Are There Species of Gray Macaw Birds?

Macaws are a popular breed of bird that come in a variety of colors. The most popular color variation of the macaw is gray. This is the standard color that is widely available. Macaws are great pets and are very interactive with their owners. They

Are There Species of Purple Macaws?

Macaws are famous for their beautiful feathers and a variety of colors that captivate bird lovers. The purple in the macaw is complex and there are many different names for this color type. Many people believe that no purple macaw species exists. If so, wouldn’t

Fischer’s Chameleon

There are currently more than 180 types of chameleons in the world. They all vary in size, color, and overall appearance, but there are only a few that are kept in captivity as pets. Not all chameleons make great friends, and some need more work

Where Should You Buy a Lovebird? (Updated in 2022)

Do you have the heart to add a lovebird to your home? If you are sure, then your next step is to find out where to find it. You really have a lot of possibilities these days when it comes to buying these birds. You

Do Moles Make Great Pets? What you need to know!

If you happen to live in a rural area, chances are you have seen or at least heard of an animal called a mole. People with gardens see cute little moles as big nuisances that dig tunnels, destroy roots, and destroy lawns. But for many

What Do Katydids Eat in the Wild and as Pets?

Do you enjoy listening to a chorus of chirping crickets during a warm summer day? Then you’ll probably enjoy katydids sounds! This unique insect is very similar to a grasshopper. They have a slim shape, long legs, and are available in a variety of sizes

Umbrella Cockatoo

The all-white Umbrella Cockatoo is a majestic bird that can live for seven decades. This bird is completely white except for a clear lemon yellow tint under the wings and at the base of the tail which is visible when the bird is in flight.

Zebra Finch

The zebra finch is a small bird species native to Australia and can be found all over the world. They live in warm climates with lots of trees for nesting and food sources, although they don’t fly well, so they will prefer to stay on

Where Should You Buy Parrotlets?

The parrotlet may be the smallest parrot ever, but it comes with a big personality, lots of energy, and years of love and entertainment to give. These tiny and magnificent little birds can make great companions in the right environment. They are vibrant in color

Do Pigeons Make Great Pets? What you need to know!

Birds fascinate us with their brilliant minds and social nature. Pigeons have served so many purposes throughout history in pet ownership, religious symbolism, and various cultures. If you like doves, you might consider buying one, as doves make great pets and a great addition to

What Do Crested Geckos Eat in the Wild & as Pets?

Once thought to be extinct, the Crested Gecko was “rediscovered” in the early 1990s. Today, this agile lizard is a popular pet. Family friendly and low maintenance, the Crested Gecko is a docile reptile that requires care when handled. If you are too rough with

Love birds

Lovebirds are some of the most social and affectionate birds on the planet, but that doesn’t mean they are the easiest birds to care for. They take a little work and patience and a lot of consistency, but the payoff is huge. They are very

Can Snakes Be Helpful Animals? Everything You Need to Know!

A service animal is a working animal that performs some kind of task for its handler. They differ from emotional support animals, which, as the name suggests, provide emotional support rather than physical tasks. While many different types of animals can be trained to perform


Large birds with larger personalities, cockatoos make popular, if sometimes needy and demanding pets. More than 20 different species make up the cockatoo family, all differing in size, appearance, and personality. Among the noisiest pet birds, cockatoos are never shy about expressing their feelings, no

Do Ferrets Need Friends? (Are Human Friends Enough?)

Ferrets can make wonderful pets for the right owner. They are loving, fussy and of course mischievous little animals that can prove to be very entertaining and can bring a lot of fun to your family. But maybe you’re wondering if the ferret would be

What Do Baby Tortoises Eat in the Wild and as Pets?

Humans have long been fascinated by turtles for the way they retreat into their shells when threatened. Unfortunately, there are many turtle species that are on the verge of extinction today, and the common snapping turtle is one of them. Common snapping turtles are found

Bare Eyed Cockatoo

The mostly white Bare-Eyed Cockatoo is one of the smaller members of the cockatoo family, making it easier to care for and care for. This beautiful, affectionate and fun-loving bird is known as the ‘Little Corella’. Many bird enthusiasts keep Bare-Eyed cockatoos as pets because

When do chickens start laying eggs? (5 Signs to Watch for)

You’ve finally bought some spring chicks, and the anticipation of receiving your first fresh egg is almost too much to bear. We don’t blame you for being a little nervous! Fresh eggs from your home-cooked hens have the most decadent taste and are completely superior