How Does Braum’s Treat Its Cows?

At Braum’s, we take great pride in our commitment to the humane treatment and care of our cows. We believe that by prioritizing their well-being, we can produce the highest quality milk while upholding our values of ethical farming practices and animal welfare.

Our dairy farming practices are centered around creating a safe and nurturing environment for our cows. We do not use hormones or antibiotics to stimulate milk production, ensuring that the milk we produce is completely natural. Our cows are raised on family farms right here in Oklahoma, where they enjoy spacious pastures and fresh air.

Our cows are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, consisting of carefully selected ingredients such as corn, soybean, and alfalfa. By providing them with a balanced and nutritious diet, we ensure their optimal health and well-being. This vegetarian diet also contributes to the high quality and freshness of our milk.

At Braum’s, we understand the importance of traceability and knowing where our food comes from. That’s why we have our own private dairy herd of 15,000 cows. By having complete control over our milk production, from the farm to the table, we can guarantee the freshness and quality of our milk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Braum’s is committed to the humane treatment and care of its cows.
  • No hormones or antibiotics are used in Braum’s milk production.
  • The cows are raised on family farms in Oklahoma and fed a 100% vegetarian diet.
  • Braum’s has a private dairy herd of 15,000 cows, ensuring traceability and freshness.
  • By prioritizing animal welfare, Braum’s produces high-quality and natural milk.

The Braum’s Dairy Farm

Braum’s operates one of the largest dairy farms in the world, located in Tuttle, Oklahoma. With a private dairy herd of 15,000 cows, we have complete control over the entire milk production process, ensuring the highest quality products for our customers. Our commitment to ethical farming practices begins with providing our cows with the best possible care.

At Braum’s, our dairy cows enjoy a 100% vegetarian diet, which includes the crops grown on our own farms. We believe that a healthy diet leads to healthy cows and, in turn, high-quality milk. We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics, allowing our cows to naturally produce milk that is free from artificial additives. It’s this emphasis on natural and wholesome practices that sets Braum’s apart from other dairy farms.

By owning and operating our own dairy farm, we are able to ensure that our cows are treated with the utmost care and respect. They are milked right on the farm, guaranteeing freshness and traceability. We take pride in our farm-to-table approach, as it allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the entire milk production process. From the farm to your table, you can trust that Braum’s milk is of the highest quality and ethically produced.

Advantages of Braum’s Dairy Farm Benefits
Private Dairy Herd Complete control over quality
Vegetarian Diet Healthy cows and high-quality milk
Ethical Farming Practices No growth hormones or antibiotics
Farm-to-Table Approach Freshness and traceability guaranteed

From Farm to Table

At Braum’s, we are committed to bringing fresh milk from our farm to your table. We take pride in our efficient delivery process, ensuring that the milk reaches our processing plant within 36 hours of being milked from our private dairy herd. This allows us to maintain the highest level of freshness and quality in our milk products.

Once the milk arrives at our processing plant, it undergoes a series of rigorous standards to ensure safety and quality. Our milk is pasteurized to eliminate harmful bacteria while preserving its natural flavors and nutrients. We also fortify and homogenize the milk to create a consistent product with a rich and creamy texture.

Our commitment to freshness extends beyond our milk. We operate a bakery where we make fresh baked goods daily to accompany our milk products. This ensures that you not only enjoy the freshness of our milk but also have delicious pastries and treats to complement your experience.

With our farm-to-table approach, we strive to provide you with the best quality milk and dairy products. From the care and welfare of our cows on our family farms to the efficient delivery process and processing at our plant, we are dedicated to bringing you fresh, nutritious, and delicious milk that you can trust.

The Braum’s Difference

Braum’s milk stands out from grocery store brands due to its unique milk processing system called Mechanical Vapor Recompressor (MVR). This innovative technology allows Braum’s to naturally concentrate the milk’s nutrients and fortify it, resulting in a product with up to 50% more calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients compared to traditional brands.

Not only does the concentration process enhance the nutritional value, but it also contributes to the taste and texture of the milk. Braum’s milk has a richer and thicker consistency, resembling whole milk. This makes it a popular choice among consumers who enjoy a creamier and more indulgent milk experience.

Nutrient Braum’s Milk Grocery Store Brands
Calcium Higher concentration Lower concentration
Protein Higher concentration Lower concentration
Other essential nutrients Higher concentration Lower concentration

As shown in the table, Braum’s milk surpasses grocery store brands in terms of nutrient concentration. This means that consumers can enjoy a more nourishing and satisfying glass of milk while reaping the health benefits that calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients provide.

Braum’s Commitment to Quality

At Braum’s, quality control is at the heart of everything we do. As a vertically integrated company, we take pride in owning and controlling almost every aspect of our operation, from our dairy farms to our processing plant and stores. This allows us to maintain strict quality standards and ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products.

In our customer-driven approach, every employee at Braum’s is involved in upholding our commitment to quality. From the moment our cows are milked on our farms to the processing and delivery of our products, we prioritize excellence at every step of the process. We believe that attention to detail and a focus on quality are essential to our success as a family-owned business.

