Can Pet Snakes Eat Eggs? What you need to know!

You’ve probably seen movies or even heard of snakes eating eggs and wondered if they could also be a good snack for your pet. Unfortunately, the best answer we can give you is that it depends on the type of snake you are. There are many different species of snake, and many of them have different nutritional requirements and body compositions. Some of them would be fine if they ate eggs. Some eat nothing but eggs, while some of the most popular breeds can’t eat them at all and could die if they tried. Keep reading as you see which snakes can eat eggs and why other snakes can’t, so you can provide safe and healthy food for your pets.

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What Snake Only Eats Eggs?


Dasypeltis was the first of two genera of snakes to have evolved to eat only eggs. This taxonomy contains the East African egg-eating snake which is a popular house pet. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t like to feed live food to their pets. Several other species of snakes belong to this genus, including the Arabian egg-eating snake, the mountain egg-eating snake, the cross-marked egg-eating snake, etc. These snakes are all non-venomous and live where they can easily access birds’ nests. .



Elachistodon is another genus that eats only eggs, and mainly contains the Indian egg-eating snake, which some call the Indian egg-eater. You can find this snake in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This snake is not venomous but raises its body into the air in an “S” shape, almost like a Cobra when threatened.

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How Do Egg-Eating Snakes Eat Eggs?

Egg-eating snakes have a specially designed backbone that helps break the tough eggshell as it passes through its digestive system. These enamel-tipped bones help speed up the digestive process so the snake can get more nutrition and spend less time in an inactive state. Most eggs are smaller or similar sized quail eggs, but some snakes can get big enough to eat chicken eggs.

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What Other Snakes Can Eat Eggs?

Most other snakes will attack the nest and eat the smaller eggs if they cannot find food elsewhere and are large enough, although they will usually look for other food first. The eggs they eat are often small, like quail eggs, and won’t make big chicken eggs. Egg shells are quite hard and it will take snakes a long time to digest, so they will often sleep longer after eating eggs, especially since they don’t have the sharp bones to crack the shell like egg-eating snakes do. own.

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What snake can’t eat eggs?

Pythons, boa constrictors, and rattlesnakes cannot eat eggs at all, and doing so will cause their bodies to try to vomit, and failure to do so successfully will result in death. These snakes cannot digest the hard shells of eggs, and will cause severe health complications as they pass through the digestive system. Unfortunately, the ball python is one of the most popular snake species kept as pets, especially in the United States, so many of us cannot safely feed our pythons eggs.

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How Often Do My Snakes Eat?

Younger snakes can eat as often as twice a week, but as they age, their feeding slows down, and they may eat as little as once every two weeks, especially if they eat something hard to digest, such as eggs. Snakes can also change their metabolism at will, making it difficult to determine when they will eat. Large pythons can go up to 6 months without eating, but we recommend contacting your veterinarian once a month has passed to make sure your pet is not suffering from blockages or other health problems.

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While most snakes can eat occasional small eggs without any negative health issues, we recommend avoiding them unless you have egg-eating snakes. The hard shell will keep them inactive for longer than usual, depriving them of nutrition if they occur too often, and in the case of the popular pythons and pythons, it can be life-threatening. Snakes don’t usually get food but providing them with a varied diet of healthy foods such as rodents and poultry can help them avoid health problems and create a diet similar to what they might get in the wild. If you want to serve eggs and have a suitable snake, provide only small eggs from quail or smaller. Larger eggs can cause complications even in snakes that can normally eat them, and it’s best if you contact your veterinarian and ask about the safety of feeding certain breeds of hard shells.

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