How to pose sub-snakes for the stage?

How to pose sub-snakes for the stage?

What is a Stage Box Snake? A stage box is an interface device used in sound and recording studios to connect equipment to a mixing console. It provides a central location to connect microphones, instruments, and speakers to a multi-conductor (snake) cable, allowing the sound console to be further away from the stage and simplifying setup.

How do audio snakes work? An audio snake, as mentioned, is a multi-channel audio cable capable of carrying multiple individual audio signals from point A to point B through a single cord. Snakes are used to simplify audio setups and reduce clutter.

What is a stage snake comeback? The “send” and “return” part you’re confused about actually says the same thing, just in two different ways. Labeled send, they refer to you sending the signal back to the stage from the mixer to your amps/speakers. Labeled return, they refer to you sending the signal back to the stage, etc. etc

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What do stage snakes do?

“Snake” is a generalized term for many cables all permanently bundled together in a tube or other bond. If you’re a guitarist using the “four-cable method” to connect your pedal board at the front of the stage to your amp at the back of the stage, a snake allows you to run one cable instead of several.

What kind of cable is usually needed to connect to a digital snake?

The Snake Cable is a coaxial 75 ohm high definition video cable terminated with RED and WHITE twist back BNCs. The Digidesign PN 9900-12240-00 standard part 250ft long is a two conductor version using Belden 1855A cable internally and special reinforcement/reinforcement filler cable.

What is a digital snake used for?

Because the Digital Snake transfers audio signals as digital data, it is immune to the hum and noise that often plague analog systems. As an added benefit, this can often reduce the costs associated with installing and troubleshooting an analog snake. Analog snakes are bulky, heavy and difficult to move.

What is a Wired Snake?

A “cable snake” is a bundle of cords that have been encased in a form of cable coil to keep them neat and organized. Almost everyone has a cord situation that may need some straightening out, and forming wayward cords into a snake is a quick and easy way to take control of things.

What is a digital snake?

In digital snakes, normal audio is encoded to digital using converters. All channels and their signals are packaged and transferred with a single wire to the mixer and then converted back to an analog signal.

How does a splitter snake work?

What is a splitter snake? This gear is essentially an ordinary audio snake fitted with two XLR fan tails, effectively splitting the audio signal into two paths. One of these XLR fans will be sent to the FOH engineer’s mixer and the other XLR fan will go into your control board.

What should I look for in an audio snake?

Two important factors to consider when selecting a snake are length and configuration. The appropriate length of a snake depends on the distance between your stage or source and your mixer. Snake lengths generally range from 50ft to 150ft, although almost any length is available.

What is an ego box?

The Ego-Rizer™ is an elevated, lighted platform created by specialists in sound reinforcement and stage lighting equipment to add powerful effect to a performer performing a solo or climactic piece. Roadies not required.

Are Seismic Audio Snakes any good?

SEISMIC AUDIO This snake is awesome, sounds crystal clear and is built like a tank. I would highly recommend Seismic Audio to everyone, and this snake in particular. It’s very user friendly, being both color coded and numbered so you don’t screw up anything between the stage and the board.

Do you need a digital snake for a digital mixer?

Do you need a digital snake? Some digital mixing consoles boast of having a digital snake. Do you need it or can you use the “copper wire” analog snake that is already in place? Some digital mixing consoles connect in the same way as an analog mixing console: all connectors are on the mixing console itself.

What is a digital multicore?

A multi-core audio cable (often colloquially referred to as a multi-core, snake or snake cable) is a thick cable that typically contains 4 to 64 individual audio cables inside a common, rugged outer jacket.

What are XLR returns for?

In addition to the XLR inputs on the snakehead, there are some returns. These are generally used for monitor signals and are normally labeled with letters (AD). The audio snakes body is the part that does the job of carrying the signal over distance.

Are digital mixing consoles better than analog consoles?

Compared to analog mixing consoles, digital live sound mixing consoles are extremely flexible and incredibly compact. In addition to being generally quieter than analog mixing technology, digital audio mixing often gives you advanced routing options and grouping assignments.

What is a stage rack?

The Stage Rack provides the main audio connections to the Digidesign VENUE system, handling the mic/line source input and output to the monitors and main speaker system.

What is AES50?

AES50 is an open standard from the Audio Engineering Society defining bidirectional. multi-channel digital audio transmission over 100 Mbit/s CAT 5/5e cable. AES50-2005. AES Standard for Digital Audio Engineering – High-Resolution Multi-Channel Audio Interconnect (HRMAI).

What smells do snakes hate?

There are many scents that snakes dislike, including smoke, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime. You can use oils or sprays containing these scents or grow plants with these scents.

Does vinegar keep snakes away?

Vinegar: Vinegar is effective in repelling snakes near bodies of water, including swimming pools. Pour white vinegar around the perimeter of any body of water for a natural snake repellent. Snakes don’t like the smell of the mixture and the fumes are itchy on their skin too.

Why do I need a digital mixer?

Digital mixers, as their name suggests, use electronic sound transmission to operate. This type is more expandable, which means you can connect more external devices. A big advantage of a digital mixer is that you can pre-program a control in advance and pick it up when you need it.

Are snake cables balanced?

Number of audio channels: 8. Balanced. Fully shielded. Nickel plated connectors.

Why is analog audio better than digital?

Like images, audio signals can have limited bandwidth if recorded digitally. Once a digital recording is made, the bandwidth is set up. An analog recording is considered unlimited. Therefore, it can upgrade to higher and higher resolution without losing its original quality.

Can you split AES50?

Re: AES50 separation

At the console level, further splits are possible via Dante or other network protocols.