Handling pet health emergencies during the holidays

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The holidays are a busy time, often filled with family and friends, holiday activities, and trips or guests. Most pet owners like to involve their four-legged family members in their celebrations, which can change the pet’s routine, diet, and environment. This can cause your pet to feel stressed or develop various health issues that may … Read more

7 Reasons Why Cats Love the Bathroom

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If you know cats, you probably know that most cats love bathrooms. Does your cat follow you into the bathroom? Maybe it rubs against your leg while you’re there. Even when you’re not around, it might jump on the counter and rest in the sink. It may meow loudly and paw on closed doors, leaving … Read more

How to stop cats from sucking fur

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While not all cats have the urge to suck on soft fabrics like wool, it can become an obsession for others. Most commonly, this behavior occurs in kittens that are removed from their mothers prematurely. It may also develop a habit in mature cats who become anxious or stressed and turn to sucking wool for … Read more

Can Microchips Cause Cancer in Pets?

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Every year, pets around the world are microchipped, and that number continues to grow as owners learn more about the option. Unfortunately, questions remain about whether microchips might cause cancer. We’ll discuss what microchipping is, what research shows, whether microchipping your pet is a safe method of identification, and whether the benefits outweigh the risks. … Read more

Reasons why cats hate water

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Not all cats dislike water. Cats who have had positive experiences around and in water, especially during their critical socialization period (early socialization between 3 and 8 weeks and late socialization between 9 and 16 weeks), generally prefer water. There are also specific varieties that love water! It’s important to treat your cat as an … Read more

The main reasons for not declawing cats

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If you are considering declawing your cat or your veterinarian recommends declawing at the same time as neutering, you may want to consider these arguments against the procedure. This can be life-changing surgery for your pet, so it’s important to know all the facts before making a decision. Claw removal is more than a manicure … Read more

How to tell the gender of a cat?

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It’s not always easy to tell a male from a female, and having sex with kittens or spayed males is even more difficult. However, there are some signs and behaviors that can make it easier to determine the sex of a cat. Once a cat or kitten has been successfully sexed, unless the owner is … Read more

What is the difference between cat fur and fur?

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You’ll see references to cat hair and cat hair. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but is there any difference? hair & fur All mammals have hair, whether humans, whales, pigs, elephants, cats, dogs or monkeys. Hair has a different look, feel, and purpose, depending on the development of the individual species. Technically, the … Read more

Why isn’t your adult cat playing?

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Does your cat sit there and watch you when you throw a ball at it or hang a string? You may be concerned about the stimulation and activity your cat needs to play. Learn why your cat seems indifferent to play and what you can do about it. Cats naturally belong to a range of … Read more

Why do adult cats knead like kittens

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A cat’s claws are the most sensitive part of its body, and while cat claws make them a deadly weapon, their velvety paws have been engineered for a variety of purposes, including rubbing a female cat for milk. When the kitten is still dependent on its mother for food, the kitten will rhythmically push against … Read more

Why do some cats brush their owners’ hair?

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Cats are diligent about grooming themselves, but some cats also actively groom their owners. A “grooming cat” might perch on the back of a chair or overhead on a bed, combing your hair with its teeth and claws. Sometimes cats will even hold their head steady or hold objects if you move out of reach. … Read more

Why some black cats look different in the sun

Why some black cats look different in the sun - black cat on tree stump 588278854 5804d25b3df78cbc2867566c scaled

Often associated with Halloween, witchcraft and bad luck, black cats have long been associated with witches due to superstitions that emerged in the Middle Ages. Thankfully, there are many more positive myths about black cats, like they’ll bring better love to your life or improve your finances. Regardless of your stance on black cats, there’s … Read more

Why do cats lick their paws after eating?

Why do cats lick their paws after eating? - Catlickingpaw GettyImages 650016951 5972d766054ad90010d4f84f

Cats are finicky animals and they groom themselves several times a day. However, you may have been wondering why cats lick their front feet after every meal. All cats tend to do this even if they are not touching any food with their feet. Food-related grooming may be a return to the cat’s ritual of … Read more