What does Cat Valentine Locker look like?

What does Cat Valentine Locker look like? Do you know the answer to this question? Help our community by submitting a response.

Do you know the answer to this question? Help our community by submitting a response.

Why does Valentine the cat have red hair? She has bright red hair, which she dyed to look like her favorite snack, a red velvet cupcake. André has a nickname for her “Little Red”, which she at first offended, but later called him “creative”.

Who plays Kat Valentine? valentine cat
Played by
Catarina “Cat” Valentine is one of the main characters in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and a main character in Sam & Cat. The cat is played by Ariana Grande.
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How old is the Valentine cat in Victory? valentine cat
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Does Robbie actually voice Rex in Victorious?

Rex Powers is one of the eight main characters in Victorious. Rex is puppeteer by Matt Bennett and voiced by Jake Farrow, who is not credited for giving the illusion that Robbie is voicing Rex.

Does Cat Valentine like Robbie?

Cabbie is the couple of Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro (Ca/t and Ro/bbie). Although less commonly used, another term for this pairing is Rat (R/obbie and C/at). Since the start of the series, Robbie and Cat have been good friends, kind to each other, and get along for the most part.

Is this Goomer Cat’s brother?

Before #NewGoat aired, many fans thought Goomer would be Cat’s brother who she often mentioned on Victorious. It’s revealed in #MommaGoomer that he was adopted after his mother’s dog ran away.

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Does Robbie voice Rex?

Victorious main characters (left to right): Rex Powers (Robbie’s puppet, voiced by Jake Farrow), Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande), Trina (Daniella Monet) and Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) and Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia).

Is Hollywood Arts a real school?

Hollywood Arts High School is a fictional performing arts high school (grades 9-12) located in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Tori and Trina attend Victorious with their friends and other students.

What’s wrong with Cat’s brother in Victorious?

The cat’s brother
family friends

What is the real name of the Valentines cat?

Ariana Grande

Why is Cat Valentine so childish in victorious?

Cat Valentine: Cat is so distant because she suffers emotional, sexual, and potentially physical abuse from her brother (who was called “crazy” on the show). She takes antidepressants that make her so perky, and her brothers’ abuse has reverted her to a childlike state to help her cope.

What is the full name of the cat Valentine?

Catarina “Cat

What is Tori Vega’s name?

Victoria Dawn Justice

Did Robbie voice Rex in Victorious?

On Victorious, Robbie never goes anywhere without his trusty companion and sidekick, Rex. Rex is a puppet, but to Robbie, who finds the term “puppet” offensive, he’s more of a best friend. Rex’s voice belongs to Jake Farrow, a writer who has worked on many other Nickelodeon shows, including Drake & Josh and iCarly.

Is Robbie really a ventriloquist?

Robbie Shapiro (played by Matt Bennett) is one of Tori’s friends at Hollywood Arts. He talks with a puppet, Rex Powers, who he and everyone else talks to as if it were a real person. Robbie is a skilled ventriloquist, but he was not credited for his skill until the episode “Freak the Freak Out”.

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Is Cat Valentine mentally ill?

In a video, featured on YouTube channel Jayniac Jr, Robbie is seen singing about each character and during his segment on Cat he reveals that she is bipolar.

Who is Cat Valentine’s brother?

Connections. Frankini’s sidekick, Goomer Goomer, a character previously introduced in Sam & Cat, appears in episodes with Frankini. At one point, Goomer says he used to hang out with his sister, implying that Frankini might be the crazed brother of Cat Valentine, a main character in Victorious and Sam & Cat.

Is TheSlap com a real website?

Let’s go to 25,000! TheSlap.com is the show’s fictional social media website which had its own domain on the real internet and ran for several years. Here you can see exclusive content and fun bonus features from the show, announced during the credits scene of each episode.

Is Cat Valentine’s brother violent?

The cat’s brother
family friends

Where does Cat Valentine live?

valentine cat
Live in

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