How to care for your deaf cat

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There’s no reason your deaf cat shouldn’t lead a happy, fun-filled life. Some pets are born deaf or genetically susceptible to deafness. For example, a white cat with blue eyes may be born deaf. At other times, illness or injury can cause hearing loss. With some accommodations, deaf cats shouldn’t have any trouble in most … Read more

fatty liver in cats

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Fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver syndrome, is a disease that affects the liver in cats. It is the most common acquired liver disease in cats and can be life-threatening.In most cases, this is the result of anorexia and dramatic weight loss in overweight cats. Knowing how to recognize the … Read more

Development in the first six weeks of a kitten’s life

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The first six weeks of a kitten’s life are critical to its development. They grow and develop rapidly, but they are vulnerable to many threats. Now outside the womb, kittens need warmth, food, and protection from infectious diseases and parasites such as fleas. Kittens will likely never grow again at the astonishing rate they have … Read more

How Pinworms Affect Homes and Pets

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Pinworms, also known as nematodes, are a common problem for people, especially children. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), pinworms are the most common helminth infection in the United States.However, people are often confused about where the worm comes from and how it spreads. Pinworms in the human body The type of pinworm … Read more

82 Russian cat names

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If you’re looking for a different or unusual name for your new kitten or adult cat, Russian cat names are a great option. Russia’s beautiful language and interesting history and culture offer many great name ideas for your cat or kitten. You might also be surprised to learn that Russia is home to a wide … Read more

The cat’s heat (estrus) cycle

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Rabbits may be known for their rapid reproduction, but cats should share some of that reputation. Unneutered female cats can usually start breeding as soon as their heat cycle begins. If not neutered, cats can produce two to three litters per year. Litters range from 1 to 8 kittens, and if you’re not careful, you … Read more

Rippled Skin: Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome or FHS

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Ripple dermatosis is the generic name for a disorder technically known as “feline hyperesthesia syndrome” (FHS), which is characterized by a variety of symptoms: anxiety, nervousness, and generalized agitation. The key difference between the “normal frenzied behavior” exhibited by most young cats and happy, energetic cats and feline hyperesthesia is that, with the latter, the … Read more

Should rescued pregnant cats be neutered?

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One of the most controversial issues in shelter settings is whether rescued pregnant cats should be neutered. While some people resent the idea of ​​killing unborn kittens, others believe it can help with a larger problem, the problem of overpopulating pets. Stray female cats seem to have a magical knack for finding shelter immediately before … Read more

What is towel disposal?

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Have you ever tried petting your cat just to turn her into a wobbly ball of claws and teeth? As a cat owner, you need to pet your cat occasionally so that you can administer medicine, groom your cat, or examine your cat. Not all cats can tolerate handling. In fact, many cats get very … Read more

Handling pet health emergencies during the holidays

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The holidays are a busy time, often filled with family and friends, holiday activities, and trips or guests. Most pet owners like to involve their four-legged family members in their celebrations, which can change the pet’s routine, diet, and environment. This can cause your pet to feel stressed or develop various health issues that may … Read more

Signs your cat is aging and when to see the vet

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Thankfully, thanks to improvements in veterinary care and nutrition, our feline friends are living much longer than before. As our cats live longer, it is important to know the symptoms of common health problems and when to see a veterinarian. Many cats begin to experience age-related physical and psychological changes between the ages of 7 … Read more

How to Treat Diarrhea in Cats

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Diarrhea is something everyone experiences, but it’s not a healthy way to get rid of waste. Cats can experience diarrhea due to a variety of conditions. Some of these conditions are more serious than others, but persistent diarrhea should be treated immediately, regardless of the cause. Serious problems can be secondary to diarrhea; it is … Read more

Hyperlipidemia in cats

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Hyperlipidemia is a general term for diseases in which there is too much fat in the blood. Hyperlipidemia in cats is not as common as in dogs and humans. What is hyperlipidemia in cats? The term hyperlipidemia is used to describe a condition in which there is excess fat in the blood of animals. overtake- … Read more