Golden Retriever – Characteristics, temperament and care

Their protective instinct and captivating personality explain why Golden Retrievers are so popular around the world. These canines adore children, whom they often accompany in games and mischief.

Their beautiful coat and their versatility to perform all kinds of tasks are other characteristics that define these blondes of the canine universe Do you want to know all the details of the breed? Here we go.

Physical characteristics of the Golden Retriever

The first thing that stands out in their appearance is their balanced line. Golden Retrievers have a medium-sized body and an athletic build, without being overly muscular. Their neck is slender, with a short and strong loin. The chest is deep and not too broad.

The legs are straight, with the hind legs being the most developed. The feet, round, are compact like those of felines. On the other hand, the hocks are close to the ground. The tail is long and does not curl at the end.

Golden Retriever - Characteristics, temperament and care

The head is proportional to the rest of the body. With harmonious features, it is well molded and stylized. The skull is broad and fairly rounded, with a straight and deep muzzle; the nose is usually black and developed. The eyes are set wide apart and are dark brown in color. The medium-sized ears are set at eye level and hang on either side.

The coat of these retrievers is very dense, double-coated and water resistant. The inner coat is abundant and soft, while the outer coat is firm, quite close to the body and with straight or wavy hair. This variety has some feathering on the neck, behind the legs and under the tail. The color is lustrous and golden in all its ranges.

  • Height between 56 and 61 cm in males and between 51 and 56 cm in females.
  • Weight between 25 and 35 kg in males and females.
  • Medium length coat, can be straight or wavy.
  • Friendly, intelligent, obedient character
  • Regular health, prone to various pathologies.
  • Estimated life expectancy between 10 and 12 years.
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This is what a Golden Retriever’s personality is like.

Golden Retrievers are intelligent and very sociable, two very valued characteristics in a dog. It will not be difficult to integrate them as one of the family, sharing the day to day life of the home. Avoid leaving them isolated in the yard for long periods, as they need to live indoors.

Puppies take a long time to mature. In fact, the process can take up to three years. However, even as adults, they love to play and have fun. Although they are not violent or dominant at all, they are somewhat clumsy. For this reason, you must remain vigilant when they are with very young children.

Balanced and calm, they are very sensitive and adapt to the personality of the family members. In fact, they are able to establish particular and meaningful relationships with each other.

They are also friendly and open to strangers. They have an innate need to make friends. It doesn’t matter if they are humans, dogs or cats. They are great hosts, even with those they shouldn’t be. For this reason, they are not a good choice as guard dogs.

Their eagerness to please and their innate intelligence make training easier than with other breeds. Of course, you should present them with mental challenges and avoid repetitive exercises. Positive reinforcement and early socialization will allow you to obtain better results.

What care do dogs of this breed need?

A Golden Retriever requires between 40 and 60 minutes of intense activity per day. Jogging, swimming and dog sports are good ways to channel their energy, although they seem tireless.

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Golden Retriever - Characteristics, temperament and care

They can adapt to life in a city apartment, as long as their exercise needs are well met. Otherwise, they will become destructive or neurotic. Whether in the backyard or in the park, their favorite game is fetch, an activity that reminds them of their original purpose as a bird retriever.

For this same reason, they like to run around the house with things in their mouths. The ideal is to get them large dog toys. With a Golden Retriever, forget about having valuables in sight.

Their growth rate is abrupt, especially in their first four to eight months of life. During this stage, watch out for overexertion. Also, until they are 2 years old, avoid running on very hard surfaces (it could damage their joints).

On the other hand, these giltheads lose a moderate amount of hair. The shedding is more marked during their two annual molts, which are in autumn and spring. The ideal, to avoid that the dead hair accumulates at home, is to brush daily.

Baths are recommended once a month, although you should also groom them after a walk in the countryside. Oh, and make sure there are no ticks in their abundant fur. Check their ears frequently to avoid fungus or infections.

History of the Golden Retriever

This breed emerged in the 19th century, in the Scottish Highlands. The first Lord of Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks, spent 50 years of his life trying to develop the perfect dog: one that would be suitable for hunting, but also to accompany the human being at home. Some dogs that were crossed for this purpose were the now extinct Water Spaniel, the Irish Setter and the St. Hubert’s Hound.

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Golden Retriever - Characteristics, temperament and care

The first Golden Retrievers were presented at the 1908 dog show, under the name of Golden Retrievers or Yellow Retrievers, although over time only the Golden remained. The breed was quickly recognized in Great Britain for its physical attractiveness, its qualities as a retriever of aquatic prey and its kind disposition towards people. All the time spent by its creator ended up paying off.

Golden Retriever Curiosities

Many claim that the Golden Retriever has a “soft mouth”. That is, they have the ability to carry things between their teeth without damaging them. This is true, although they must be trained to be able to do it correctly.

It is a very popular breed in the United States, which is why we can usually see it on television and in the movies. The dog Comet, from the series “Forced Parenthood”, or Buddy, the basketball canine from the successful children’s film “Air Bud”, are some of these stars.

Unfortunately, the great demand for these dogs has led to indiscriminate breeding. This means that the health of the litters is not always properly controlled, which favors the appearance of genetic diseases. Therefore, if you want to adopt a Golden, look first of all for a professional breeder you can trust.

Golden Retriever – Characteristics, temperament and care
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