Large size dogs

Alaskan Malamute dog, funny and affectionate

If you are thinking of sharing your life with an Alaskan Malamute, it would be interesting that you first get informed in depth about all the details of the breed. From Mypetszone we wanted to compile all this information so that people like you can enjoy it. If you have any doubt, leave it in […]

Dalmatian dog breed, a great pet For You

Apart from its enormous popularity since the movie adaptation of the work “101 Dalmatians”, there are many curiosities about this breed that we are going to deal with in this post. This athletic dog is very affectionate and intelligent, but if you decide to make him your companion, you must be prepared to keep up […]

Dogo Argentino dog breed, affectionate and vigilant

There are few breeds comparable to the Dogo Argentino and its physical endurance and working capacity are almost unmatched, in addition to other very distinguishable characteristics of this breed. Originally from South America, it preserves almost intact its virtues as a hunting dog, but its predator instinct can sometimes make it a little stubborn and […]

Fila Brasileiro Breed, Much More Than a dog

In spite of not being very popular or easy to find due to his PPP popularity, this big Brazilian-born, affable, affectionate, obedient and true guardian of his family, deserves to be known a little bit more. Height at withers: 65.75 cm in the male and 60-70 cm in the female.Body weight: males usually weigh a […]

American Pitbull COLBY Dog Breed

The American Pit Bull Terrier has several bloodlines, that is to say, the same breed has been bred from different specimens, among them the Pitbull Colby. It is a medium sized, solidly built dog whose ancestors come from England and Ireland. His tenacity, courage and playfulness make him a notable competitor among other bloodlines. What […]

American Pitbull terrier Dog Breed

The Amecican Pitbull terrier colloquially known as Pitbull or APBT, is considered by many people as the dog breed par excellence. Whether for its qualities as a guard dog, as a family dog, working dog or for its hunting qualities. History of the Pitbull breed Although it is erroneously believed to be a breed originating […]

Garaffian Shepherd Dog Breed : Characteristics and care

The Garaffian Sheepdog is a breed not yet recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), but registered with the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSC). It is a large, shaggy and noble dog breed, originally bred for herding. This breed is also a good companion for sporting activities, as it enjoys exercise and the outdoors. […]

long-haired German Shepherd Dog Breed

The long-haired German shepherd is a canine variety that is distinguished, as the name implies, by its long coat. Originally from Germany, it presents a double and abundant coat, ideal to keep your dog sheltered against the cold weather. We explain the characteristics of this type of shepherd, his main cares and important details about his […]

Rhodesian ridgeback Dog Breed

Of South African origin and mischievous behavior but very intelligent and loyal, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that will make you fall in love at first sight. Excellent as a companion dog, hunting companion or watchdog thanks to its large size, it can also be your best friend. Do you want to know all the […]

Saarloos Wolfdog Dog breed

This wolf-type breed of dog is quite rare and unknown, so there is little information available about it. Even in its place of origin, the Netherlands, the Saarloos wolfhound is not very widespread. Below we will give all the essential data to get closer to this beautiful and intelligent breed that, due to its particular characteristics, […]

Whippet Dog Breed

The Whippet is considered one of the lightest greyhounds that exist. It stands out for its slender and elegant bearing, with a size smaller than other sighthounds. If you are interested in this breed, you are in luck because from mypetszone we have prepared all the information you need to know about it, from the necessary […]

Dogue de Bordeaux Dog Breed

It is a French breed that is very popular in its country of origin. His ancestors are the famous oriental mastiffs, although he has ancestors such as the English bulldog, the Great Dane and the mastiff. The Dogue de Bordeaux is a noble and brave dog, an excellent guard dog very attached to his family. His simple presence makes […]

The Weimaraner Dog Breed (Weimar Braco)

The Weimar Braco Also called Weimaraner, the Weimaraner is a dog with a spectacular style and physique. Of German origin, its name is due to Duke Charles Augustus of Saxony, born in Weimar. This breed is also commonly known as “gray ghost”, due to the peculiar color of its coat which has different shades of […]

Pachón Navarro Dog Breed

Pachón Navarro The Pachón Navarro also called Perdiguero Navarro or old Spanish pointer, is one of the most peculiar dog breeds that exist, due to a curious physical characteristic of its muzzle that makes it also known as the dog with two noses. An excellent hunting dog capable of adapting without problems to a quiet […]

Dingo Dog Breed

Dingo Halfway between a wolf and a dog, the Dingo is a direct subspecies of the domesticated wolf. It lives comfortably in the wild, but is also an excellent family companion. Known as Australian wild dog, it is characterized by being very intelligent and adaptable to familiar environments, even affectionate. Want to know more about […]

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