Characteristics of the American water dog

Características del perro de agua Americano

Characteristics of the American water dog The American water dog is a breed from the United States. Among its characteristics, we find a medium and muscular body, covered with a nice curly mantle. Despite the fragility that its appearance transmits, in the past it was

Complete information about the Aztec dog

Información completa sobre el perro Azteca

Complete information about the Aztec dog The Aztec Dog, whose original name is Xoloitzcuintle, is one of the most unique dog breeds in the world. One of its most peculiar aspects is the total absence of hair on its entire body. Despite its long history

Aztec Dog (Xoloitzcuintle)

Aztec Dog (Xoloitzcuintle)

The Aztec Dog, whose original name is Xoloitzcuintle, is one of the most unique dog breeds in the world. One of its most peculiar aspects is the total absence of hair on its entire body. Despite its long history and prestige, it is still quite

English bulldog : Breed Characteristics

English bulldog : Breed Characteristics

With their scowl, prominent jaw and distinctive gait, Bulldogs are instantly recognizable. It is true that their appearance can be intimidating, but this has nothing to do with their sociable and friendly character. They are tolerant of strangers, children and even other dogs. They have

American Bully or Bullypit

American Bully

Also known as bullypit or American bullypit, the American Bully is a dog of North American origin, of robust appearance and somewhat intimidating at first sight. It comes from the mixture of the American Pitbull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. It was not recognized

Spanish water dog – Character, behavior and care

Spanish water dog

One of the most beloved dog breeds in Spain is undoubtedly the Turco Andaluz, better known in the canine world as the Spanish water dog. It is a medium sized breed with a very friendly, intelligent and affectionate character. Water dogs are characterized by their

Goldendoodle – Characteristics and care


If you like the gentle character of the Golden Retriever but prefer a dog that does not shed so much hair, the Goldendoodle is your ideal companion. For this reason it is ideal for all those people who have allergies. They are usually chosen as

Pomsky Dog breed

Pomsky Dog breed

If you thought that everything was being invented when it comes to dog breeds, you will be surprised to know that there is a new crossbreed that is causing a furor in its country of origin. The Pomsky is a dog obtained from the crossing

Pitbull Blue : Origin and Morphology of the breed

Pitbull Blue

Among the different breeds that we can find with Pitbull genetics, the Pitbull Blue stands out for its peculiar beauty and physical characteristics. With blue or honey-colored eyes and grayish hair, it will not leave anyone indifferent. That is why we want to tell you

What does a Beagle Harrier look like? Breed profile

Beagle Harrier

These dogs are friendly, energetic and with a great working capacity, making them ideal for active people and families who enjoy outdoor walks. Despite their qualities as companion dogs, their ability for sports and their guardian qualities, the Beagle Harrier is a rather unknown breed.

Croatian Shepherd Dog – Complete Breed Guide

Croatian Shepherd

The Croatian Shepherd Dog is a medium breed with a rustic appearance and a fox-like head. The exact year in which its breeding began is uncertain, but since its appearance it has served as a shepherd dog. Agile, faithful and affectionate, the Croatian Shepherd is an

Flat Coated Retriever Dog Breed

Flat Coated Retriever

Flat coated retrievers are elegant, slender and extremely active dogs, without being hyperactive. Therefore, it is essential that if you choose this breed you have a garden or open space within walking distance so that they can let off steam every day. Otherwise, their behavior

What is a Chesapeake Retriever like? All about the breed

Chesapeake Retriever

This intrepid companion dares everything. Accustomed to living in extreme weather conditions, it has developed a rough character making it a dog not suitable for everyone. If this is your first pet or if you are not given to daily exercise, this breed is not

Barbet dog : All about the breed

French Water Dog

The Barbet or French Water Dog is a breed that has existed since the 16th century. It is a medium-sized dog with a thick coat and a loyal personality, an ideal companion for families looking for a loving pet. In addition, the Barbet loves water

English Bull terrier Dog Breed

English Bull terrier

It is one of the easiest breeds to identify and the English Bull terrier has a very characteristic elongated muzzle, which together with its almond-shaped eyes gives it a unique personality. There are two variables of this breed, the Bull terrier and the miniature Bull