rental service locations—locations further afield are more expensive

  • Certain rental days—an action-packed weekend costs more than a quiet weekday

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Commercial trailer rental companies charge $60-$75 for a 2-horse trailer and $75-$100 for a 3-horse gooseneck trailer. Weekly rentals will set you back over $400, with monthly rents exceeding $1,300. This price becomes higher after taxes and fees are added.

Use these numbers as a guide when bidding favorable prices from private trailer owners.

Several Companies Rent Trailers

A trailer rental is really like a long term rental. This is an opportunity to own a trailer for several years without paying the full price of a trailer.

After the lease expires, you return the trailer to the leasing company. Horse trailer manufacturers mostly offer this service.

Why Rent a Horse Trailer?

Financing approvals when purchasing a horse trailer takes longer than leasing approvals. With leasing, you own the trailer for a certain period of time at a lower price than if you paid for the trailer.

You pay less rent in a month than you pay on trailer loan payments, not forgetting the tax advantages that renting has to offer.

After the lease agreement expires, three options are available:

  • Play the trailer

  • Trade-in with other trailer models

  • Buy the trailer

Lease agreements differ between companies. You should do proper research and accept the rental option that gives you the best deal.

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Horse Trailer Rental Tips:

If you believe that a trailer rental will meet your hauling needs, here are trailer rental tips to help you navigate the process.

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1. Find a Good Trailer Rental Company

Finding a good rental company will save you from suffering later on. Visit local stables, search online, ask friends for recommendations, etc. Don’t stop until you find a trail rental company with positive customer reviews.

2. Check Horse Trailer Condition

After selecting a horse trailer to rent, make sure you inspect it well before towing it. Make sure the rental agent is present during the inspection to document any damage. This way, you won’t be accused of damaging the trailer when you return it.

3. Only Choose The Trailer That Will Meet Your Needs

Finding a trailer to rent is not easy. But if lady luck gives you the option to choose between different models, choose only one that will meet your transporting needs. Do you need a trailer with live compartment, 3 horse or 2 horse trailer? Also, ensure compatibility with your towing vehicle.

4. Check Contract

No matter how many miles you drive to find a rental trailer, don’t settle for a raw deal. Make sure all the paperwork is in order before you leave the rental yard. Also, check with your insurance provider to confirm whether towing vehicle insurance can cover the trailer.

5. Check Your Vehicle Towing Capacity

The combined weight of the passenger, horse and trailer must be less than the towing capacity of the vehicle. Without the proper weight capacity to tow a trailer, risks such as brakes and tire failure are imminent.

6. Make Sure the Trailer Is Insured

Separate trailer insurance is not a requirement as trailers are covered under towing vehicle insurance. However, some expensive and bulky trailers may be excluded from insurance coverage.

You should choose a rental company that offers sufficient coverage for their trailers. But note that trailer damage caused by horses is not covered. You must bear the cost of repairing the damage.

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7. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully

After choosing a rental company to work with, read all the terms carefully. The contract must include trailer insurance information and VIN (vehicle identification number). Don’t forget to match the trailer registration number with your vehicle’s license plate.

8. Have an Emergency Plan

Be adequately prepared for whatever may happen on the road. Make sure you have contacts with insurance and rental companies in case of an emergency during your trip.

Tell a friend before you go on a trip so they can know where to find you if something happens. As a safety precaution, your car and trailer should have a spare tire.

It is also wise to carry enough supplies for you and your horse in case you are stranded or stuck away from home.

9. Check Trailer Before Returning It

Wash the trailer thoroughly before returning it to the rental company. It is considerate and speaks well of you. Otherwise, the rental company may ask for an additional fee. Also, inspect the entire trailer to make sure there is no damage before returning it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Renting a Horse Trailer Expensive?

Renting may not be as expensive as buying a trailer, but it’s not cheap either. Daily rental costs between $80-$100 for a day. The make, model and compartment in the trailer determine the price.

How Do I Choose a Trailer?

A good trailer should have enough space for your needs. It must also be compatible with your towing vehicle.

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Can Horses Sleep in Trailers?

No. Horses can’t sleep in trailers. For safety reasons, only carry horses in mounted trailers to reduce the chance of injury.

How Long Should Your Horse Trailer Be?

It is not recommended to trailer horses for more than 12 hours at a time. Take a break every 4 hours to check on the horse and give him water.

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Trailers are very convenient for horse owners, especially those who often transport their horses. But given the price tag, not every horse owner can afford a new trailer. Thanks to the trailer rental option, horse owners can still transport their horses to the vet, equestrian location, or to a trainer at a reasonable cost.

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