The Albino Doberman Dog breed

Albinism in dogs is due to the mutation of a gene due to the lack of a protein essential for skin and coat pigmentation. The Albino Doberman presents this genetic mutation and hence its characteristic white color.

It is not something that only affects Doberman dogs or dogs in general, albinism also occurs in humans due to the same genetic mutation. The white Doberman needs special care for the good maintenance of his health.

From mypetszone we explain all the information you need to know about the Doberman with albinism, so that your dog has a healthy and happy life.

Characteristics of the Doberman Albino

As its name suggests, the albino Doberman is a white Doberman, with light skin and whitish fur. Even his nose will be light instead of dark, as well as his eyes, which are always light.

The Albino Doberman Dog breed

Physically, the white Doberman is the same as any other Doberman, with a height at the withers of between sixty-five and seventy centimeters, with an average weight of about forty kilos.

Short and abundant hair covering a very muscular athletic body, the Doberman has an excellent physical understanding. With an average life expectancy of about 12 years, it shows a friendly, energetic and faithful character. Great guardian and friend of the smallest of the house.

Necessary care for the Albino Doberman

Despite its incredible physical beauty, the Doberman albino needs special care to avoid serious health problems such as skin cancer / melanoma. The clarity of his fur and skin do not protect him from the dangers of the sun, which causes most of the problems in the white Doberman.

The Albino Doberman Dog breed

So exposing our white Doberman to sunlight is not a good idea, especially when we are in the warmer months or during the hours of the day when the sun is strongest (midday).

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Clear eyes will often cause vision discomfort, especially when there is a lot of sunlight. There are even special glasses for albino dogs that eliminate a large percentage of solar radiation.

Knowing all these problems with the sun, these are the necessary cares you should adopt:

  • Avoid exposing your Doberman albino to the sun for long periods of time or when the sun hits hard. Solar radiation can cause serious burns and even cancer.
  • Avoid exposing your white, light-eyed dog to the sun in a way that directly hits his eyes.
  • Use a special protective and moisturizing cream (veterinary) to protect sensitive areas of their skin such as the nose and eyelids.
  • Use a special shampoo and soap for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Provide your Doberman with a dark and cool place where he can shelter when the sun or the light bothers him. A doghouse with a roof can be an excellent option.
  • The best times to walk your white Doberman is at dawn and dusk, when the sun is not shining brightly.

Information about the white Doberman

Although it is a Doberman to all effects, due to the genetic mutation that affects the color of his skin, the white Doberman is not admitted in championships or competitions where purity in the breed / pedigree is demanded.

The Albino Doberman Dog breed

Doberman breeders are not in favor of breeding this type of dog due to its health weaknesses, the necessary care required and the risks it may pose.

Albino dogs in general, socialize less well with other dogs and due to their partial blindness in most cases can become somewhat distrustful and even aggressive, due to fear.

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Obviously an Albino Doberman well educated from puppyhood and well socialized should not present major problems, but it is true that they are more prone to have problems with other dogs or behavioral problems.

The Albino Doberman Dog breed
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