Large size dogs

The Doberman – Characteristics, temperament and care

The Doberman Dog   Only those who have been lucky enough to enjoy the company of a Doberman know what we mean when we say that it is possibly one of the best dog breeds in the world. It is an exemplary breed very attached to its family, a great friend to the elderly and […]

The Samoyed dog – Characteristics, care and advice

The Samoyed dog    The Samoyed is the Arctic Spitz, a dog that accompanied the “Los Samoyeds” tribe during their migrations around 1,000 BC. These dogs were in charge of taking care of the cattle, guarding the village and on many occasions they acted as a draft dog for the sleds.   At present they […]

Cane Corso – Characteristics, temperament and education

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is a large breed dog of the molosser type. Its origin is Roman and since ancient times it stands out for its majestic appearance and intelligence. This breed is a faithful protector of its masters, it will be a good companion if you are looking for a guard dog. […]

Belgian Shepherd Malinois – Complete breed information

Bred as working dogs, Malinois are true workaholics of the canine world. They will perfectly fulfill the task you ask of them, but in return they will want time at your side and dynamism to keep up with you. Similar in appearance to the German Shepherd, they are smaller and slimmer, but also more active. […]

Can de palleiro or Galician Shepherd Dog

This Galician breed is related to the German, Belgian and Dutch shepherds and to the Portuguese Can do Castro Laboreiro, as it is believed that they share Indo-European origins. The Can de Palleiro is lively, intelligent and very protective, and enjoys the company of his family. Its anatomy highlights its athletic morphology, without fur, and […]

Hovawart Dog breed – Characteristics & Temperament

These dogs, of Germanic origin, stand out for their corpulence and protective and participative temperament. As good farm guardians, they need to feel part of the team and carry out the mission entrusted to them. In fact, in the old days they were called Hofwart, meaning ‘guardian of the farmyard’, a task they tackled with […]

Eurasier Dog breed – Characteristics & Temperament

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t fall for the beauty of this dog. His wolfish face, his tender look and his pompous coat make him a pet you want to cuddle all the time. In addition, the Eurasier is very affectionate and playful, so if you have children at home, fun is […]

Broholmer or Danish Mastiff

Broholmers are dogs with molosser characteristics that historically have been used as guard and hunting dogs. Despite their large size and protective instinct, they are extremely affectionate with those they consider family. In fact, they forge a strong bond and attachment with them. Their anatomy is characterized by their hindquarters and deep chest, features that […]

What does a Sardinian Dogo look like?

This Creole breed is little known outside its native Sardinia. Sardinian farmers value their Dogos so highly that they do not sell them for fear of the breed disappearing. Local breeders of Dogo Sardo, for their part, are more interested in enhancing their excellent watchdog qualities than in forming a breed club or receiving recognition. […]

Siberian Husky – Characteristics, temperament and care

Its sweet look does not deceive, because the Siberian Husky is affectionate and a good playmate. It is also a breed of curious and a bit naughty dogs, so… try to set the limit from puppyhood! These dogs like to share activities both inside and outside the home, so they are a good choice for […]

Golden Retriever – Characteristics, temperament and care

Their protective instinct and captivating personality explain why Golden Retrievers are so popular around the world. These canines adore children, whom they often accompany in games and mischief. Their beautiful coat and their versatility to perform all kinds of tasks are other characteristics that define these blondes of the canine universe Do you want to […]

Rottweiler Dog breed characteristics

The Rottweiler is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Their appearance is unique, as well as their expressive look and their great guarding skills. Despite an undeserved reputation for violence, they are affectionate and calm in the home. In addition, because of their sensitivity and obedience, they can be trained as police […]

The Albino Doberman Dog breed

Albinism in dogs is due to the mutation of a gene due to the lack of a protein essential for skin and coat pigmentation. The Albino Doberman presents this genetic mutation and hence its characteristic white color. It is not something that only affects Doberman dogs or dogs in general, albinism also occurs in humans […]

Great Gascony Blue – Complete breed profile

The dignified expression and majestic demeanor of the Great Blue of Gascony dogs impress from the very first moment. Developed in the French countryside to accompany royalty on hunting expeditions, these dogs are perfect for families with an active lifestyle and a predilection for outdoor walks. At home they are affectionate, loyal and devoted to […]

American Staffordshire Terrier – Breed Guide

Those who have lived with an American Staffordshire Terrier (also called Amstaff) agree in highlighting its qualities. It is a dog with great qualities as a guardian, which knows how to easily win a place in people’s hearts. In spite of their corpulence, these dogs move in a graceful and elegant way, a sign of […]

Bearded collie Dog Breed

In a first impression, the Bearded collie’s long hair and sweet and expressive eyes stand out. Their appearance may remind us of the Bobtail or the Polish Shepherd Dog of the Plains but, although they share some features, they are different breeds. They are very well known dogs, especially in the United Kingdom, United States […]

Saint Hubert Race (BloodHound)

The ancestors of the Saint Hubert, also known as Bloodhound in English or Chien de Saint-Hubert in French, were bred in medieval France to chase deer and wild boar through the woods on long hunting trips. Today, this very active and intelligent breed of dog still retains its keen sense of smell and is one […]

Russian Borzoi Dog Breed

Its natural elegance, hypnotic face and ravishing coat make the Russian Borzoi one of the most beautiful breeds in existence. Its numerous awards in beauty contests prove it. All this, added to a docile temperament and a friendly character, attracted the Russian czars, who chose them as their favorite. Do you want to know more […]

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