How to spot horses with a telescope on Sims Freeplay?

How to spot horses with a telescope on Sims Freeplay? Spot the horses with the telescope *5 minutes = click on the telescope select “Find a horse”. You can buy a telescope in the promotional building for part of the careers. Go to mystery island = order sim to visit mystery island. Locate the overgrown stables = click on the symbol of a rider as it is drawn.

How to find a telescope on Sims Freeplay? First, you need to get the R’S promotion in the right side of the pet shop. (Next to it on the right.) After that, build it and inside you will see a telescope that costs: 1000 Simoleons.

How to do the trick of the horse on Sims Freeplay? The Sims Freeplay – Hobby: Horse Tricks

Send an adult sim to the stables, click on the horse and select: Horse Tricks – 3 hours.

How do you observe the stars in a neighbour’s telescope? Click on the globe or the party boat to visit your neighbor, select an adult sim for this task. Click on the house that contains the telescope to take your sim to that house. Click on the telescope and select the Cloud Watch (during the day) or Stargaze (during the night) option.

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Where is the neighbor’s cat in Sims FreePlay?

If you use one of your neighbors through Facebook, you can ask your neighbor to have a chat. You can also use this link to ask a neighbor who has a cat.

Does The Sims Mobile have horses?

Your Sims could have had their very own furry friend, a bird, a guinea pig and more in all of the original Sims games. Initially, you could only adopt cats or dogs, get fish, birds, and reptiles, but in the next two games you could get horses, snakes, and turtles.

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Is horseback riding a hobby in Sims Freeplay?

Horse Tricks Horse Tricks The first equestrian hobby you will unlock. Horses 1 star and above can participate in this pastime. It takes 3 hours to do it. Once you have collected all 12 medals, you will unlock 2 Star Horses and the Vaulting Hobby.

Where are the R Us promotions in Sims FreePlay?

Promotions R Us is right next to The Pet Shop. After purchasing the Telescope or Fashion study, you need to go to inventory and take it out. It will be under Recreation.

How much do horses cost on Sims FreePlay?

Mottled Gray ($30,000) 2-Star Horse (Complete Ticks Hobby to unlock) Brown (20 LP) 2-Star Horse (Complete Tricks Hobby to unlock) Light Bay ($50,000) 3-Star Horse (Complete Vaulting Hobby to unlock ) 3 Star Black Horse (50 LP) (Complete Vaulting Hobby to unlock)

How long does the Need for a Mount quest take?

Deadline: 2 days. Award winning rainbow powered unicorn painting. if you can complete the quest for 2 days for the latest version.

How do you complete the dance to remember on Sims FreePlay?

A Dance To Remember is a discovery quest unlocked at level 9. To start it, you must be at level 9 and find the couple in the park near the thinking man statue. If you complete within the 7-day time limit, you’ll earn Latin-style rugs for your Sims’ homes.

How to start the toddler quest?

Navigation in quests

A toddler quest is unlocked at level 12. Completing this quest unlocks the ability to age infants into toddlers. If completed within 5 or 2 days, one will unlock the dress up chest for his toddlers.

How to add neighbors on Sims Freeplay 2021?

The easiest method to solve this problem is to find out where the game is from. To follow the guide, just click on the “Add neighbors with” button right after the app store symbol that is on your gadget .

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Where is the telescope in The Sims 4?

The Garden Observatory is an object in The Sims 4, replacing the telescope object from previous games. It costs §1,500 and can be found in the “Activities and Skills” section in build mode, under “Knowledge”.

How to add friends on Sims Freeplay 2020?

To add another player, you will need to know their username or email address. Once you’ve done that, tap the “Friends” button. Then tap the + in the upper right corner. This will open a “Friend Request” screen.

Why can’t I see my neighbors on Sims FreePlay?

To restore your neighbors list, simply visit the Account Manager section in your game settings. Log out of Facebook and log back in! Note: Inactive players will only reappear if they update their game and log back into Facebook.

How to hug a neighbor’s cat on Sims FreePlay?

Re: Weekly Hug A Cat Task

Cats are friendly wherever they go. Send one of your Sims to hug the neighbor’s cat.

How do I get a chat on The Sims?

If you’re on your sim’s computer, tap Household and navigate to Adopt. There you will have the option of getting a cat or a dog. If you’re using your SIM’s phone, click the Household/Career tab (the house icon), then select Rent a Service. When your Sim is done calling, select Adopt a Cat or Adopt a Dog.

How do you organize the horse riding event on Sims FreePlay?

Go to the stable and call your sim here with the whistle. You can practice any of the different horse racing events to earn points, but show jumping is the most efficient event as it takes the most time. You need a tree-star horse to practice show jumping.

How do you do the tricks hobby in Sims FreePlay?

To start this hobby, you need to take your Sim to the stables (unlocks with the Need for Steed quest at level 11) on Mystery Island and tap on a horse. Complete the cheat collection to unlock 2-star horses and the Vaulting hobby.

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Is the Grim Reaper in Sims Mobile?

Aging and Dying in The Sims Mobile

Once the Grim Reaper starts appearing in your house and following your Elder Sim everywhere, that’s an indication that your Elder Sim is about to pass away. The good part about dying in The Sims Mobile is the reward you will receive.

Can you have pets in Sims Mobile 2020?

Hi Jason, there are no pets yet. The surprising choice sometimes makes it possible to buy a fish or a hamster.

Are there horses in The Sims FreePlay?

AS: After rebuilding the stables and learning how to maintain them, you will be able to purchase different breeds of horses for Simoleons, Social Points, or Life Points. Horses are a bit different from other animals in Sims FreePlay. Players will need to take good care of their horses to maintain their happiness.

How to start a new quest on Sims Freeplay?

Discovery Quests (Discovery Quests can be started by talking to different sims around simtown, click the link for how to start each Discovery Quest) Feature Quests (Feature Quests can be started by talking to Lee the Mechanic from the disco but it will cost simoleons or social points to start)

What is the quest for love and treasure?

Love and Treasure is a new discovery quest, part of the Love and Treasure 2018 update. To start it, you need to build the small island near the bridge to the mystery island. If you complete this quest within the 8-day time limit, you will earn the Villa model, along with other furniture.

How to spot horses with a telescope on Sims Freeplay?
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