15 Unique Male Cat Names

There’s nothing wrong with popular cat names like Sooty, Tiger, and Oscar, but sometimes, it can be a good thing to stand out from the crowd and pick from more unique male cat names.

Bringing home an adopted cat or a new kitten can be an exciting and overwhelming time. It’s hard to be overwhelmed by inspiration when you’re focused on getting your cat settled into a new home.

Hopefully our list of unique male cat names has provided some ideas to spark the imagination.


Do you have a cat, it’s a little monkey who always likes to play tricks? They might be perfect for the lovely name Birba, which means rascal or rascal in Italian.


If you have a cat who loves everyone and is full of sweet affection, you won’t find a better name than Bryer. The meaning of this Canadian name is gentle and sweet.


For those car lovers, Bugatti might be a fun name for your cat. It’s especially suitable if they’re an energetic speed demon who wants to play all the time. Bugatti cars regularly rank among the top ten fastest cars in the world.

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If your cat is forever loyal, Caleb might be the perfect name for them. It’s a Hebrew name that also symbolizes loyalty, dedication and courage.


If you miss your mid-21st century childhood and you have a very noble looking cat, Carbonel might be a good name choice, especially if they are black. This is the name of the talking cat in Barbara Sleigh’s children’s book. If you have young children, they will no doubt love reading stories that inspire their cat names too!


For fans of classic fantasy literature, you can’t go wrong with character names in The Lord of the Rings. What better name is there than Gandalf in honor of the main wizard in the novel. It may not be as unique as some of the other names on this list, but it suits a smart white or gray cat.


Cats are often named after Greek or Norse gods. It’s not uncommon to hear about cats being called Loki or Thor (especially after the huge popularity of Marvel movies). If you have a cat that is lazy and likes to hang out all day, the more unusual Hypnos option might be a good fit. This is the Greek god of sleep.

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It’s a well-known British savory sauce that has developed into a term to describe things that are strongly divisive. If something resembles Marmite, you either “love it or hate it”. If you have a cat with a strong personality that not everyone likes, then Marmite might be the perfect cute, unique name for them.


If your cat is constantly misbehaving in front of guests and embarrassing you, then maybe you can name them Meelap. This is of Sanskrit origin and means embarrassing. This name also applies to female cats.


Nermal is the lovable nemesis of the comic book character Garfield. He calls himself the cutest kitten in the world. If you have an adorable cat and feel superior, what better name could it be.


If you have a moody cat or just a dark gray cat, naming them after this dark nimbus might work.


If you’ve read the Philip Pullman Dark Materials trilogy, you’ll know that the protagonist Lyra has a soulmate, usually in the form of a wildcat, who is known as Pantalemon, or Pan for short. It’s the perfect name for a fan of the novel, or the antithesis of reckless for a very sensible cat.


If you have a white cat and you’re looking for a name that’s more unique than regular Snow or Marshmallow, what about Shiro? It’s a Japanese word that means white.

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Who can forget this adorable furry blue character from the Pixar movie Monsters Inc? In the first film, little girl Boo affectionately calls him “Kitty”. So if you have a fluffy, gentle cat giant, this name would be a good match.


Tigger is a popular cat name. Who doesn’t love the famous character of Winnie the Pooh? However, it is not a unique name. If you love these books and you have a timid cat, why not ironically name them after these evil honey-stealing characters.