Havamalt (Havanese & Maltese Mix)

Tall: 8-12 inches
Weight: 5-15 pounds
Lifetime: 12-15 years old
color: White, black, beige, silver, brown, red
Suitable for: Those looking for a companion dog, seniors, families, first time dog owners, allergy sufferers
Temperament: Loving, smart, easy to train, cheerful, gets along with other pets

The Havamalt is a designer dog created by breeding the Havanese and Maltese. This hybrid hails from the United States and makes for a loving, intelligent and loyal best friend. Both Havanese and Maltese share a common ancestor and Havamalt can take traits from either parent.

Havamalts are small dogs, weighing between 5 and 15 pounds and reaching only 8 to 12 inches in height. They can resemble the look of one of the parent breeds and come in a variety of coat colors including white, black, cream, silver, brown, and red. Havamalt has a full double coat. The top layer is usually finely textured, while the bottom layer tends to be coarser.

Havamalts have an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Because they are not purebred dogs, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club and have no breed standards.

The Havamalt is a playful and human-loving dog that will perfectly fit into your lap. They tend to be easygoing and get along well with children and other pets. This hybrid will fit into almost any home, even if you are a first-time dog owner.

dog leg dividerHavamalt Puppies – Before You Buy…

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Energy: Ability to train: Health: Lifetime: Friendliness:

Havamalt is the result of two breeds breeding with their families. They are very loyal dogs and love humans. This intense devotion can have its downsides and can result in separation anxiety when left alone. They do best in homes where someone is home during the day to keep them company.

With separation anxiety, they may exhibit anxious behaviors such as pacing, whining, or shaking when you leave or when you leave. Some dogs can become destructive by chewing, digging, or using the bathroom on the floor.

Separation anxiety can be problematic for some owners and if you don’t have a lifestyle where someone is at home all day, it’s best to start training at an early age to try and prevent separation anxiety.

Another potential downside of Havamalt is that they may not be the easiest to potty train. This is not uncommon in smaller breeds and both Maltese and Havanese are known for their difficulty in potty training. They are intelligent dogs and easy to train in other aspects, but it is important to consider this before committing to a Havamalt.

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You’ll want to start consistent training at an early age and help your dog develop a routine and become a well-trained and well-mannered member of your family.

How Much Do Havamalt Puppies Cost?

The cost of purchasing a Havamalt puppy can vary greatly depending on the location, breeder’s reputation, and the pup’s lineage. They may not be purebred dogs but they do come with a purebred price tag. These popular hybrids typically cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500 or more.

food-divider23 Little-Known Facts About Havamalt

1. Havamalt Has Five Registrations as Designer Dogs

Since they are not purebred, they are not eligible for AKC registration. However, the Havamalt is recognized by five different designer dog registries including, the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry, and Dog Registry of America, and the International Designer Canine Registry.

2. Hava People are Part of the Bichon Family

The Havanese is the only breed native to Cuba and is part of the Bichon family. In the past, they used the name Havanese Cuban Bichon. The Havanese breed came close to extinction in the 1950s and 1960s. Fortunately, three families have left Cuba for the United States which is responsible for returning their numbers. The Havanese was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1999.

3. Maltese Have Ancient Origins

The history of the Maltese probably dates back to the Phoenicians who brought dogs to Malta. The Greeks in the 4th and 5th centuries BC immortalized the breed in their art and Aristotle described the Maltese as “perfect proportions.”

Havanese & Maltese

dog leg dividerHavamalt Temperament & Intelligence

Havanmalt is very affectionate and intelligent. This adorable dog will constantly crave human companionship and thrive on attention. They usually love everyone, including strangers, children, and other animals. They may be referred to as “velcro dogs” and will usually stick to their owner’s side whenever possible.

Their enthusiastic and playful personality will make them quite fond of playtime. They are highly intelligent and their penchant for pleasing people makes them generally easy to train. They respond best to consistency and positive reinforcement during training.

Is This Dog Good for Families?

