Mavari Horse: Breed Profile

If you’re lucky enough to see a horsevari horse in person, the first thing you’ll probably notice about this unique breed is its ears. Marwari’s ears are so curved that the tips of the ears touch, giving them a unique look. The breed’s history spans

Can cats eat tuna?

It’s no secret that cats love fish—the more they fish, the better. Tuna is a typical cat treat, and many people used to feed their cats canned tuna before commercial cat food came along. But now that we know cats have special nutritional needs, is

Gypsy Vanner: Introduction to Horse Breeds

Gypsy Vanner horses are known for their great temperament and are known for their beautiful plumage and striking coats, which are rapidly gaining popularity today. These horses may have been bred to pull caravans, but they also make excellent rides. Gypsy Vanners have a calm

Haflinger Horse: Breed Profile

Hardy, strong, and compact, the Haflinger is a popular horse for children and adults alike. These ponies are athletic and versatile—they excel in dressage, jumping, trail riding, driving, and more. Haflingers are generally very friendly to people, and while they may be shorter than other

Fjord Horse: Breed Profile

Fjord horses, sometimes called Norwegian fjord horses, have a unique appearance. This compact, strong, suave horse may be small, but it’s powerful enough to carry an adult. The Fjord is a great choice for disciplines such as dressage and driving, and if you’re looking for

Abyssinian: Introduction to Cat Breeds

Favorability medium to high friendly medium to high child friendly medium to high pet friendly medium to high exercise needs Moderate play High energy level High intelligence High vocal tendency low shedding amount low Abyssinian history Unfortunately, it is unclear when, how or why the

Why do cats lose whiskers?

Any cat owner is well aware that cats shed a lot of hair. Vacuuming and sweeping is a daily chore in any cattery. During your own cleaning, you may stumble upon a shedding beard or two. It is completely normal for your cat to shed

pyometra in cats

Pyometra is a serious type of infection that can affect any animal with a uterus, including cats. Empyema can be fatal if left untreated. Because of this, it is important for cat owners to know how to prevent and treat this infection before it causes

Hackney: Introduction to Horse Breeds

With its high step, gorgeous knee action and easy training characteristics, it’s no wonder that the Hackney is an excellent driving horse. But despite the horse’s talent in show racing and as a pleasure to drive horses, the breed is on the brink of extinction.

American Pommel Horse: An Introduction to Horse Breeds

Often referred to as the American-made horse, the Saddlebred originated in Kentucky and remains a very popular breed today. Known for their friendly, calm temperament and sculpted, sloping necks, pommel horses are popular for both riding and driving, both as recreational mounts and as race

Balinese (Siamese Longhair): Introduction to the Cat Breed

Favorability High friendly High child friendly High pet friendly High exercise needs High play High energy level High intelligence High vocal tendency High shedding amount Moderate History of the Balinese The Balinese have no ties to Indonesia (their Siamese relatives are actually from Thailand), and

How to Find a Cat Sitter

What do you do when you need to travel and leave your cat behind? When you have to leave, you can rest easy knowing that a trusted caretaker is looking after your precious cat. But how do you find someone you can trust? Fortunately, there

Why do cats chase lasers?

All cat parents are familiar with the eternal struggle between cats and laser pointers. For something so small and tasteless, that little red dot is sure to keep cats busy – even though (or maybe because) they’ll never really be able to get hold of

How to stop cats from peeing outside the litter box

Urinary problems are common in cats, and inappropriate urination outside the litter box can be very frustrating for cat owners, leading some to consider relocating their cats. Before you go down this road, you should know there is hope for your kitty. Not only can

How to stop cats from pooping on the carpet

Litter-trained cats may be trained to do business in the litter box, but if your cat poops outside the box and on your carpet, that’s a sign inappropriate eliminationLitter box problems are one of the most common behavioral problems for cat owners, and this frustrating

25 Nerd Cat Names

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your new feline friend, choose a nerdy cat name that’s smart and lively. Whether you’re a science buff, nerd, video game lover or technologist, there are tons of nerdy cat names to choose from when it comes

19 Orange Cat Names

While cats come in many colors, none may be as famous as the orange cat, and any feline with such a gorgeous coat deserves a fabulous name. These top orange cat names will give your kitty the perfect name. Orange cats have been featured in

Peter Bald Cat: Breed Profile

Favorability High friendly High child friendly High pet friendly High exercise needs Moderate play High energy level Moderate Trainability High intelligence High vocal tendency Moderate shedding amount low The History of Peter Bald Cat As a relatively new cat breed, the Peterbald has a somewhat