Dealing with Deafness in Dogs

Deafness and hearing loss can occur in dogs for a number of reasons. Living with a deaf dog can be confusing for owners without the right tools and knowledge. Fortunately, most deaf dogs live long, happy lives. The key is to learn to communicate effectively

Toxic chemicals and household items that can poison dogs

Most homes contain dangerous chemicals and caustic substances that can be toxic to dogs. Adults know better than exposure to the most dangerous chemicals. However, just as parents must protect their children from household toxins, dog owners must also protect their dogs. Be very mindful

blepharospasm in dogs

blepharospam can affect one or both eyes in dogs and can occur due to underlying eye problems. This question may alert dog owners unfamiliar with eye problems, so it can be helpful to understand what blepharospasm is, what can cause it, and potential treatment options.

Babesia infection in dogs

Babesia infections occur in dogs and other species and are mainly spread by ticks. The severity of the disease varies widely depending on the Babesia species involved and the immune response of the infected dog. The main result of Babesia infection is anemia because the

lice on dog

Lice, while not fun, are easy to identify. They are wingless, flat, hexapodal insects that attach to the hair shaft of their host. Untreated lice infestations can cause skin problems and bald patches from excessive scratching, and lice are also known to transmit disease. Lice

What is actinomycosis?About This Bacterial Infection in Dogs

Bacterial infections can occur in any animal for a variety of reasons. Chances are, you’ve experienced some kind of bacterial infection in your life. Should you be worried about your dog getting bacteria? Well, there’s no reason to panic. However, it’s a good idea to

Why swimming can make your dog smell moldy

Does your dog smell bad when swimming? Some dogs have a musty or sour smell when wet. The smell is similar to the smell of laundry that is not fully dried after washing. You may find that the smell lessens once your dog is dry,

Adaptil Collars for Dogs

You may have heard or seen Adaptil for dogs in your veterinary office or online – peddling the promise of calm in collars and thought, “What are these, do they really work?” A short answer is Sure, they can help in a variety of situations,

Do older dogs go through menopause?

Bitches and female humans may have some things in common, but there are differences when it comes to menstrual cycles. Knowing what to expect from a bitch as you age can help you differentiate between what is normal and what is likely to be a

Can you butt an adult dog’s tail?

Tail docking is a surgical procedure that is usually performed on newborn puppies, but can also be performed on adult dogs. This process is a controversial one, but may be considered necessary for some dogs. Understanding why tail docking is necessary and how to prevent

Avoid and treat being sprayed by a skunk

Skunks are known for their often foul-smelling substance, and because of how lingering the smell is, they are not easily forgotten. Understanding the reasons for skunk spray may help you avoid becoming a victim, but if you or your pets do get sprayed, you’ll want

Dealing with guilt after putting pets to sleep

Pets are an important part of our family, so it’s no surprise that they often feel sad when they pass away. But sometimes the decision to end pet suffering is made by ourselves, which can lead to some guilt. Learning more about the process of

How to Give Your Dog a Flea Bath

If you find fleas on your dog, the first thing you probably want to do is get rid of them. If your dog is taking effective flea control medication, you may never have this problem. However, if you find that your dog is infected with

How to trim dog ears

Ear clipping (or trimming) is an elective cosmetic procedure that involves cutting and shaping the floppy part of a dog’s ear (the pinna). This is done to prick up the ears and create a look or standard for certain dog breeds. Professional and social views

dog folliculitis

Folliculitis is a skin condition that usually affects dogs. Irritated hair follicles can cause the area to become inflamed, leading to swelling, redness, itching, pain, and other skin damage. Ic can have a variety of causes, all of which require veterinary treatment. What is folliculitis

azathioprine for dogs

Azathioprine is a prescription drug used to treat certain autoimmune diseases in dogs. A healthy immune system can destroy perceived threats such as bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. Autoimmune (or immune-mediated) diseases cause the immune system to become overactive and begin to attack the

Helping Dogs Give birth

Is your dog pregnant and about to give birth? If this is your first time helping a dog give birth, read on for some answers to frequently asked questions about farrowing (delivery). First, you should discuss the process with your veterinarian. It is important to

Canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease

One of the tasks any dog ​​owner will tell you about do not The relish is cleaning up a dog’s vomit or diarrhea. Dogs can experience episodes of vomiting and diarrhea for a variety of reasons, but if your dog suffers from both conditions for