65 Irish Cat Names

If you have an Irish cat breed, such as the Tailless Man, you may want to name them in honor of their country of origin. Maybe you want to choose an Irish cat name because you have Irish ancestry, or maybe you just have a passion for the Emerald Isle.

Whatever your reason, choosing a name can sometimes be tricky. Read on to see our list of 65 Irish cat names for inspiration.

Top Irish Cat Names

  • Clover (female)
  • Blarney (u)
  • Dublin (u)
  • Finnegan (m)
  • Finn (m)
  • You are lucky)
  • Molly (female)
  • Murphy (male)
  • O’Reilly (m)
  • Ola (female)
  • rice field (u)
  • Patrick (male)
  • Rory (m)
  • Shannon (female)
  • Sine (f)

Tips for naming your cat

When naming your cat, the key is to take it easy, keep it simple, and avoid confusion or offense.

Take your time and make sure everyone in the family agrees. After all, you want to use this name for many years to come!

Try not to choose names with too many syllables or complicated pronunciation. This will make it easier for your cat to get used to the name, which means you’re less likely to have your vet or sitter mispronounce it.

Avoid choosing names that sound too similar to any other pet or family member, and always double-check the meaning of any Irish word. You don’t want to accidentally choose something embarrassing or insulting.

Don’t think too much either, if you find a name and it makes you smile, that’s a good sign.

Irish names inspired by a cat’s temperament or appearance

Choosing a name that suits your cat’s appearance or character traits can be a great way to add a little personal flair. Maybe your cat is aggressive or docile or a little quirky. You can also name them based on their coat color, markings or texture.

Read on for some Irish-inspired descriptive names that can give you some ideas.

  • Albert (meaning white)
  • Dillon (meaning a bolt of lightning)
  • Dub (pronounced) Pigeon, meaning Black)
  • Gorm (meaning dark blue – great for blue-eyed cats)
  • Markushra (meaning Honey or Honey)
  • Marr (meaning chief)
  • Mosage (meaning hairy)
  • Quigley (meaning unkempt)
  • Quinn (meaning wisdom)
  • Pusheen (from the word Puisin significance kitten)

cat names inspired by famous Irish characters

Do you like famous movie stars, musicians, novelists or activists from Ireland? This could be a great way to name your cat.

We’ve listed some outstanding figures in Irish culture past and present that may inspire you.

  • Beckett (Samuel, novelist)
  • Bono (from rock band U2)
  • Brigid (the only female patron saint of Kildare, Ireland)
  • Darby (from the Disney movie Darby Ogier and the Little People)
  • Enya (musician)
  • Saoirse (Ronan, actress. Pronunciation color sand)
  • Liam (Neeson, actor)
  • Cillian (Murphy, actor)
  • Pangur (an iconic Irish poem about monk cats called bangurban)
  • Yeats (poet and playwright)

Irish cat names inspired by food and drink

Think of Irish food and potatoes usually come to mind. When it comes to drinks, everyone has heard of Guinness. There are many traditional Irish foods and drinks that can make cat names sound cute.

Here are some possible ideas.

  • Bailey (an Irish cream liqueur)
  • Cabbage (Irish Favorite)
  • Coddle (a traditional dish with sausage, bacon and potatoes)
  • Guinness (an iconic Irish stout)
  • Jameson (an Irish whiskey)
  • oatmeal (a type of cookie)
  • Champion (mashed potato dish)
  • Práta (main Irish word for potato, pronounced Plata)
  • Stew (a traditional meat dish)
  • Tayto (Irish potato chips)

More Male Irish Cat Names

  • Colm (meaning Pigeon)
  • Conan (meaning little warrior)
  • Connor (mean dog lover – Perfect if your cat lives in a house full of dogs)
  • Donal (meaning mighty, great chief)
  • Fogel (meaning brave)
  • Loken (meaning little villain)
  • Ronan (meaning baby seal)
  • Shay (meaning eagle)

More Female Irish Cat Names

  • Aoife (pronounced ee-fa and meaning beautiful and happy)
  • Brianna (meaning noble)
  • Cao Yinhe (pronunciation Kiva and meaning gentle and beautiful)
  • Kelly (pronounced) Kelly and meaning Slim and fair)
  • Maeve (meaning messenger of joy)
  • Niam (read as Neve and meaning radiation)
  • Nessa (meaning not gentle)
  • Orlagh (pronounced ola and meaning gold)
  • Shannon (meaning Wisdom River)
  • Roisin (pronounced) soft light and meaning little rose)

Other Cat Name Ideas

If you’re still struggling to find inspiration, why not check out these other collections of cat names.