Phases of the leopard gecko – what they are and examples

Leopard geckoEublepharis macularius) is a lizard that belongs to the group of geckos, more precisely to the family of Eublepharidae and to the genus Eublepharis. They are native to the eastern regions, having desert, semi-desert and arid ecosystems as natural habitats from countries such as

How to hunt moles?

Moles are mammals belonging to the Talpidae family and spend most of their lives underground due to their excellent digging adaptations. In this sense, they have a cylindrical-shaped body, the muzzle is flexible and less elongated, they have almost no neck, and the forelimbs are

Asian Elephants – Types and Features

At AnimalWised, we want to introduce you Elephas maximus, scientific name of The Asian elephant, the largest mammal on the Asian continent. They are animals that attract humans, which has dire consequences for the species. They belong to the order of Proboscidea, to the family

How to scare away the birds?

Within biodiversity, birds are a group of animals that are closely related to humans, because thanks to their ability to move around, they are very easily and frequently located in urban areas. These animals can be liked by their presence because of their varied colors

How to hunt wild boars?

The wild boar bears the scientific name of Sus scrofa and it is a mammal belonging to the Suidae family, which it shares with pigs and corresponds to the genus Sus. Wild boars are native to Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. However, they have

Why is my cat drinking water with its paw?

Have you ever wondered what your cat will think when he puts his paw in the bowl to drink water? Some cats dip their paw in water and then lick it instead of drinking it directly. Is it a fad? For this curious feline behavior,

Animals that sleep upright – how they do it and examples

The animal world never fails to show us amazing events. In this, events occur that often seem incredible or very strange to us, because animals have developed endless strategies that better guarantee their stay within the ecosystems in which they inhabit. Among these curiosities, you

How to know if a dog is sick?

We all want the best for our dogs, so when we see that they are sick, we quickly go to the vet to examine them and provide them with the best possible treatment. So that they recover and can continue playing and giving us love.

What should a dog with kidney failure eat?

Chronic kidney disease is a pathology that mainly affects older dogs whose specific origin is unknown but whose clinical manifestations are similar in all cases. The prevalence of this disease is around 2% and since the life expectancy of dogs is slowly increasing, it may

Liver failure in dogs

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver parenchyma that can occur from different causes. It will be necessary to find out what it is and to prescribe an adequate treatment, although in some cases the prognosis will be reserved. It is essential to carry out

Why do dogs go around in circles before going to sleep?

Surely a behavior of your dog that he performs just before going to sleep has caught your attention. He walks over to his bed and turns around a few times until, at last, he relaxedly collapses. Why do dogs go around in circles before going

Learn to prevent your dog from being aggressive

When we talk about an aggressive dog, the image of a large dog showing its teeth and barking immediately comes to mind, something that indicates that it is a dangerous dog or that it wants few friends. However, it is the small breed dogs that,

How to choose a good hypoallergenic feed?

More and more dogs suffer from a food intolerance or allergy, something that makes their stools soft, suffer from skin problems and have other symptoms similar to other diseases, which make it difficult to diagnose. Changing their diet and avoiding the ingredients that cause said

Dog food with insect protein

The world of dog food is increasingly developed and in addition to offering us kibble for dogs of different flavors and textures, it now surprises us with what is possibly the future of food, the protein obtained from insect larvae. It is one of the

Complete Guide to the Border Collie

If you have come this far it is because you are surely thinking of buying or adopting a Border Collie, a breed that is very fashionable due to many of its characteristics, such as its intelligence, loyalty and affectionate character. However, you will be surprised

Ankylosing Spondylosis (parrot beaks)

Ankylosing spondylosis receives several names: deforming spondylosis, ossifying spondylosis, but perhaps the most curious is that of “parrot beaks.” A very curious name acquired by the shape of the lesion they cause. These lesions so characteristically appear mainly in the lower back of the dog’s

Saint Bernard breed guide

We all know the Saint Bernard breed for its numerous appearances in motion pictures and for being a worldwide benchmark as rescue dogs, with its classic mini barrel tied around the neck to help lost people. But not everyone knows the true character of this

Pug breed guide

If you are looking for a family dog, cheerful, fun and playful, that does not require long walks, do not hesitate for a moment, the Pug is your ideal breed. You can also find it as Carlino, Mops or Carlin, depending on the country where