How to bathe and care for a ferret

Ferrets are popular pets that are fun to keep in your home. However, they tend to have a musky smell, and some owners may want to bathe them occasionally. If you want to bathe your pet but aren’t sure how to do it safely, keep reading while we cover a step-by-step guide to cleaning your pet and keeping it that way. We’ll also cover how often you should bathe your ferret and when is the best time.

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Do Ferrets Smell?

Civets are very similar to cats in that they spend most of their time grooming themselves, so they don’t usually have a strong odor. However, they tend to have a musky smell which is completely natural and part of living with ferrets. The buildup of urine in their habitat will increase the odor, as will some diseases. If you have a ferret that smells worse than it should, we recommend taking it to the vet for a check-up.

How Often Should I Bathe My Ferret?

It’s best if you only bathe your ferret every now and then. Most experts recommend doing it no more than once per month. Ideally, no more than 3-4 times a year. Frequent baths can break down the oil on your pet’s skin, causing it to itch and flake. We recommend only bathing them if they come into contact with something you need to clean or if they come into contact with fleas and require a flea bath. Bathing can also be a great way to cool off your pet on a hot summer day.

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Bathing Your Ferret

1. Get Your Supplies Together


Shampoo or Oatmeal

There are several brands of shampoo you can use that are safe for ferrets. These brands should not dry out the skin and will leave the coat soft with a pleasant scent. Some types will also remove lice without irritating the eyes or skin. Some brands even have moisturizers that can protect the skin.

If you don’t want to use shampoo, you can make a homemade shampoo using oatmeal soaked in water. Wrap the oats in a towel and let sit until soft.

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What do you need

  • Shampoo or soaked oatmeal

  • Towel

  • toy

  • treat

  • Cup for rinsing

2. Run the Water

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After you have prepared your toiletries, it’s time to prepare the bath water. You can use the tub or sink, whichever is easier for you. We love using the kitchen sink because we can stand up and it’s bigger than the bathroom sink. Ferrets have a high body temperature of 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll want very warm water, so they don’t get cold. Fill the tub just a few inches until you see if your ferret likes being in the water.

3. Put Your Pet In The Water


Gently place your ferret into the water. Some ferrets will come in and swim, while others will fight you and try to get out. Talking in a soothing tone can help calm an excited ferret, and you can use a rinse cup to get it wet.

4. Shampoo


Once you’re wet, you can use a small amount of shampoo and apply it to your hair to create a thick lather. Make sure you don’t put anything in your pet’s eyes and don’t forget the tail or belly. If you’re using oatmeal, it might be a little more difficult to tell which area you’ve covered, but the process is basically the same. Allow the water to become cloudy with the oatmeal and rub it into the fur to clean it.

5. Rinse


Once you’ve covered your body with shampoo or oatmeal, it’s time to rinse. You can use a rinse cup, your hands, or a washcloth to rinse off the foam. Make sure you rinse well as any remaining suds can dry out your skin, causing streaks and dandruff, but don’t splash water on your head.

6. Dry Your Ferret

weasel bed-pixabay

Ferrets love to dry themselves and can be very entertaining while doing so. Make sure you put lots of towels on the floor as they will fall off as they dry. You can try removing some of the water with a towel as you remove them from the water, but they usually rush to do this themselves, so you’ll need to put them down fairly quickly.

7. All finished


Once your ferret is done frantically rolling on the floor, it’s probably as dry as it gets. You have completed your task, but we recommend setting the fire a few degrees until your pet is dry. This will prevent your ferret from getting cold. Once dry, your ferret will look happy with its clean, soft coat, and you won’t have to do this again for a few months.weasel-divider


We hope you enjoyed reading this quick guide and learning some new things about your pet. We recommend only bathing your pets when necessary, and we usually do this once a summer on a hot day, so keep them clean and cool. bath. If we’ve helped you in this article, please share the seven steps to bathing and caring for your ferret on Facebook and Twitter.

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