How to care for your deaf cat

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There’s no reason your deaf cat shouldn’t lead a happy, fun-filled life. Some pets are born deaf or genetically susceptible to deafness. For example, a white cat with blue eyes may be born deaf. At other times, illness or injury can cause hearing loss. With some accommodations, deaf cats shouldn’t have any trouble in most … Read more

Rippled Skin: Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome or FHS

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Ripple dermatosis is the generic name for a disorder technically known as “feline hyperesthesia syndrome” (FHS), which is characterized by a variety of symptoms: anxiety, nervousness, and generalized agitation. The key difference between the “normal frenzied behavior” exhibited by most young cats and happy, energetic cats and feline hyperesthesia is that, with the latter, the … Read more

How to Treat Diarrhea in Cats

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Diarrhea is something everyone experiences, but it’s not a healthy way to get rid of waste. Cats can experience diarrhea due to a variety of conditions. Some of these conditions are more serious than others, but persistent diarrhea should be treated immediately, regardless of the cause. Serious problems can be secondary to diarrhea; it is … Read more

Manage cats with epilepsy and/or seizures

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Seizures can occur in cats and have many different causes. Identifying the underlying cause of a cat’s seizures can help you and your veterinarian find the best treatment options. However, in many cases, treating the underlying cause of the cat’s seizures may not be possible. Your cat may have an untreatable or untreatable disease or … Read more

feline cerebellar hypoplasia

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Feline cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological disorder that occurs when a cat’s brain does not develop properly in the womb. The disease is congenital, which means it is present at birth. Cats with cerebellar hypoplasia have hypoplasia of the cerebellum, the part of the brain that lies at the back of the brain just below … Read more

Feline infectious peritonitis

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Feline infectious peritonitis is a viral disease of cats that is seen worldwide. Most cats infected with the virus that causes FIP never get sick, but cats with symptoms of FIP invariably die from the disease. There are two forms of the disease: wet and dry. They are equally difficult to diagnose. What is FIP? … Read more

Arthritis in cats

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Just like humans, cats develop arthritis as they age. Arthritis occurs when the cartilage between bones degrades. This makes the joint less flexible, leading to stiffness and pain. Until recently, it was thought that cats were less likely to develop arthritis. We now know that they are also affected by the disease. While dogs with … Read more

Cats and mice: potential disease and other dangers

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Has your cat ever caught a mouse? Cats love to hunt small prey and often bring home the catch. Sometimes they eat their prey, and sometimes they leave it to you as a “gift”. As disturbing as it may feel, this is perfectly normal feline behavior. However, rodents pose a risk to cats that hunt … Read more

Are there alternatives to insulin for diabetic cats?

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If your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes, it means that his pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to regulate the sugar levels in his blood. In most cases of feline diabetes, insulin is the treatment of choice. Although injecting cats can be a scary prospect for many cat owners, most owners find it easier than … Read more

8 Ways to Help Blind Cats Stay Safe at Home

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Blind cats can live a wonderful and happy life. Vision loss is not uncommon in pets, especially older pets. Just as people over 40 often need reading glasses, nearly all cats over the age of 6 begin to experience the same vision changes. This normal change, known as nuclear sclerosis, causes the lens to become … Read more

Prevention of FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and Management of FIV+ Cats

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Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a contagious disease that can spread from one cat to another. It is also sometimes called cat AIDS. Fortunately, precautions can be taken to prevent your cat from contracting FIV. Since one of the main effects of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is immunosuppression, infected cats are susceptible to many different secondary … Read more

Testing for Infectious Feline AIDS (FIV)

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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is also known as FIV or Feline AIDS. The disease is caused by a contagious virus that can be passed from one cat to another. The infectious nature of the disease makes FIV testing important. Identifying these signs and which cats have tested positive for FIV can allow cat owners to take … Read more

Diabetes in dogs and cats – the Somogyi effect

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Diabetes in dogs and cats is a condition that causes abnormally high blood sugar levels. When treated with insulin, blood sugar levels are lowered and hopefully remain within the normal range. However, insulin overdose is possible and can lead to a phenomenon known as the Somogyi effect. What is the Somogyi effect and how does … Read more

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

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Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is in the same family as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes AIDS, but it occurs only in cats. While it can be fatal if left untreated, a positive FIV test is not a mandatory death sentence for your pet. With a high-protein diet and aggressive treatment of secondary infections, FIV-positive … Read more

Causes and Signs of Feline Arthritis

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Arthritis is common in cats, especially older cats. Signs of feline arthritis are often subtle and difficult to spot, even for the most dedicated cat owner. Causes of Arthritis in Cats Arthritis occurs when the cartilage in the joint is damaged. In a normal cat, each joint contains cartilage, which acts as a buffer between … Read more

Pancreatitis in cats

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Pancreatitis affects an internal organ called the pancreas. This condition can affect people, dogs and even cats and is not only painful but life-threatening. There’s still a lot we don’t know about pancreatitis in cats, but luckily the knowledge base in the veterinary community has grown over the years, so there are things we can … Read more