The Havamalt is a great family dog. They thrive on human friendship and will be very loyal to their owners. They are generally very good at adapting to their family’s lifestyle. Happiness for a Havamalt is nothing more than spending the day with you and curled up in your lap.

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These dogs are very good with children, although it is always best to supervise small children with household pets. Havamalt is small and can be easily injured if small children play too rough.

Is This Breed Friendly With Other Pets?

Havamalts are not only great with families and children, but they are also great with other pets. Early socialization and slow introductions are always helpful. Havamalts are very gentle and usually have no problem sharing their home with other animals once properly introduced.

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claw-dividerThings to Know When Having Havamalt:

Food & Diet Requirements

Havamalt should be fed a high quality dog ​​food that is appropriate for their age and activity level. Their lineage from Malta may make them prone to hypoglycemia. Dogs with hypoglycemia will need a fixed feeding schedule and should be discussed with the vet.

Havamalts can also be prone to food allergies, this would be something owners and veterinarians should be aware of. Concerns about the type of food, quantity, or frequency of feedings should be addressed immediately with a veterinarian.

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Havamalts are playful and happy dogs and their exercise needs are moderate. They need daily exercise to keep them healthy and stimulated. Whether it’s playtime indoors or outdoors or daily outings, they will love spending quality time with their people.


The smart Havamalt will quickly catch the command. They are fast learners and are considered easy to train. Starting training at an early age is important to ensure proper manners and basic compliance.

You will want to take a firm and consistent approach to obedience that includes lots of positive reinforcement through praise and rewards for a job well done.

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Self care

Havamalt is hypoallergenic and not a heavy shedder. They have a double coat and will require weekly grooming to maintain long, silky hair and a rough undercoat. You may want to have a professional groomer available for a haircut.

Maltese have a problem with tear staining, and lighter colored Havamalts may be too. They will need their eyes cleaned regularly to prevent staining as well, especially in white individuals.

Their long hair in and around the ears can attract and trap dirt, debris, and moisture. You can avoid ear infections with regular cleaning. You’ll want to expose your Havamalt to nail clipping early, as this can be a scary experience for a dog. They will need regular nail trimming either done at home or at the groomer.

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Health and Condition

Most hybrid dogs are in good health. They will still be susceptible to some of the health conditions seen in their lineage. Although usually very healthy, Havamalt may be prone to some health problems inherited from Havanese and Maltese.

Minor Condition

  • Allergy
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • cataract
  • Glaucoma

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Hypoglycemia

Serious Condition

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Legg-Perthes disease

food-divider2Men vs Women

Although male dogs are generally larger than females, that may not be the case for Havamalt. Since they are a mix of two different breeds, they can take on traits from either parent causing their size to vary.

If they have not been spayed or neutered, male and female dogs will likely exhibit different behavior. While Havamalts are very friendly and like attention, males tend to be the most laid back. They usually display a more docile demeanor and are more tolerant, agreeable, and affectionate.

That doesn’t mean that women don’t have a friendly and loving nature. They also have this quality and a very close bond with their family. Women are only known to be a little more moody and sensitive to their surroundings. Women are more likely to show a need for dominance and tend to be more territorial. These are Havanese-derived traits.

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Final Thoughts

The Havamalt is a friendly, affectionate and sweet designer dog native to the United States. As hybrids of Maltese and Havanese, they can take on traits from either parent.

Havamalts are fun and loving. They make great dogs for families, first time dog owners, and allergy sufferers. They can make excellent friends with seniors because they enjoy the company of humans all day, every day. Unfortunately, they are prone to separation anxiety when away from their owners.

They are easy to train overall but can be difficult when it comes to potty training. They stay small, are generally healthy, and usually live 12 to 15 years. You can expect to pay a hefty price tag for them, although they don’t come with purebred status.

Overall, if you are looking for a small, loyal, cheerful companion who can adapt to any living setting, Havamalt could be the right choice for you!

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Havamalt (Havanese & Maltese Mix)
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