What makes a horse a savior

What is a fulfillment? This is just one of the few words used to describe the age and sex of the horse. The word is used to differentiate between a male horse and a young female. All baby horses are called a foal, but a foal or foal means that the foal is female. Definition […]

How to find your horse’s pedigree

There are many reasons why horse registration records may be lost. For example, if the horse was bought and sold multiple times, previous owners may neglect to transfer the papers. Or sometimes the paperwork just goes wrong. Also, unscrupulous sellers may attach the papers to a similar horse to increase its value. While this is […]

Aztec Horse: Breed Profile

Versatile, noble, smooth and delightful, the Azteca now excels in countless disciplines. You might find this horse dressage, exploring trails, or hard at work on the cattle ranch. This sporty breed is sensible, hardy, and agile, and although it once came from Mexico, this breed is also popular with American riders. The History and Origins […]

How to Make a Blight Tracker for Saddle Accessories

The blight and blight tracking of the horse’s back area can help you install the saddle. Here’s how to make a Wither Tracker that you can take with you to buy a saddle. While tracking doesn’t ensure a saddle fit, it does help you make your first decision: whether the saddle is worth taking home […]

Tie a quick release knot for the horse

Learning to tie a horse safely is important. When you tie your horse, you should use quick-release snaps or quick-release knots. Using a quick release knot, you will be able to free the horse from wherever it is tied if it becomes anxious and wrestles with the ropes. This is a safer way to tie […]

How to Assemble the Reins

Have you taken your reins apart and cleaned them? Getting your reins back together isn’t complicated. These instructions are for assembling English reins, but many western reins are similar. Start by making the buckle that holds the reins in the center. Western-style reins may not have buckles, so set them aside for now. Then, follow […]

How to Tie a Drawstring on Your Western Saddle

Once you get the hang of it, strapping on a Western saddle is easy. If you’ve ever tied a men’s tie, you already know how to tie everything in place. Arranging and tightening the straps so they don’t get caught, but not too loose, takes some practice, though. Keep in mind that your waistline may […]

Learn about horse teeth

Take a look at your horse’s mouth and you’ll see a lot of teeth there. Horses have an average of 36 to 42 teeth. This number depends on the sex of the horse and whether the horse grows extra teeth along the mouth — the space between the front and back teeth. Your horse also […]

Spotted Saddle Horse: Breed Profile

There is something absolutely breathtaking about zebras, and the spotted pommel was created to embody the beauty of the zebra and the smooth ride of the gait horse. Much like the compact Tennessee walking horse, this breed is perfect for a variety of uses, from trail riding to show. There are many other characteristics of […]

plants poisonous to horses

If you have horses and gardens, you must be careful not to have certain plants on your property. These common weeds, trees, plants and shrubs, shown below, are poisonous to horses and ponies. Learn to identify these plants in your ranch and yard, and make sure to remove them as soon as possible to keep […]

Paso Fino Horse: Breed Profile

Paso Fino is known for its great presence, smooth gait and beautiful appearance. These horses are popular in show racing, but they are solid on foot and are also a great choice for trail and endurance riding. This versatile breed is often a favorite among riders with back pain or other injuries, and thanks to […]

Westphalian horses: breed overview

Athletic, beautiful, and desirable in temperament, it’s no wonder that the Westphalian has quickly become a very popular warm-blooded breed in the United States. These horses excel in jumping and dressage competitions, and while they are athletic, they are also docile enough to be ridden by amateurs. If you’re looking for a big horse with […]

Mavari Horse: Breed Profile

If you’re lucky enough to see a horsevari horse in person, the first thing you’ll probably notice about this unique breed is its ears. Marwari’s ears are so curved that the tips of the ears touch, giving them a unique look. The breed’s history spans many centuries, and today, the Marwari remains a rare but […]

Gypsy Vanner: Introduction to Horse Breeds

Gypsy Vanner horses are known for their great temperament and are known for their beautiful plumage and striking coats, which are rapidly gaining popularity today. These horses may have been bred to pull caravans, but they also make excellent rides. Gypsy Vanners have a calm personality, making them a perfect match for children as well […]

Haflinger Horse: Breed Profile

Hardy, strong, and compact, the Haflinger is a popular horse for children and adults alike. These ponies are athletic and versatile—they excel in dressage, jumping, trail riding, driving, and more. Haflingers are generally very friendly to people, and while they may be shorter than other riding breeds, they are quite powerful. Variety Overview weight: 800 […]

Fjord Horse: Breed Profile

Fjord horses, sometimes called Norwegian fjord horses, have a unique appearance. This compact, strong, suave horse may be small, but it’s powerful enough to carry an adult. The Fjord is a great choice for disciplines such as dressage and driving, and if you’re looking for a equine companion who’s happy to work and isn’t easily […]

Mechanics and uses of Kimberwick bits

Kimberwick, or Kimblewick as it is known in some places, is a bit commonly used in English riding and driving. It is often seen on ponies with young riders who may struggle to control the pony with a simple pony clip. It’s not used for some pony club events and dressage due to its leverage, […]

Hackney: Introduction to Horse Breeds

With its high step, gorgeous knee action and easy training characteristics, it’s no wonder that the Hackney is an excellent driving horse. But despite the horse’s talent in show racing and as a pleasure to drive horses, the breed is on the brink of extinction. With fewer than 200 of these horses living in the […]

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