Stallions and Stallion Names

Naming a horse isn’t easy, but your horse’s name will probably stay with him for the rest of his life, so you want it to be a good name. Although your horse may have a registered name, his barn name is how everyone will recognize him. A great barn name is easy to pronounce, memorable, and perfectly suited to your horse’s personality. If you have a gelding or stallion in need of the perfect name, you can get some inspiration from the names below.

very popular stallion and stallion names

If you choose any of these names for your horse, he will have great company. These are some of the most popular names for gelding and stallions that you are sure to hear time and time again.

  • apple brandy
  • cash
  • Buck
  • Star
  • cowboy
  • ban
  • Cupid
  • friend
  • flame
  • Thunder
  • Cody
  • Johnny
  • hero

Tips for naming your gelding or stallion

When it comes to naming your gelding or stallion, you’ll quickly discover that some names are right for your horse and others aren’t. If you only have a few days of horses, consider waiting a bit before deciding on a name. Take a week or two to get to know your horse and you’ll get a better understanding of his personality and what name is best for him.

When it comes to finding the perfect name, be sure to follow some best practices. Find a name that you and others can pronounce. Test the name – when you call your horses from across the field, how easily can you call them out? Try to avoid names that sound like commands. For example, “Mo” sounds a lot like “No” and “Whoa,” and it might confuse your horse. In general, one or two syllable names are easy to pronounce and tend to make good choices. Otherwise, you may find yourself picking up a nickname for your horse and dropping his official name.

There are many ways to find some inspiration when it comes to naming your horse. You can name him by the color of his coat, his unique markings, or even the habits or behaviors he exhibits. You can name him after your favorite hobby, favorite celebrity, or anything else that has meaning in your life. Think of towns and states that mean a lot to you, or characters from your favorite TV show or movie. Sometimes certain words in your favorite lyrics can make good names.

And don’t just limit yourself to English. A term in a foreign language can make a great name, especially if your horse’s breed originated in another country. Do a little research on your horse’s background and you might be surprised by some pretty name ideas.

If your horse has a registered name, you can also look to it for inspiration. Try extracting elements or themes from your horse’s registered name and see what type of barn name you can come up with.

If your horse doesn’t have a registered or display name, you’ll have double the fun and come up with the perfect barn name and display name. Show names tend to be fancier and longer than barn names because they are really only used in registration files and show loops. If you know your horse’s father and mother’s names, you can create a name that references them in honor of his lineage.

Think about how easy your horse’s show name is to understand and pronounce – the show ring announcers will thank you for choosing something simple they can pronounce. If you are registering your horse, check with the breed’s registry for naming conventions. Some registries limit the number of characters you can use, and other rules (such as not naming your horse after a famous horse) may apply.

Top Stallions and Stallion Names

Still need some inspiration? These names are perfect for gelding and stallions, and the names here can match just about any personality.

  • Jack
  • Dante
  • black pepper
  • butterscotch
  • midnight
  • eclipse
  • poncho
  • point
  • hunter
  • patriot
  • copper
  • Rocky
  • Star
  • Justin
  • cavalry
  • tex
  • yankees
  • mocha
  • Austin
  • chewy
  • heritage
  • rogue
  • vice
  • hero
  • Mercedes
  • gizmo
  • breeze
  • Hercules
  • whiskey
  • sheriff
  • whisper
  • phantom
  • dusty
  • Patrick
  • Billy
  • Snickers
  • storm
  • Bailey
  • Bear
  • playboy
  • Tequila
  • shadow
  • George
  • Harvey
  • Thunder
  • Murphy
  • bourbon
  • bandit
  • Wrangler
  • teddy bear
  • ghost
  • Blackjack
  • Jimmy
  • turner
  • Apollo
  • Rebellious
  • Danny
  • projector
  • pirate