What to do if your cat has a runny nose

Why do cats have runny noses? There are many potential causes of a cat’s runny nose. Treatment for a cat’s runny nose depends on the cause. cat runny nose A runny or runny nose is not a disease itself, but a symptom of a disease

Andalusian Horses: Breed Profile

Once you see an Andalusian horse, you won’t forget it. The Andalusian is a striking horse due to its long, flowing mane and tail and its lively and graceful movements. Not only does this versatile breed excel on the dressage arena, but it’s also a

Orlov Trotter: Introduction to Horse Breeds

The Orlov Trotter was once a prized Russian horse breed, but various wars and cultural changes have threatened its survival. This versatile horse’s combination of speed, strength, endurance and pleasant temperament makes it an excellent choice for many riders – if they can find this

Cleveland Bay: Introduction to Horse Breeds

With its distinctive coat color and noble appearance, it is common for Cleveland Bays to serve in the Royal Stables, compete in driving competitions or be ridden in the saddle. This versatile breed has been around for centuries, but with numbers dwindling, the breed is

coronavirus in cats

Coronavirus is a term used to describe infections caused by different strains of the virus, but different animal species are affected by different types of coronaviruses. It’s important to know which coronaviruses your cat gets and what you can do to keep your cat safe.

65 Irish Cat Names

If you have an Irish cat breed, such as the Tailless Man, you may want to name them in honor of their country of origin. Maybe you want to choose an Irish cat name because you have Irish ancestry, or maybe you just have a

The 15 best names for Persian cats

Prizes are a cat with a special look. Most of them have a charming flattened face and elegant and relaxed beauty. When looking for inspiration, you can consider royal names. But, if you are going for a cute name, think about the color, size and

The 15 best cat names inspired by the movie

When you bring home a recently adopted cat or kitten, inventing a name for your new feline friend is an exciting part of owning cats. If you are a fan of the big screen, you can get inspired by the names of these cats. It

Top black cat names

If you are getting a black kitten or an adult cat, naming your cat can be a lot of fun because the color black has a plethora of synonyms or references to it. For example, you can go the way of dark arts and mysticism.

Is CBD oil good for cats?

CBD has grown in popularity for use in humans, dogs and even cats, but there are still many questions about its use. Pet owners need to know why it may be helpful, whether it is legal or not, and the difference between hemp, CBD, hashish,

Aztec Horse: Breed Profile

Versatile, noble, smooth and delightful, the Azteca now excels in countless disciplines. You might find this horse dressage, exploring trails, or hard at work on the cattle ranch. This sporty breed is sensible, hardy, and agile, and although it once came from Mexico, this breed

Wild Cats vs Stray Cats: What’s the Difference?

If you spot a strange cat nearby, you may be wondering if it’s a stray cat or a stray cat. How can you tell the difference between the two, especially if your connection is limited or only from the difference? There are signs of whether

Spotted Saddle Horse: Breed Profile

There is something absolutely breathtaking about zebras, and the spotted pommel was created to embody the beauty of the zebra and the smooth ride of the gait horse. Much like the compact Tennessee walking horse, this breed is perfect for a variety of uses, from

Why is my cat vomiting yellow fluid?

Is your cat vomiting yellow fluid? It can be pretty scary if your cat vomits, especially if you don’t know why. While cats are known to vomit occasionally, if it occurs frequently, it is considered abnormal. Cat vomit is usually frothy and white, clear, brown,

Cats have unequal pupil sizes: When pupil sizes are unequal

Most cat owners love the striking eye color that their own feline friends have. Bright greens, icy blues and golden amber are just one thing that sets cats apart from our canine companions. So if your cat has a pupil of a very different size

Paso Fino Horse: Breed Profile

Paso Fino is known for its great presence, smooth gait and beautiful appearance. These horses are popular in show racing, but they are solid on foot and are also a great choice for trail and endurance riding. This versatile breed is often a favorite among

Westphalian horses: breed overview

Athletic, beautiful, and desirable in temperament, it’s no wonder that the Westphalian has quickly become a very popular warm-blooded breed in the United States. These horses excel in jumping and dressage competitions, and while they are athletic, they are also docile enough to be ridden

Mavari Horse: Breed Profile

If you’re lucky enough to see a horsevari horse in person, the first thing you’ll probably notice about this unique breed is its ears. Marwari’s ears are so curved that the tips of the ears touch, giving them a unique look. The breed’s history spans