Convert cat age to human age

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When we get a kitten, we love them into adulthood and old age. Over time, we pet owners have learned how to care for our cats from start to finish, understanding the ins and outs of spaying and neutering, bathing and vaccinations, weight management, and food preferences. We quickly learned that cats go through different … Read more

How to tell if your cat is purebred

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Some cat lovers seem to be overly breed-focused, not happy until their cat is neatly grouped into a breed. Over the years, I’ve received email photos with the question “What breed is my cat?” I’ve finally published Feline Breeds, Domestic Cats, and Color Patterns to provide a handy reference guide to help readers identify the … Read more

Dealing with Dominant and Pushy Cat Behavior

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Cats will fight and play with each other, sometimes even being a little rude, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the dominant cats. Cats that live together and generally get along well exhibit painless ear biting, ear scratching, chasing, and other behaviors as part of their playful activities. These behaviors develop when a cat is … Read more

Pancreatitis in cats

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Pancreatitis affects an internal organ called the pancreas. This condition can affect people, dogs and even cats and is not only painful but life-threatening. There’s still a lot we don’t know about pancreatitis in cats, but luckily the knowledge base in the veterinary community has grown over the years, so there are things we can … Read more

Bring home a shelter cat

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So you decide to open your home to shelter cats. Congratulations! You are helping to solve the problem of cat overpopulation and possibly saving this cat’s life. It can be helpful to know what to expect when you take him home. There will be many things to watch out for, both physically and behaviorally. A … Read more