Shih Tzu – Characteristics, temperament and care

The Shih Tzu originates from China, where it has been and still is respected as one of the most important dogs in its history. Its name means “lion-dog”, it is said to be descended from the Ihassa apso and the Pekingese. It has always enjoyed the company of nobles and emperors, it is a highly valued breed of dog.

Its history begins in the 17th century, under the Manchu dynasty of the T’sing. Legend has it that the Dalai Lama himself, anxious to please the Chinese emperor, gave him several Shih Tzu dogs to guard the temples. This little “Lion-Dog” is supposed to be sacred and as such, should live in palaces. Impressive, isn’t it? Let’s see more details about this beautiful dog breed of small size, elegant and stately.

Characteristics of the Shih Tzu dog breed

The Shih Tzu is a small-sized dog with a large coat. Even its whiskers and beard are extremely long, giving it a very “shaggy” look, something that is very much appreciated by people bent on styling their pets. Its size does not exceed twenty-seven centimeters and its weight is around six kilos, sometimes more or less depending on its sex and care.

Shih Tzu

His look is very peculiar, endearing and somewhat melancholic, his bright dark eyes make a certain resemblance to a chrysanthemum. Despite the impression it may give us, it is a very determined dog, a real lion if necessary.

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Nowadays, it is a very common dog among high society characters, many famous actors and public figures of interest have some specimen of this dog breed, so characteristic. The Shih Tzu is a charming dog, maybe a little temperamental but his heart is huge, just like his personality.

Qualities and Character of the Shih Tzu

Among his qualities are his intelligence, his kindness and tenderness, his independence and security, as well as his great cunning. On the downside, he is somewhat disobedient and not very docile.

Shih Tzu

Although he is very affectionate and grateful, it is possible that we detect in him certain airs of independence, as if he maintained a somewhat distant relationship with his owners, but it is only appearance… in reality he is very sociable and friendly.

With the smallest of the house (children) is a charm, although it should not be neglected, since its large fur is an attractive too succulent for children and could make him angry.

It is an excellent dog to have both in an apartment and in a large garden, he likes to go for walks and play with other dogs, sport is not his forte but it will never hurt him to run a little with his owner, but always when temperatures allow it, do not forget that his coat is very abundant and therefore provides excessive heat in the warmer months.

Tips to take good care of a Shih Tzu breed dog

In addition to the recommended care for any dog how to keep up to date their vaccinations, provide a healthy and balanced diet and do some exercise ….

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Shih Tzu

We would like to highlight the following personalized care for this breed:

  • It requires special and intense care, its large amount of hair requires great care and daily brushing.
  • A bath every fifteen days will be very good for him, to remove the knots and clean his hair.
  • Playing with other dogs on a daily basis will be good to exercise him, he is also very sociable.

Avoid walking him when the sun is strong, or he could suffer a heat stroke.
As its size is small, the cost to maintain it is also small, so do not hesitate to feed it with a high quality feed, or better yet, natural food.

Shih Tzu – Characteristics, temperament and care
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