Can He Take Down a Smith and Wesson 500 Elephant?

When it comes to big game hunting, there are few firearms that can match the power and precision of the Smith and Wesson 500. This beast of a revolver is capable of taking down any game on the planet, including elephants. With its .50 caliber slug and bullet options specifically designed for dangerous game, the Smith and Wesson 500 has become a favorite among avid hunters.

Its reputation precedes itself, and for good reason. Whether you’re out in the wild hunting cape buffalo or pursuing the ultimate challenge of taking down an elephant, this revolver delivers unmatched stopping power and accuracy. But let’s dive deeper into the capabilities of the Smith and Wesson 500 in different hunting scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Smith and Wesson 500 is a powerful firearm designed for big game hunting.
  • With bullet options specifically designed for dangerous game, this revolver has proven itself in challenging hunting situations.
  • When hunting dangerous game like cape buffalo, the choice of bullet is crucial.
  • The 500 S&W caliber, specifically the Model 89, offers incredible stopping power and is capable of taking down an elephant.
  • Different hunters have varying opinions on what constitutes the ultimate challenge in big game hunting.

Performance on Cape Buffalo

When it comes to hunting dangerous game like cape buffalo, the choice of bullet is crucial. The Smith & Wesson 500, known for its remarkable power, offers a range of bullet options specifically designed for hunting chores. CORBON ammo provides three choices for the Smith & Wesson 500: a 275 Barnes X hollow-point, a 400 soft-point, and a 440-grain hard cast.

Among these options, the big 440-grain bullet is particularly suitable for hunting tough, thick-skinned animals like cape buffalo. With shots typically taken within 50 yards, it’s important for hunters to practice with the appropriate bullet weight to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, adjusting the sights may be necessary to accommodate different bullet weights.

To illustrate the differences between these bullet options, consider the following table:

Bullet Type Weight Features
275 Barnes X hollow-point 275 grains Offers controlled expansion for maximum energy transfer
400 soft-point 400 grains Provides reliable expansion and deep penetration
440-grain hard cast 440 grains Designed for superior penetration and retained weight

As seen in the table above, each bullet type has its own unique features that cater to specific hunting needs. Hunters should consider factors such as bullet weight, expansion capabilities, and penetration when selecting the most appropriate option for their cape buffalo hunt.

Overall, the Smith & Wesson 500, combined with the right bullet selection and proper practice, proves to be a reliable choice for taking down cape buffalo. Its power and versatility make it a valuable tool for hunters in pursuit of challenging and formidable game.

Taking Down an Elephant

The 500 S&W caliber, specifically the Model 89, offers incredible stopping power in big game hunting. With up to 4600 ft-lbs of stopping energy, this cartridge is capable of taking down an elephant. The ½” diameter bullets in the Model 89 are designed to provide effective energy transfer to big game animals, ensuring a clean and ethical kill.

Compared to other calibers, the 500 S&W offers superior penetration and knockdown power, making it a popular choice for hunters pursuing dangerous game. The revolver’s heavy recoil can be managed with proper shooting technique and practice, allowing hunters to confidently aim and take down their targets with precision.

The Smith & Wesson Model 89: A Reliable Companion

The Model 89, chambered in 500 S&W, is a reliable and durable revolver specifically designed for big game hunting. Its robust construction and ergonomic design ensure comfortable handling and consistent performance in the field.

Equipped with a suitable scope or iron sights, the Model 89 can be effective within a range of 200 yards, providing versatility for various hunting situations. However, it’s important for hunters to understand the limitations of their equipment and practice shooting at different distances to enhance their accuracy.

Table: Comparison of Calibers for Big Game Hunting

Caliber Stopping Power Effective Range
500 S&W (Model 89) High Up to 200 yards
458 Winchester Magnum High Up to 300 yards
375 H&H Magnum Moderate Up to 400 yards

Table: Comparison of calibers commonly used for big game hunting, showcasing their respective stopping power and effective range.

When it comes to hunting elephants or other dangerous game, the 500 S&W caliber in the Model 89 offers exceptional performance and reliability. With its immense stopping power, hunters can trust in their equipment to make ethical kills and ensure a successful hunting experience.

Other Perspectives on Big Game Hunting

big game hunting

While the Smith & Wesson 500 is renowned for its performance in taking down cape buffalo and elephants, there are other perspectives on what constitutes the ultimate challenge in big game hunting. Some hunters set their sights on unique and elusive animals like the majestic Marco Polo sheep or the elusive bongo. Pursuing these animals requires a combination of skill, patience, and knowledge of their habitat.

When it comes to tackling powerful game, some hunters prefer larger caliber rifles. The 6.5×55 and the 475 No 2 Jefferies are popular choices among experienced hunters. These rifles offer increased stopping power and precision for hunting animals such as moose, elk, and brown bears. The larger caliber allows for greater energy transfer upon impact, increasing the chances of a clean and ethical kill.

Ultimately, the choice of game and hunting methods depends on the individual hunter’s preferences and experiences. Each hunting expedition presents its own set of challenges and rewards, whether it’s chasing after a Marco Polo sheep in the rugged mountains or stalking a bongo in the dense African forests. Big game hunting enthusiasts have a wide range of possibilities to explore, each offering its own unique thrills and tests of skill.

Table: Comparison of Calibers

Caliber Stopping Power Game
6.5×55 High Moose, elk, brown bear
475 No 2 Jefferies Extreme Big game (e.g., elephants, rhinos)

As hunters, we understand that the thrill of the chase and the pursuit of challenging game is what drives us. Whether it’s the power and versatility of the Smith & Wesson 500, the allure of chasing after exotic animals like Marco Polo sheep and bongo, or the raw stopping power of larger caliber rifles, each approach offers a unique experience. So, let’s celebrate the diversity of perspectives and techniques in the world of big game hunting, and continue to explore the vast possibilities that this thrilling pursuit offers.


In conclusion, the Smith and Wesson 500 revolver has proven to be a formidable firearm for big game hunting, particularly when it comes to taking down cape buffalo and elephants. With its powerful .50 caliber slug and specially designed bullet options, this revolver offers the stopping power needed for challenging hunting situations.

When using the Smith and Wesson 500, it is crucial to select the appropriate bullet weight for the target game. CORBON ammo provides a range of options, including the 440-grain hard cast bullet, which is ideal for hunting tough, thick-skinned animals. Hunters should also consider practicing with different bullet weights and adjusting their sights accordingly.

The Model 89 chambered in 500 S&W caliber is particularly effective, offering up to 4600 ft-lbs of stopping energy. This cartridge has proven its effectiveness on elephants within a 200-yard range. Whether pursuing dangerous game or other challenging targets, the Smith and Wesson 500 provides hunters with a powerful option that can handle the toughest and largest game animals.

Ultimately, the Smith and Wesson 500 offers hunters seeking an adrenaline-filled experience the ability to confidently pursue their passion. With its exceptional performance and stopping power, this revolver has solidified its place in the realm of big game hunting.