How to Tame an Owl in Mystical Lib Minecraft

Taming an owl in Minecraft with the Mystical Lib mod can be a rewarding experience. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully tame an owl in the game. From finding the right type of owl to feeding and gaining its trust, this article will help you have your own owl companion in the Minecraft world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use the Mystical Lib mod to tame owls in Minecraft.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to successfully tame an owl.
  • Find the right type of owl and gain its trust through feeding and interaction.
  • Owls can be loyal companions in the Minecraft world.

Taming Owls with the Exotic Birds Mod

The Exotic Birds mod is a popular choice among Minecraft players who want to expand their wildlife experience in the game. One of the exciting features of this mod is the ability to tame and breed owls. With over 30 bird species added by the mod, players have the opportunity to find and capture owls in their world.

To tame an owl with the Exotic Birds mod, players can start by locating one in the game. Owls can be found in various biomes, including forests and plains, so exploring different areas may increase the chances of encountering them. Once an owl is spotted, players can approach it slowly and offer it a piece of raw meat.

Feeding the owl raw meat will gradually gain its trust and loyalty. It is important to note that owls in the mod require multiple feedings before they can be tamed. Spending time with the owl, talking to it, and providing more food will further strengthen the bond between the player and the owl, eventually resulting in a loyal companion.

Advantages of Taming Owls with the Exotic Birds Mod Disadvantages of Taming Owls with the Exotic Birds Mod
  • Wide variety of owl species to choose from
  • Added realism and immersion to the game
  • Owls can assist in hunting small animals
  • Requires installation of the Exotic Birds mod
  • May need to search multiple biomes to find owls
  • Requires time and effort to nurture and tame the owls

Taming Owls in Vanilla Minecraft

While the Exotic Birds mod offers the opportunity to tame owls, it is not possible to tame owls in vanilla Minecraft. However, players can still interact with owls in their natural habitats. By providing the right environment and resources, such as feeding and playing with them, players can observe and appreciate the beauty of owls in the game.

In vanilla Minecraft, owls can often be found perched on trees or flying around in the game world. They add a touch of realism to the environment and can be a source of inspiration for players as they explore and build their own creations.

While you cannot tame owls in vanilla Minecraft, you can still create a bond with them by providing the right conditions. You can choose to build an owl-friendly habitat with trees and perches, where owls can rest and feel safe. Additionally, leaving out raw meat like raw beef or raw porkchop can attract owls and make them more likely to stick around in your vicinity.

Spending time near owls, observing their behavior, and appreciating their presence can be a rewarding experience in itself. Just like in real life, owls in Minecraft have their own unique characteristics and habits that can be intriguing to observe. While you may not be able to tame them, you can still enjoy their company as you navigate through the Minecraft world.

Table: Comparing Owl Taming in Different Minecraft Mods

Mod Availability Taming Process Additional Features
Exotic Birds Mod Requires mod installation Feed owls meat and spend time with them Over 30 bird species, egg incubator for hatching eggs
Witchery Mod Requires mod installation Add owls to the world, offer companionship and assistance Enhanced gameplay, environment safety
Owl Mod Requires mod installation Craft owl-themed items, breed owls Unique owl-related features and mechanics
Exotic Animals Mod Requires mod installation Breed owls, explore new owl-related features Diverse range of animals and interactions

Feeding Owls in Minecraft

Owls in Minecraft

In Minecraft, owls have specific dietary needs that players must meet in order to keep them healthy and happy. Understanding their diet and providing them with the right food is essential for their well-being. Feeding owls in Minecraft involves offering them a variety of meats as well as the occasional treat.

Raw beef and raw porkchop are the main food sources for owls in the game. These meats can be obtained by hunting cows and pigs or by trading with villagers. It is important to note that owls cannot be fed cooked meat, so it is crucial to ensure that the meat is raw.

As a treat, players can also give owls salmon or cod. These fish can be obtained by fishing in rivers, oceans, or using a fishing rod. Offering owls a variety of food not only keeps them well-nourished but also strengthens the bond between the player and their owl companion.

Dietary Summary:

  • Main Food: Raw beef and raw porkchop.
  • Treats: Salmon and cod.

By providing the correct diet, players can ensure the health and happiness of their owl companions in Minecraft. It is important to remember that owls have specific dietary preferences and cannot be fed cooked meat. With the right food and care, owls can become loyal and cherished companions in the Minecraft world.

Food Source
Raw beef Hunting cows or trading with villagers
Raw porkchop Hunting pigs or trading with villagers
Salmon Fishing in rivers, oceans, or using a fishing rod
Cod Fishing in rivers, oceans, or using a fishing rod

Owls in Other Minecraft Mods

If you’re looking to enhance your Minecraft experience with owl companions, there are several mods available that introduce these majestic creatures into the game. Whether you’re seeking companionship, assistance, or new owl-themed items, these mods offer a variety of features to explore.

Owl Mod

The Owl Mod is a popular choice for players who want to dive into the world of owls in Minecraft. This mod allows you to tame and breed owls, giving you your very own owl companions. Additionally, the Owl Mod introduces new owl-themed items and abilities, adding a touch of whimsy and magic to your gameplay. With this mod, you can create a vibrant owl sanctuary and embark on new adventures with your feathered friends.

Exotic Animals Mod

Another mod that brings owls to the Minecraft world is the Exotic Animals Mod. This mod not only adds owls as companions but also introduces a wide range of exotic animals for you to encounter and interact with. You can explore new biomes, discover unique species, and create a diverse ecosystem in your Minecraft world. With the Exotic Animals Mod, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich and vibrant animal kingdom, including the addition of owls as your trusty allies.

Witchery Mod

The Witchery Mod is another fantastic option for those who want to incorporate owls into their Minecraft adventures. This mod allows you to summon owls as familiars, providing companionship and assistance as you navigate the magical aspects of the game. Owls in the Witchery Mod can aid you in various tasks, such as gathering resources or defending against enemies. With this mod, you can harness the power of owls and explore a whole new dimension of gameplay.

Mod Features
Owl Mod – Tame and breed owls
– Owl-themed items and abilities
Exotic Animals Mod – Discover a variety of exotic animals
– Create a diverse ecosystem
Witchery Mod – Summon owls as familiars
– Gain assistance in magical tasks


Taming an owl in Minecraft can be a truly enchanting experience, whether you choose to use mods or play in vanilla Minecraft. Our guide has provided you with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully tame and bond with these fascinating creatures in the game. By following our tips, you can have your very own owl companion, adding a touch of magic and adventure to your Minecraft gameplay.

Whether you opt for the Exotic Birds mod or explore other mods that introduce owl companions, the possibilities are endless. These mods not only allow you to tame and breed owls but also offer new features and items related to these majestic creatures. With the Witchery mod, you can even enlist the assistance of owls to keep your Minecraft world safe.

Even in vanilla Minecraft, you can still interact with owls in their natural habitats. By creating the right environment, feeding them the appropriate foods, and spending time with them, you can observe and appreciate the beauty of owls in the game. Their presence adds a sense of wonder to the Minecraft world.

So whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or a newcomer, don’t miss the opportunity to tame an owl. Our guide has equipped you with the knowledge and steps needed to create a bond with these magnificent creatures. Start your adventure and enjoy the companionship of owls in Minecraft today!