The cat’s heat (estrus) cycle

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Rabbits may be known for their rapid reproduction, but cats should share some of that reputation. Unneutered female cats can usually start breeding as soon as their heat cycle begins. If not neutered, cats can produce two to three litters per year. Litters range from 1 to 8 kittens, and if you’re not careful, you … Read more

Treating Mastitis in Cats

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Mastitis in cats is no different from mastitis in other animals. This is a painful condition that some unneutered female cats experience. If you think your cat is having this painful problem, you should relieve it as soon as possible. What is mastitis? Inflammation of the breasts, called mastitis, can occur in any animal that … Read more

Cats in heat: The length of the astros

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On average, a cat is sick for four to seven days. However, its fever may last up to one day or up to three weeks. Non-crushed female cats of childbearing age are called queens. Cats are polyesterous, meaning the queens usually go into heat several times a year until they mate.–– The stages of heat … Read more

Do cats have menopause?

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Have you ever wondered if cats go through menopause like humans, and if so, at what age approximately? To understand how cats’ heat cycles work and how they compare to human fertility, you must first understand that because cats do not experience menstruation in the same sense as human women, menopause is a controversial point. … Read more

Will my neutered cat still be in heat?

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When female cats reach puberty, they will go through their first heat or estrus cycle. Puberty can occur as early as four months, but the typical age is between 6 and 9 months. Estrus is the period of the estrus cycle when females accept mating with males and can become pregnant during this time. If … Read more