Are the Members of Cage the Elephant Christians?

When it comes to the religious beliefs of the members of Cage the Elephant, there has been much speculation and curiosity. As a band with a unique sound and a diverse fan base, it is natural for fans to wonder about the backgrounds and beliefs of the musicians they admire. In this article, we will explore the religious upbringing of Cage the Elephant band members and how it may have influenced their musical journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cage the Elephant band members were raised in a religious household.
  • They had limited exposure to rock music during their childhood.
  • Their musical influences included Christian music, gospel, and secular rock bands.
  • It remains unclear if all the members of Cage the Elephant identify as Christians.
  • Their personal journeys and experiences have shaped their unique sound and musical identity.

Cage the Elephant’s Musical Journey

Cage the Elephant is an American rock band formed in 2006. They have showcased their evolving musical style and their efforts to find their own distinct identity through their various albums. The band’s self-titled debut album, released in 2008, gained them initial success and was influenced by classic rock, ’90s alternative, blues, punk rock, and funk music.

Their subsequent albums, including Thank You, Happy Birthday (2011), Melophobia (2013), Tell Me I’m Pretty (2015), and Social Cues (2019), continued to push the boundaries of their musical identity. Each album delves into different genres and explores new sounds, showcasing the band’s versatility and creativity. Cage the Elephant’s music is known for its energetic and raw performances, capturing the essence of their live shows.

Over the years, Cage the Elephant has received critical acclaim and commercial success. They have won multiple awards, including two Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album for their albums Melophobia and Tell Me I’m Pretty. Their music resonates with fans worldwide, connecting through the emotions and experiences expressed in their lyrics and melodies.

Personal Backgrounds of Cage the Elephant Members

Cage the Elephant is a band comprised of members with diverse personal backgrounds. Before coming together to form the band, each member pursued different career paths. Matthew Shultz, the lead vocalist, worked in construction, while his brother Brad Shultz, the guitarist, had a job in plumbing. Jared Champion, the drummer, worked in telemarketing, and Daniel Tichenor, the bassist, had a retail job. All of them shared a common love for music, which eventually led them to form Cage the Elephant and pursue their passion for rock music.

The unique experiences and influences of each band member contribute to the creative dynamics of Cage the Elephant. They bring their individual perspectives and talents to the table, resulting in a diverse and innovative musical style. This rich blend of personal backgrounds creates a vibrant and dynamic energy within the band, and is evident in their music.

While their personal backgrounds may differ, the members of Cage the Elephant share a common passion for music. This shared vision has allowed them to create a cohesive sound and establish themselves as one of the prominent rock bands of our time. Together, they continue to captivate audiences with their energetic performances and unique musical style.

The Influence of Upbringing on Cage the Elephant’s Music

Cage the Elephant - Influences

The religious upbringing of the Shultz brothers, Matthew and Brad, played a significant role in shaping their musical journey. Raised in a household where Christian music and gospel were prevalent, they were exposed to these genres from an early age. Their father, who was also a musician, introduced them to rock ‘n’ roll bands that had Christian influences. This unique blend of religious and rock music became a fundamental part of their musical DNA.

As they grew older, the Shultz brothers started exploring different genres, expanding their musical horizons beyond the boundaries of their religious upbringing. They delved into rock music from various eras, including classic rock, ’90s alternative, blues, punk rock, and funk. This exploration allowed them to develop a diverse range of influences that shaped their evolving sound.

Their upbringing, combined with their exploration of different music genres, contributed to the distinctiveness of Cage the Elephant’s music. It is evident in their albums, where their songs showcase an amalgamation of styles and influences. From the raw energy of punk rock to the soulful melodies of blues, their music reflects the myriad of genres that have shaped their musical identities.

Genre Influences
Christian Music Gospel, Christian rock bands
Classic Rock Tommy James and the Shondells, Led Zeppelin
Alternative 90s alternative bands
Blues Blues legends
Punk Rock Punk rock bands
Funk Funk artists

The influence of their upbringing can be heard in the lyrics of Cage the Elephant’s songs as well. Themes of spirituality, introspection, and personal growth frequently appear in their music, reflecting the impact of their religious background on their artistic expression. However, their lyrics also delve into a broader range of topics, tackling social issues, personal experiences, and the challenges of navigating the complexities of life.

Ultimately, the influence of the Shultz brothers’ upbringing on Cage the Elephant’s music can be seen as a foundation that they have built upon, incorporating various genres and themes into their unique sound. Their personal journey and the diverse range of musical influences they have embraced have resulted in a dynamic and captivating musical experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.


Throughout their personal journey and musical career, Cage the Elephant has been shaped by their religious beliefs and diverse backgrounds. Raised in a religious household, the band members were initially influenced by Christian music and gospel. However, as they grew older, their exposure to different genres, such as rock and roll, broadened their musical horizons.

While it remains unclear if all the members of Cage the Elephant identify as Christians, their religious upbringing undeniably played a significant role in their musical development. It laid the foundation for their love of music and inspired them to explore various genres, ultimately contributing to their unique sound and style.

As the band embarked on their musical journey, they continuously evolved and experimented with different musical identities. From their self-titled debut album to their Grammy-winning releases, Cage the Elephant showcased their creativity and individuality. Their personal experiences and influences shaped their path, resulting in a captivating and energetic presence on stage.

In conclusion, Cage the Elephant’s religious beliefs and personal journey have undoubtedly influenced their music. While their upbringing exposed them to Christian music, their exploration of different genres allowed them to develop their own distinct style. Cage the Elephant continues to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances, showcasing the power of music as a reflection of one’s unique journey.