Chinese Crested Dog Breed

Chinese Crested

A quick glance at its appearance is enough to understand the origin of the name of the Chinese Crested, this small dog is devoid of hair on almost all of its body except the head and legs, a feature that gives it a unique and very recognizable appearance.

It is a companion dog in the strictest sense of the word. That is its only function and it fulfills it to perfection. In fact, owners of a Chinese Crested know that they will hardly find a more loyal, affectionate, intuitive and devoted furry companion.

Character and behavior of the Chinese Crested

Always alert and cheerful, the Chinese Crested is an affectionate dog in constant need of human contact. However, they do not give out their affection to just anyone. With strangers they are not only cold and distrustful, but in many occasions they do not hesitate to show their rejection openly.

He is full of energy and is always eager to play. He has no problem with the children in the house. But despite being an excellent and extremely intelligent companion, he is quite stubborn.

This temperament can be modified by a number of factors, including genetic inheritance, training and puppy socialization.

Chinese Crested

Physical characteristics of the breed

The Chinese Crested is a small-sized dog reaching a height at the withers of about 30 cm and weighing about 4 kg. Its small body has slender and elegant lines. Its head is triangular in shape, with large, lively eyes and large, erect ears.

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Although its physical characteristics are not the most suitable to intimidate intruders, the Chinese Crested has a clear vocation as a guard dog.

How to take care of a Chinese Crested’s coat

The Chinese Crested has two different varieties according to its coat. The most common and well known is the hairless variety, although it has hair in certain parts of its anatomy: the crest of the head, the legs and the tail. The other variety, known as Powderpuff, has hair all over its body. In both cases the hair is very fine and silky.

The Powderpuff variety requires weekly brushing, which should be daily for puppies three months and older. While the standard variety only requires minimal brushing in the hairy areas.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested and Training

The small and alert Chinese Crested is a dog that is generally easy to train, although sometimes he can show his stubborn side, so you have to be patient.

With him there is only one method that works: positive reinforcement with soft and affectionate corrections. Being careful with this aspect, and thanks to his natural intelligence, he is able to learn the most varied tricks with great ease.


Chinese Crested

The ideal is to try to socialize the Chinese Crested since he is a puppy: exposing him to the presence of different people as well as to different environments, sounds and experiences will help him to be a well-balanced dog when he reaches adulthood.

The socialization process is relatively simple, as this dog has a highly developed intuition, so much so that sometimes it even seems to be able to read our minds and understand our moods.

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Recommended care

Due to its small size, the Chinese Crested only needs a minimum of daily exercise, so it is not the most appropriate dog for running or sports. However, it does need constant mental stimulation and entertainment to match its intelligence.

This dog’s bare, furred body needs some extra protection, as the skin is prone to infections and other disorders. It is not convenient for example to expose our Chinese Crested to the sun for too long, and if we are going to do it, it is recommended to apply some kind of sunscreen.

Special moisturizing creams can also be very useful. In the same way, it is important to bathe him relatively frequently, always using a suitable and quality shampoo.

The Chinese Crested can live up to 12 years with proper care and feeding.

Breed history: Uncertain origins

Despite its name, no one knows exactly where this breed comes from. It is not even clear that it comes from China. In fact, this breed does not currently exist in the Asian country.

It is probable that the first Cresteds arrived in China at the end of the Middle Ages by merchants and sailors, perhaps from the Philippines or Indonesia. They were used to keep rats at bay in the holds of their ships. Later, the Chinese began to breed them in the belief that they possessed magical powers to cure certain diseases.

In any case, it was the British who in the mid-19th century discovered this curious breed and brought it to the West, unknowingly saving it from future extinction.

Chinese Crested Dog Breed
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