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of ethical farming practices and the well-being of our cows. We have complete control over the quality of our milk because we have our own private dairy herd of 15,000 cows, raised on family farms in Oklahoma. We ensure that our cows enjoy a 100% vegetarian diet and are never given hormones or antibiotics.

Our commitment to quality extends to our processing plant, where we utilize the latest technologies and adhere to industry standards. With rigorous testing, pasteurization, fortification, and homogenization processes, we ensure the safety and quality of our products. This dedication to quality control is what sets Braum’s apart and allows us to deliver milk products that our customers can trust.

Benefits of Braum’s Quality Control Vertically Integrated Customer-Driven Family-Owned Business
Ensures highest quality standards All aspects of the operation are owned and controlled by Braum’s Every employee is involved in upholding quality standards Commitment to upholding values and traditions
Traceability and freshness Complete control over the entire process Customer satisfaction is our top priority Long-standing family-owned and operated
Superior taste and texture Allows for strict quality control at every step Feedback and input from customers are valued Continued dedication to quality for over 50 years

At Braum’s, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality milk products. Our vertically integrated approach, customer-driven focus, and dedication as a family-owned business set us apart from the rest. When you choose Braum’s, you can trust that you’re getting the best in quality and taste.

Community Engagement

Community Support

Braum’s takes pride in its commitment to supporting and engaging with the communities it serves. Through various initiatives, they strive to make a positive impact on the lives of their customers.

The Braum’s Book Buddy Program

One of the key community support programs that Braum’s offers is the Braum’s Book Buddy program. This program encourages children to develop a love for reading by providing them with incentives and rewards. Children can earn prizes from Braum’s by reading a certain number of books and recording them in their Book Buddy log. This program not only promotes literacy but also fosters a sense of achievement and encourages children to explore the wonderful world of books.

Contributions and Donations

Braum’s actively supports various local organizations through contributions and donations. Whether it’s sponsoring community events, supporting local schools and sports teams, or partnering with nonprofit organizations, Braum’s is committed to giving back. They have a dedicated donations page where individuals and organizations can submit inquiries about support opportunities. Braum’s believes in the power of community and strives to make meaningful contributions wherever they can.

By actively engaging with the community, Braum’s demonstrates its commitment to not only providing quality products but also being a responsible corporate citizen. Their involvement in programs like the Braum’s Book Buddy program and their support for local organizations make a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Table: Examples of Braum’s Community Engagement Initiatives

Initiative Description
Braum’s Book Buddy A reading program that incentivizes children to read and earn prizes from Braum’s.
Community Sponsorships Braum’s sponsors various community events, schools, sports teams, and nonprofit organizations.
Local Organization Support Braum’s actively supports local organizations through donations and contributions.

Braum’s Success and Impact

As a privately held company, Braum’s has achieved remarkable success in the dairy industry, with a strong impact on its customers and the communities it serves. With 225 store locations across five states, including Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas, Braum’s has established itself as a trusted brand committed to providing quality milk products. The company’s dedication to customer experience and satisfaction has contributed to its continued growth and loyal customer base.

While specific sales figures are not disclosed, Braum’s profit margin is estimated to be similar to that of grocery stores, ranging from 1% to 3%. This financial success reflects Braum’s ability to deliver high-quality products that meet customer expectations. From farm to table, Braum’s ensures that its milk is fresh and delivered in the shortest possible time, maintaining the highest standards of quality and freshness.

One of the key factors that sets Braum’s apart is its commitment to ethical farming practices and the humane treatment of its cows. The company’s private dairy herd of 15,000 cows allows for complete control over the quality of the milk. Braum’s cows are raised on family farms in Oklahoma, enjoying a 100% vegetarian diet free from hormones and antibiotics. The result is milk that is not only nutritious but also free from artificial additives.

With its success and impact, Braum’s continues to be a leader in the dairy industry. The company’s focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and community engagement has made it a beloved brand across the Midwest. Whether it’s the rich and creamy taste of their milk or their commitment to supporting local organizations, Braum’s is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of its customers and the communities they serve.


At Braum’s, we are committed to delivering the highest quality milk while upholding ethical farming practices. Our dedication to the well-being and health of our cows is evident in every step of our production process. We prioritize their care by providing them with a 100% vegetarian diet and avoiding the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Through our private dairy herd and complete control over our operations, we ensure the traceability and freshness of our milk. Our unique processing system, Mechanical Vapor Recompressor (MVR), concentrates and fortifies the milk, resulting in a product that is richer in essential nutrients compared to grocery store brands.

Not only do we focus on the nutritional value of our milk, but also on its taste and texture. Braum’s milk has a distinctively rich and thick texture that resembles whole milk, offering a superior sensory experience. We are proud to be a trusted brand known for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Choose Braum’s for quality milk that supports ethical farming practices. Join us in upholding the highest standards in dairy production and enjoy the superior taste and nutritional benefits of Braum’s milk. Experience the Braum’s difference and taste the quality that sets us apart. Trust Braum’s for all your dairy needs!