How to Take a Cat’s Body Temperature

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The only way to tell if a cat has a fever is to take his temperature. If the cat is not resisting you, the whole process should only take a few minutes. The normal body temperature for most cats is between 100.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.Depending on other symptoms, higher temperatures may warrant a visit … Read more

Anal glands in cats

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Many mammals, including cats, have special glands called rectal glands or sacs located around their anus. These glands are usually not felt until a cat owner smells the secretions from the glands or has a problem with them. Knowing the purpose of these glands, as well as the potential problems they can develop, will help … Read more

The debate over the FIV vaccine for cats

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When the pet vaccine was announced for FIV (Cat Vaccine Virus) in March 2002, it was met with enthusiasm from the medical community, not only because of its potential value to cats but also because of its potential to spur research on the human AIDS vaccine. The patents for the FIV vaccine are owned by … Read more

The Vaccination Conundrum: A Guide to Cat Vaccination Protocols

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In recent years, there has been much discussion among veterinarians, breeders, and cat owners about the value, safety, and necessity of certain vaccines. The resulting rumours mixed with the facts have caught the attention of cat lovers: Does my cat really need to be vaccinated every year? Are vaccines harmful or not? I faced this … Read more