Who is the toad?

Who is the toad? Is Toad a boy or a girl? Nintendo has revealed that longtime Super Mario ally Toad, thought to be male, is actually genderless, and possibly not even a mushroom. Is the toad a person? Toads, also known as the Mushroom People

Who introduced the cane toad to Australia?

Who introduced the cane toad to Australia? They were brought from Hawaii to Australia in an effort to control the sugar cane beetle in the sugar cane fields of northern Queensland. Only 102 cane toads were brought in for breeding and 2,400 toads were released

Who brought cane toads to Australia?

Who brought cane toads to Australia? They were brought from Hawaii to Australia in an effort to control the sugar cane beetle in the sugar cane fields of northern Queensland. Only 102 cane toads were brought in for breeding and 2,400 toads were released in

King and Milk Snakes: Species Profiles

Milk and king snakes are native to southern Canada, throughout the United States, and Central and South America. These snakes are beautiful, docile and non-venomous. The milk snake is a subspecies of 45 king snakes; the milk snake alone has 25 subspecies. These snakes are

Three-toed box turtle species profile

The three-toed box turtle, found from southern Missouri to Texas and Alabama, is named for the three toes on its hind feet. There are four other box turtles. Native to the United States, these handsome, classic-looking turtles are one of the most popular pets for

Mississippi Map Turtle Species Profile

Terrapins are fun pets to own and watch, but not everyone wants a large turtle. Mississippi map turtles are not as large as other species such as slipper and tortoises, but they still require relatively large and deep aquarium habitats. What is a map turtle?

Rattlesnake Turtle Species Profile

“Terrapin” is an Algonquin Indian word roughly meaning “little turtle,” and diamondback turtles are named for the diamond pattern on their carapace (back shell); they are the most beautiful native to the United States One of the turtles. Are fairly docile sea turtles and are

What the quivering claws in the red-eared slipworm mean

Red-eared turtles are very common sea turtles both in nature and in captivity. They live mostly in water, but since they are cold-blooded, they do come out to sunbathe to regulate their temperature. They live in a variety of habitats – from mud pits to

Puffy and bloated frogs

African pygmy frogs are generally low-maintenance pets, but they are still creatures that can contract a wide range of diseases. Puffiness, or swelling, is one of the diseases that most commonly affects African dwarf frogs. Dropsy may also affect other frog species kept as pets.

Eastern fire-bellied toad: species profile

Native to the rice fields and highlands of southern and southeastern Asia, the eastern fire-bellied toad has bright green and black on the back and bright orange and black on the bottom. Despite its name, this amphibian is technically a frog, not a toad. One

Hog-nosed snakes: species profile

The name “hognose” refers to a variety of snake species with distinct upturned noses from three related genera: Heterodon, Leo, and lupus. They are found in North and South America and Madagascar. These animals are fairly small, usually with thick bodies and round eyes. They

tortoise shell and tortoise shell

Different species of turtles and tortoises have shells that vary in size, color and shape, but they all have one thing in common – their shells are tough and protective. Sometimes environmental conditions, nutrition, disease or trauma can change the appearance and efficacy of these

Black Throat Monitor Species Profile

Taxonomists are divided on how to classify the species and subspecies of this brown and striped giant from Tanzania in southern Africa. This lizard, commonly known as the black-throated monitor lizard, is a large reptile that is surprisingly gentle when kept as a pet. Like

Long-tailed lizard species profile

Long-tailed lizards get their name because their tails can easily grow to four times the length of their bodies. Native to Southeast Asia, China and southern Russia, these lizards occupy open, overgrown, damp grasslands at the edges of forests. They use their long tails for

Green Snake Species Profile

Rough and smooth green snakes are closely related, and while there are some differences between them, their care in captivity is basically the same. These are small, thin snakes native to North America, and their populations are threatened or endangered in many states. Both species

What to do if your leopard gecko has eye problems

Leopard geckos have large, round eyes, making them very cute and curious pets. Unfortunately, they often suffer from eye diseases, most of which are caused by poor rearing or environmental factors. It is important that you are able to identify eye problems in your gecko

Frilled lizard (Frillosaurus): Species Profile

The frilled lizard is native to Australia and New Guinea. They’re stunning bipedal reptiles with spectacular frills around their necks that might remind you of prehistoric Dilophosaurus (the original “Jurassic Park” movie made them popular). They are not commonly kept pet reptiles as they are

Golden Gecko: Species Profile

Native to Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the golden gecko is an interesting lizard, although they are not as popular as many other pet lizards. Males can be golden yellow in color (sometimes marked), while females tend to be darker with more green on their bodies.