How Old is Jakob from Cow Chop

Welcome to our article on the age of Jakob, a former recurring cast member, cameraman, and editor for the popular YouTube channel, Cow Chop. Jakob, also known as AlsoJakob, has been an integral part of the Cow Chop team for several years, but determining his exact age can be a bit elusive. Today, we’ll delve into his role in Cow Chop, his contributions and accomplishments, as well as some personal details that shed light on this enigmatic figure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jakob, also known as AlsoJakob, is a former recurring cast member, cameraman, and editor for Cow Chop
  • Specific information about Jakob’s age is not readily available, but he has been with Cow Chop since at least 2016
  • Jakob played a crucial role in editing and appeared on camera, known for his chaotic presence and shenanigans
  • He is the longest-lasting employee of Cow Chop and a co-creator of the YouTube channel OffCanny
  • Jakob comes from a mixed heritage, with Jewish and Jamaican roots, and has a unique skill in rollerblading

Jakob’s Role in Cow Chop

Jakob played a significant role in the success of Cow Chop as both a recurring cast member and behind-the-scenes talent. He initially joined the team as an editor, lending his expertise to Trevor’s videos before becoming James’ editor on his personal channel. In May 2017, Jakob was officially introduced on the Cow Chop channel, bringing his chaotic presence and shenanigans to the forefront. Alongside his editing responsibilities, Jakob also appeared on camera, entertaining viewers with his unique personality.

As a cameraman, Jakob captured the action and antics that unfolded during the channel’s videos. His quick reflexes and keen eye allowed viewers to fully immerse themselves in the chaos that was Cow Chop. Jakob’s editing talents further enhanced the content, delivering high-quality videos that were both visually engaging and entertaining.

Overall, Jakob’s multifaceted role as a recurring cast member, cameraman, and editor added depth and variety to the Cow Chop channel, making him an indispensable part of the team.

Jakob’s Contributions and Accomplishments

Jakob has made significant contributions to the Cow Chop YouTube channel and has achieved several notable accomplishments throughout his career. In addition to his role as an editor and recurring cast member, Jakob has also established a successful presence on Twitch.

As the longest-lasting employee of Cow Chop, Jakob’s dedication and hard work have been instrumental in the channel’s success. He played a crucial role in editing gaming videos and shows, which typically took him one day and two days, respectively, to complete. His attention to detail and editing skills helped enhance the overall quality of the content.

Furthermore, Jakob’s Twitch channel has allowed him to connect with fans on a more personal level. Through his streams, he engages with viewers, plays games, and provides entertaining commentary. Jakob’s presence on Twitch showcases his versatility as a content creator and his ability to adapt to different platforms.

Jakob’s Contributions and Accomplishments

Twitch Channel Longest-Lasting Employee OffCanny
Jakob’s Twitch channel provides a platform for him to connect with fans on a more personal level. Jakob’s dedication and hard work as an editor and recurring cast member have made him the longest-lasting employee of Cow Chop. Jakob is a co-creator and member of OffCanny, a YouTube channel started by former Cow Chop members.

Jakob’s Background and Personal Details

Jakob, a former recurring cast member, cameraman, and editor for Cow Chop, hails from Canada and has traveled to over 20 countries, showcasing his adventurous spirit. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches, Jakob’s towering presence is hard to miss. However, it’s not just his height that makes him unique. Jakob comes from a mixed heritage, with Jewish and Jamaican descent, adding to his diverse background.

Having explored numerous countries, Jakob’s experiences have undoubtedly shaped his perspectives and enriched his personal growth. His Canadian upbringing and multicultural heritage contribute to his ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, allowing him to bring a fresh perspective to his work.

As a reflection of his adventurous nature and desire for new experiences, Jakob’s passion for traveling shines through. Whether it’s immersing himself in different cultures, trying exotic cuisines, or exploring breathtaking landscapes, he embraces the opportunities that travel brings. Through his journeys, Jakob has undoubtedly gained a wealth of knowledge and a broader understanding of the world.

Jakob’s background and personal details provide insight into the diverse aspects that have influenced his journey with Cow Chop and beyond. With his Canadian roots, multicultural heritage, and extensive travels, Jakob brings a unique perspective to the table, contributing to his multifaceted personality and creative endeavors.

