The 10 largest snakes in the world

Snakes are fascinating animals, their striking colors, curious way of moving, and voracious appetites will impress everyone. Since ancient times, these reptiles have been part of the culture of many societies, becoming one of the most famous and most studied animals by science. There are

How many words do dogs understand?

The dog, in addition to being man’s best friend, is one of the most intelligent beings in the animal kingdom. When you observe your dog on a daily basis, you might wonder how well he is able to understand what you are trying to say

How do I know if my cat trusts me?

If you have adopted a cat and your new companion is adjusting to his new home, you may be asking yourself many questions such as: “¿¿how do i know if my cat trusts me? “or” how to gain the trust of a cat? “. Of

The 8 most dangerous reptiles in the world

All animals gain attention for some reason, whether it is because of their physical appearance, behavior, or their rarity. However, reptiles tend to be of particular interest due to the great diversity of species that make up this class of the animal kingdom. While some

Pheromones for cats – what are they and how to use them

Animals have a multitude of ways of communicating with each other, they can connect through sight, sounds, vocalizations, body positions, smells or pheromones, among others. However, in this AnimalPlanet article we will focus on pheromones, particularly of the feline species, to provide information to people

How to explain to a child the death of his pet?

Children can get very close to pets. Indeed, it is said that until a certain age the little ones consider their pet as their best friend. However, whether it is due to illness, accident or simply because of age, our animal companions die and this

Life cycle of sea turtles

Have you ever wondered what the life cycle of sea turtles looks like? To study the life cycle of any species, we must take into account the development of young people, how and when adults reproduce and where and what they eat. Did you know

Scavengers – Types and examples

Despite their notoriety, scavengers play a very important and essential role in the cycle of life. Thanks to them, organic matter can decompose and become available again to plants and other autotrophic beings. In addition, they cleanse the nature of corpses which can be major

Is it true that wolves attack people?

In Spain there is not much cases of attacks on people by wolves, the last verified was in León, in 1997, although it was not an attack in itself, only a threat of a wolf that was feeding on a donkey, when a ranger passed

Why do bulls hate the color red?

The belief that bulls hate the color red is quite common, not least because of the use that is made of the color in bullfights, an event as old as it is sad that takes place in Spain and other countries. In bullfights, there is

Oviparous animals – Definition and examples

In nature we can observe several reproductive strategies and one of them is oviparism. You should know that there are many animals that follow this same strategy, which appeared much earlier in the history of evolution than viviparous animals. If you want to know what

How to move in with an adult cat?

The cat is an animal that sticks to a routine to feel safe and avoid anything that puts its health and well-being at risk. Unlike other pets, a cat’s routine is generally quite marked, as it is common to observe that it follows the same

10 animals in danger of extinction in Venezuela

Venezuela is a land rich in natural resources, as well as varied landscapes, which include warm beaches, deserts, mountains and snow, among others. This variety of ecosystems is home to multiple species of living things, both flora and fauna. Despite this, many animal species are

What does it mean for a cat to have its tail up?

Cats emit many sounds and their meanings, however, cats primarily use their body language to communicate with us, with other animals, and with their environment. Thanks to their body, their postures and their facial expressions, our felines transmit their mood and their perceptions of their

How do I know if my dont like me?

Maybe you know him as whose or guinea pig, maybe for you he is a guinea pig and for others a simple guinea pig, the truth is that the Cavia porcellus It is perhaps the most popular rodent as a pet because it is tender,

What does a volunteer at an animal shelter do?

Volunteering is a selfless charitable activity that is becoming increasingly popular among animal lovers. However, not all animal shelters are the same, since each has their specific needs and, as a result, the tasks to be performed can vary wildly. In this AnimalWised article, we’ll

How does a bee become queen?

Honey bees, insects belonging to the genus ApisThey are an eusocial species, that is, they belong to the highest level of social organization of all animals. In the hives, inhabited by swarms, different types of bees coexist: the queen, the workers (females) and the drones

Types of foxes – Names and photos

All foxes belong to the family Canidae, so they are closely related to other canineslike dogs, jackals or wolves. Depending on where on the planet they inhabit, their morphology and appearance change, as well as their behavior, although in general they have similar characteristics. You