Eurasier Dog breed – Characteristics & Temperament

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t fall for the beauty of this dog. His wolfish face, his tender look and his pompous coat make him a pet you want to cuddle all the time. In addition, the Eurasier is very affectionate and playful, so if you have children at home, fun is guaranteed.

This breed was born from the crossing of the Chow Chow with the Wolfspitz. However, the congenital problems of the first crosses forced the breeder to consult with prestigious canine geneticists and to introduce other breeds such as, for example, the Samoyed. If you want to know more about this beautiful breed, stay with us.

Characteristics of the Eurasier

The Eurasier takes both physical and temperamental characteristics from the breeds from which it originates. Thus, their body is elongated, robust and well proportioned. Its face resembles that of a wolf and its teeth are powerful, as is the case with the Samoyed. Its head is wedge-shaped, with a slightly pronounced stop.

The eyes are dark, slanted and very expressive. The ears, always erect, are triangular with rounded tips. The tail is long and well populated. They usually carry it tucked up on their backs when they move. They belong to the Spitz family, so they have a double coat.

  • Height between 52 and 60 cm in males and between 48 and 56 cm in females.
  • Weight between 23 and 32 kg in males and between 18 and 26 kg in females.
  • Soft and woolly coat that protects it from the cold. The outer coat is long and not very close to the body. All colors are accepted except liver, pure white and white spots. Browns with black spots are the most common patterns.
  • Affectionate and affectionate character, playful and very sociable.
  • Good health
  • Estimated life expectancy between 12 and 14 years.
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Eurasier Dog breed - Characteristics & Temperament

Temperament of the Eurasier

The Eurasier is characterized by a calm, affectionate and playful character. They get along perfectly with children. However, they are not so sociable with strangers. Although they tend to protect their own, they rarely behave aggressively and are not very barky.

Their neoteny makes their organism mature more slowly than in other breeds. Therefore, this breed is independent and hierarchical, which forces you to be patient and assertive when training him. Do not let him challenge your authority and integrate all family members in his education so that he gets used to obey everyone equally.

They need daily attention because they do not tolerate loneliness. In fact, if they feel neglected, bored or not sufficiently stimulated, they will not hesitate to get into mischief. Likewise, they can fall into depression. It is advisable to socialize them from an early age, always with treats, if they are going to live with other pets.

Eurasier Dog breed - Characteristics & Temperament

What care does the Eurasier require?

As we said, these dogs require a lot of attention every day. Therefore, in addition to shared play, you should provide them with toys and intelligence games. Although they do not need a high level of physical activity, they do not like to spend time tied up. Therefore, you should take them for walks several times a day. Their joints will benefit.

Eurasiers are among the cleanest Spitzes and have the least body odor. Their long hair should be brushed assiduously, about 3 or 4 times a week. During moulting periods, in spring and autumn, you should brush daily to control hair loss. Use a brush with long, flexible bristles so that you do not injure the skin when removing dead hair.

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Do not neglect the quality of their food and ration their daily dose to two feedings, as they are prone to put on weight. Keeping up to date the vaccination schedule and deworming, both internal and external, complete the battery of basic care required to preserve their welfare and health.

Eurasier Dog breed - Characteristics & Temperament

History of the breed

The Eurasier belongs to a relatively young breed, since they were born in the 60’s in Germany. Its creator, the dog breeder Julius Wipfel, wanted to obtain a breed that would combine the physical and behavioral characteristics of the Chow Chow and the Wolfspitz. In fact, the first dogs were called Wolf-Chow.

However, inbreeding caused a multitude of genetic problems that required the introduction of new breeds. In order to reverse these problems, Wipfel turned to reputable canine geneticists. Everything was documented in books. Thus, in 1972 he began to cross the Eurasier with Samoyeds. In 1973 it obtained the official recognition of the FCI.

Eurasier Dog breed - Characteristics & Temperament

Curiosities of the Eurasier

Its name alludes to the European and Asian breeds that were included in its creation. Did you know that some specimens can show off the blue tongue, so characteristic of the Chow Chow? When they are cubs, they look like bear cubs. Not in vain, this breed belongs to the list of dogs that look like bears.

Eurasier Dog breed – Characteristics & Temperament
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