Jakob’s Interests and Favorites

boxing gloves

In addition to his work with Cow Chop and OffCanny, Jakob has a variety of personal interests and favorites that reflect his diverse tastes. One of his main passions is boxing, and he enjoys following the sport and learning about different fighters and matches. Jakob also has a strong affinity for mixed martial arts (MMA), finding the combination of different fighting styles and techniques fascinating.

When it comes to music, Jakob has a favorite musician that stands out from the rest. He admires Toby Keith, a renowned American country music artist known for his patriotic-themed songs and catchy melodies. Jakob finds Keith’s music to be both entertaining and meaningful.

When it comes to albums, Jakob has mentioned two favorites in particular. “Scum Fuck Flower Boy” by Tyler, the Creator, released in 2017, is one that resonated with him. The album showcases Tyler’s unique blend of hip-hop and alternative R&B, exploring themes of love, identity, and personal growth. Another favorite is “All My Heroes Are Cornballs” by JPEGMAFIA, released in 2019. This experimental hip-hop album pushes boundaries and challenges conventional musical norms.

In terms of Twitch streamers, Jakob looks up to Tyler1 and GreekGodx for their dynamic streaming styles and engaging content. These streamers have gained popularity for their entertaining and interactive streams, attracting a large and dedicated fanbase. Jakob appreciates their ability to create a connection with viewers and provide enjoyable experiences in the world of live streaming.

Jakob’s Interests and Favorites:

Interest / Favorite Description
Boxing Jakob follows the sport closely, keeping up with different fighters and matches.
MMA Jakob is fascinated by the combination of different fighting styles and techniques in mixed martial arts.
Favorite Musician Toby Keith
Favorite Albums
  • “Scum Fuck Flower Boy” by Tyler, the Creator (2017)
  • “All My Heroes Are Cornballs” by JPEGMAFIA (2019)
Favorite Twitch Streamers
  • Tyler1
  • GreekGodx

Miscellaneous Facts and Quotes

In this section, we will delve into some interesting facts and quotes about Jakob from Cow Chop. From quirky details about his personal life to memorable moments on the channel, let’s explore the lesser-known aspects of his journey.

Firstly, Jakob suffers from tinnitus in his right ear. This persistent ringing sound can cause discomfort and affect one’s hearing. Despite this challenge, Jakob has continued to contribute to the Cow Chop channel with his editing skills and on-screen presence.

When it comes to editing, Jakob is known for his efficiency. He typically takes around one day to edit a gaming video, ensuring that it is entertaining and engaging for viewers. For more elaborate shows, he dedicates approximately two days to perfect the final product. His dedication and attention to detail are evident in the high-quality content produced by Cow Chop.

Aside from his technical expertise, Jakob’s unique laugh has become a source of amusement and adoration among Cow Chop fans. It adds an element of infectious joy to the videos and has even spawned its own meme within the community. His boisterous laughter is a testament to his fun-loving nature and the camaraderie shared among the Cow Chop team.

Miscellaneous Facts Quotes
Jakob has tinnitus in his right ear. “Cause I’m ASIAN!”
He takes approximately one day to edit a gaming video. “One pussy, two pussy, I’ll slam them all!!”
Jakob’s laugh has become a meme among Cow Chop fans. “That Coca-Cola is really spicy.”


In conclusion, Jakob’s role as a recurring cast member, cameraman, and editor for Cow Chop has cemented his status as a YouTube sensation. Despite the lack of specific information about his age, Jakob’s presence on the channel since at least 2016 showcases his dedication and long-standing commitment to the Cow Chop community.

Beyond his contributions to Cow Chop, Jakob’s involvement in other projects, such as OffCanny, demonstrates his versatility and creative pursuits. He co-founded OffCanny with other former Cow Chop members, further exemplifying his ability to collaborate and engage with audiences beyond a single platform.

Through his Twitch channel, Jakob continues to cultivate his own following and explore different content formats. Additionally, his interests in boxing and MMA highlight his diverse range of passions. Jakob’s unique background and personal details, including his mixed heritage and extensive travel experiences, add depth to his character and provide a relatable connection to his audience.

All in all, Jakob’s impact on the YouTube community, particularly within the context of Cow Chop, cannot be understated. His behind-the-scenes work as an editor, coupled with his entertaining on-camera presence, has solidified his place as a beloved figure among fans. As Jakob continues to pursue his creative endeavors, we can expect to witness even more of his unique charm and talent.