Do Pigeons Make Great Pets? What you need to know!

Birds fascinate us with their brilliant minds and social nature. Pigeons have served so many purposes throughout history in pet ownership, religious symbolism, and various cultures. If you like doves, you might consider buying one, as doves make great pets and a great addition to

What Do Crested Geckos Eat in the Wild & as Pets?

Once thought to be extinct, the Crested Gecko was “rediscovered” in the early 1990s. Today, this agile lizard is a popular pet. Family friendly and low maintenance, the Crested Gecko is a docile reptile that requires care when handled. If you are too rough with

Love birds

Lovebirds are some of the most social and affectionate birds on the planet, but that doesn’t mean they are the easiest birds to care for. They take a little work and patience and a lot of consistency, but the payoff is huge. They are very

Can Snakes Be Helpful Animals? Everything You Need to Know!

A service animal is a working animal that performs some kind of task for its handler. They differ from emotional support animals, which, as the name suggests, provide emotional support rather than physical tasks. While many different types of animals can be trained to perform


Large birds with larger personalities, cockatoos make popular, if sometimes needy and demanding pets. More than 20 different species make up the cockatoo family, all differing in size, appearance, and personality. Among the noisiest pet birds, cockatoos are never shy about expressing their feelings, no

Do Ferrets Need Friends? (Are Human Friends Enough?)

Ferrets can make wonderful pets for the right owner. They are loving, fussy and of course mischievous little animals that can prove to be very entertaining and can bring a lot of fun to your family. But maybe you’re wondering if the ferret would be

What Do Baby Tortoises Eat in the Wild and as Pets?

Humans have long been fascinated by turtles for the way they retreat into their shells when threatened. Unfortunately, there are many turtle species that are on the verge of extinction today, and the common snapping turtle is one of them. Common snapping turtles are found

Bare Eyed Cockatoo

The mostly white Bare-Eyed Cockatoo is one of the smaller members of the cockatoo family, making it easier to care for and care for. This beautiful, affectionate and fun-loving bird is known as the ‘Little Corella’. Many bird enthusiasts keep Bare-Eyed cockatoos as pets because

When do chickens start laying eggs? (5 Signs to Watch for)

You’ve finally bought some spring chicks, and the anticipation of receiving your first fresh egg is almost too much to bear. We don’t blame you for being a little nervous! Fresh eggs from your home-cooked hens have the most decadent taste and are completely superior

Gray Headed Lovebird

A lovely little bird, the Grey-Headed Lovebird makes a wonderful pet for almost anyone. Inquisitive, inquisitive and downright adorable, the Gray-Headed Lovebird is a charming companion that will provide you with years of love and affection. If you’re wondering if the Gray-Headed Lovebird is the

6 Kinds of Turkeys (With Pictures)

There are six different species of turkey out there, all found in the Western Hemisphere. Whether you’re birdwatching or hunting, you’ll need to know a little about each species and where to look if you plan to find one. That’s why we break down each

Top 6 Smartest Birds

Owning a pet is a big decision because it requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. A big factor when getting a pet is how it fits into your lifestyle as certain pets may be a great fit while others may not. For most families,

Half Moon Conure

A pint-sized parrot, the Half-Moon Conure has a friendly personality and beautiful green plumage. Slightly quieter than other conures, the Half-Moon Conure makes an excellent pet for novice bird owners. Social and super intelligent, this pygmy parrot craves attention and can develop a deep bond

Black Winged Lovebird (Abyssinian)

As part of the parrot family, the Black-winged (or Abyssinian) Lovebird is usually green, with the male having a red forehead. Their name comes from the fact that they all have a black stripe along the edges of their wings. These birds are native to

How to Take Care of Baby Conure Birds (Here’s a Picture)

Conures are fun pets to have. If you are thinking of raising a baby conure, you should first know a few things about this parrot to make sure it is something you want to do. We’ve put together the following information about conures and some

Are Parrots and Toucans Related? What is the difference?

If you’ve eaten Froot Loops and watched Paulie’s movies as a kid, then amazing birds like toucans and parrots will most likely mark your childhood. This charismatic creature is indeed a beautiful representative of the Aves class; but, apart from being colorful, are these birds

American White Parrotlet

Within the large family of pet birds, there is one that is very small and not very noisy: meet the American White Parrotlet, which is a color mutation of the Pacific parrot species. Although this little bird does not have the screaming skills of other

Solomon’s Cockatoo (Ducorp)

Cockatoos are considered to be one of the most beloved pet birds. They are noisy, beautiful to look at, and have funny personalities. Even people who are not fans of birds often love cockatoos for their unique and playful nature. Solomon’s Cockatoo is a particular