A white elephant means a business?

A white elephant means a business? A white elephant is something that the maintenance cost is not related to its utility or value. From an investment perspective, the term refers to an asset, property, or business that is so expensive to operate and maintain it extremely difficult to make it an advantage.

What does a white elephant symbolize? The white elephant – which was most often affected by albinism, and therefore more of a ruddy-pink color – was, and remains to this day, a symbol of achievement. Owning a white elephant evoked political power, wealth and prosperity, great wisdom and love for one’s people.

What is a white elephant in project management? A “white elephant project” is an expression used in reference to a financial company that does not meet its expectations. A “white elephant project” can be used to refer to a completed project or a project whose business is still ongoing.

What is the example of a white elephant? The definition of a white elephant is a very expensive possession to maintain, or an item the owner no longer wants. A family home that you think you should keep but is very expensive to maintain is an example of a white elephant.

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What is a white elephant metaphorically?

A white elephant is an asset that its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, especially that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness. In modern usage, it is a metaphor used to describe an object, construction project, project, commercial enterprise, installation, etc.

What is the meaning of the white elephant gift?

The term white elephant refers to an extravagant and impractical gift that cannot be easily disposed of.

What is the moral of the white elephant story?

The white elephant was able to take good care of its mother until the day she died. And when he himself died, the king erected a statue of him by the lake and held an annual elephant festival there in memory of such a caring and noble soul. Moral: Always give affection and care to our loved ones.

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What is a white elephant called?

A white elephant (also an albino elephant) is a rare type of elephant, but not a distinct species. The traditional “white elephant” is commonly misunderstood to be albino, but the Thai term chang samkhan actually translates to “auspicious elephant”, being “white” in terms of purity.

What is another term for the white elephant?

In this page, you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for white-elephant, such as: junk, more trouble than it’sworth, valueless object, burthen, onus, clutter, outmoded object, heirloom, albatross, ball – and-chain and burden.

Is there a white elephant?

White elephants, actually albino, have been revered for centuries in Burma, Thailand, Laos and other Asian countries. Burma has eight white elephants in captivity, most from the Ayeyarwaddy region. Five are now at the zoo in the capital, Naypyitaw, and three in Rangoon.

What is a white elephant in real estate?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides two contextual definitions for “white elephant”: “a property requiring much care and expense and yielding little profit” and “an object no longer of value to its owner but of value to others”. Typical white elephant buildings include churches, stadiums, suburban office parks,

What is the phrase of the white elephant?

Example sentences

He invested his savings in the business and it became a white elephant. Soon I realized that the old car was difficult to maintain and looked like a white elephant. China’s most powerful supercomputer is just a white elephant.

Where are the white elephants?

Thailand is known as the land of the white elephant. White elephants are not a separate species, but rather exceptionally light-skinned elephants. In Thai culture, white elephants in the possession of the king represent the power and prosperity of his reign.

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What is meant by white elephants tracing the origin of the idiom?

Origin: In the ancient kingdom of Siam (modern Thailand), the Siamese king gave live white elephants to people he did not like. Although seemingly nice, having a white elephant is extremely expensive and difficult to keep (or re-gift).

Is the white elephant an idiom?

CURRENT If you describe something like a new building or project as a white elephant, you mean that it cost a lot of money but it is completely unnecessary. The whole complex was a white elephant, built at great cost but never used.

What do Hills like white elephants represent?

Hills that look like white elephants are a pregnant belly. It describes the state of the couple’s relationship if their unplanned pregnancies results in death. Things can not become as they were, their lives will always be affected by the decision to perform the abortion.

How does the white elephant work?

white elephant is a gift exchange, so each person must bring a gift wrapped in Christmas. Once everyone is assembled, have each person draw a number. The person with the number “one” chooses a gift to unwrap. The game continues until all the presents have been unwrapped and everybody has a gift.

Which elephant symbolizes?

Elephants are revered as a symbol of luck, prosperity, destruction of evil, removal of obstacles, as well as strength, power, wisdom, memory and vitality.

Are white elephants lucky?

They represent strength, protection, wisdom and good luck. Elephant symbols invite positive energies into your home and life. White elephants are considered very auspicious. It is said that the Buddha’s mother dreamed of a white elephant, before giving birth to it.

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What was the king’s reaction when he saw the white elephant?

He was absolutely disgusted with his herd.

What does white elephant mean in literature?

A white elephant symbolizes something no one wants – in this story, the girl’s unborn child. Comparing the hills – and, metaphorically, the baby – to elephants is also reminiscent of the phrase “the elephant in the room,” a euphemism for something obvious and painful that no one wants to discuss.

How does the Forester respond to the white elephant?

Question 3: How does the forester respond to a good deed from the white elephant? Answer: The white elephant’s good deed was rewarded with betrayal. The forester was a cunning and greedy man. He thought that if he could capture the white elephant, he would be richly rewarded.

What other term refers to the albatross?

In this page, you can find 20 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and words related to albatrosses, like: gooney, disability, mallemuck, Black-footed, nelly, pelican, seabird, load, mollymawk millstone and albatross.

What is the meaning of the idiom in a jiffy?

phrasing. If you say you will do something in a jiffy, you mean that you will do it very quickly or very soon. [informal]

How many white elephants are left in the world in 2021?

How many white elephants are there left in the world? There are about 30 white elephants left in the world.