How to Teach Your Horse or Pony the Neck Rein

Being able to control or ride a horse with one hand is a useful skill. The neck tie makes it easier to do things like open gates without dismounting, carry things or throw flies off a trail ride. Even if you’re not an advanced rider, it’s fun, safe, and easy to teach your horse to do the neck reins.

what do you need

  • Your horse, saddle and reins – the type of drill doesn’t matter.
  • Rings, arenas or places where you feel safe and your horse is attentive.
  • Time: A few days depends on your skills and how fast your horse learns.

Mount and guide your horse consistently

Get on your horse, hold the reins as usual, and start walking. If you are used to riding with contact – you always feel the reins taut, you need to loosen the reins a little. This way, you also won’t accidentally pull the drill bit when you rest the reins against your neck. You want the horse to use its nose to guide into the turn, not tip its head out.

Go straight, then turn a sharp corner at about a 90-degree angle. Your seat and legs help as usual as you turn with the inside reins, but rest the outside reins against the horse’s neck. Raise your hands so that the reins are clearly and positively touching the middle of your neck.

When you exit the turn, return your hands to the normal direct control position. Be careful not to tug on the outside reins against the horse’s neck so as not to confuse him.

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Tips for Keeping Sessions Short and Different

Make multiple turns and change direction frequently. Every time you’re on a straight, imagine how and where you want to turn. Try doing this for about 15 minutes over a few days. Several short sessions will be more effective than one long session. Don’t follow the same pattern every time you ride, as you may find your horse learns the pattern and ignores the rein assist around its neck.

After a few practice sessions, try making the neck bridle before touching the drill. Once the horse begins to turn, immediately release any contact with the drill, but leave the reins around the neck until you wish to stop the turn. If the horse runs out of a turn, gently squeeze the inside reins to remind him of the direction. Continue doing this for a few sessions.

One hand holds the reins

When your horse always responds to the neck rein prompt, you will no longer need to use the inside rein for prompting. Hold the reins in one hand. The traditional method is to use your non-dominant hand to control the neck. This leaves the dominant hand free to use the lasso or open the door.However, if you can’t lead the bull and encounter few doors, you can choose to use whichever hand you prefer

practice patience

Be patient with your horse, some learn quickly and some need extra time to learn their lessons. Likewise, you are teaching yourself at the same time. Take your time and do things one step at a time. Once you learn the neck reins, you can turn smoothly, you just need to practice it occasionally.

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Don’t forget your body cues

The inside reins guide the horse in the direction you want to go and are called the leading reins. The inside or front rein for a left turn is the left rein, and for a right turn, the inside or front rein is the right rein. Whether you control it with one or two hands, your legs and body are an important part of the club. Don’t focus too much on your hands and you’ll forget everything else.

Work where the horse feels safe

If you work in a pen or arena, your horse may be more attentive. However, some horses hate being in a circle. Work where you feel safe and your horse will be most attentive.

Ride hard

If you tend to be vague or daydreaming, your horse will quickly find you inattentive and inconsistent and won’t take your commands seriously. You’ll want to work on fairly sharp corners rather than gradual or round turns, so your horse will know you’re making a well-defined turn instead of just wandering around vaguely.


How to Teach Your Horse or Pony the Neck Rein
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