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Basic Equipment You Need for Your First Horse

Once you get a horse, you will need some basic equipment so you can take good care of it and, of course, enjoy the activity you bought it for, whether it’s riding or driving. If you own country property, you probably already own many things. Pitchforks, carts, and shovels for cleaning horses are the same things you buy at any hardware store for gardening or other yard work. You’ll need to buy some special items at your local tack store, such as special brushes and tacks for riding and driving.

While you’ll probably be happy to get a drill, reins, and saddle (also known as tacks) before you bring your horse home, it’s best to wait. This way, you can customize your horse to keep it comfortable and happy. Other items like brushes, buckets, and lead ropes can be purchased in advance, so they’ll be waiting for you when your horse arrives. You should also have several weeks’ worth of hay and any supplements or grains you decide to feed your horse. Your fence and stable should be ready. If your horse is to be stable, you will need some type of litter, and of course, you will need an adequate supply of fresh water.


Some items, like feed and sinks, can be made from repurposed buckets and buckets. Just make sure that no toxic substances are stored in them, and that they have been cleaned thoroughly and have no sharp edges.

Here are the items you need if you plan to care for and use your horse for riding and driving.

feeding equipment

  • individual feeding pans
  • Feed container (preferably metal or plastic with a safety cover to keep out rodents) for holding the feed
  • Sink or large bucket
  • If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, use a water heater or heated bucket.

Barn and Ranch Maintenance

  • cross
  • stable broom
  • wheelbarrow
  • Dung Fork
  • fire extinguisher
  • spare bulb
  • Extension cord
  • Safe, dry place to store hay/fodder/tacks/supplies

Processing and grooming

  • halter neck
  • lead rope
  • Hoof Pick
  • curry comb
  • body brush
  • bristle comb
  • Cloth (an old towel will do)
  • Insect repellent
  • cold weather blanket (if needed)
  • Sweat sheet if required


You might decide to ride an English or Western, which will help you decide which type of tack to buy. To help install the saddle, you should probably buy the saddle after you bring the horse home, or have the opportunity to try any saddle you want on your horse.

  • saddle with harness or drawstring
  • saddle pad or blanket
  • Reins and Drills
  • helmet
  • Stirrups and Stirrup Leather
  • Optional: Lunge Line
  • Optional: tendon boots, flare boots, any other leg support or protection the horse may need


There are several types of harnesses, including light and heavy horses. You need to know which type of driving is right for the kind of driving you want to do.

  • Harness with reins
  • Safe, Rugged Vehicle
  • drive whip
  • helmet

urgent Care

Emergency information and equipment should be posted or stored in an easy-to-find location in the event of an emergency.

  • List of emergency phone numbers, including veterinarians, farriers, local animal control
  • First aid kit


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