15 Types of Conure Parrots to Keep (With Pictures)

Conures are a large group of diverse birds that belong to the parrot category. For parrots, they are small to medium in size, generally between 10 and 20 inches in length.

Many Conures are very loud, others are quiet and docile. They come in a variety of vibrant colors, covering almost every color of the rainbow. But it’s their loving and caring nature that makes them great pets.

But there are many different species of Conure to choose from if you’re looking for a new furry friend. So, which makes the best pets? Let’s take a look at 15 Conures who made best friends.

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15 Types Of Pet Conure Parrots

1. Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conures have some of the shortest life spans in the parrot world, estimated to live only 15 years. They are also quite small, about 10 inches long.

But they make excellent pets because of their dashing nature. They are fun and full of energy, always looking for ways to entertain their family. These are some of the quieter Conures, so if you’re not looking for a squeaky alarm clock or you live close to other people, then the Green Cheek Conure is a good choice.

2. Jenday Conure

Jenday Conure

Bright and beautiful in color, the Jenday Conure has bands of different colors that run along its body. The red belly feathers are topped by an orange and yellow head with bright red eye rings. Green wings and blue tail feathers complete the rainbow, making it one of the most ornamental birds you can keep.

This is an affectionate and playful Conure who wants lots of attention. In fact, they will be very demanding of your time, and they will make sure their displeasure is heard! They are also quick to learn, so you can easily train your Jenday Conure.

3. Sun Conure

Sun Conure Parrot

This bird is a sight to behold. They are a bright rainbow of plumage, with red, green, yellow, and orange hues blending into one another. On average, they are about 12 inches long and can be estimated to live 25-30 years. They are very social, constantly looking for more social interactions.

Your Sun Conure can even learn to do tricks. They are excellent guards too, releasing piercing shrieks to warn you whenever someone is at the door.

4. White-Eyed Conure

White-Eyed Conures only live about 20 years, but they make some of the best pets of all Conure breeds. This is because of their docile nature which makes them behave better than other parrots. If you are careful to socialize your White-Eyed Conure, you can expect it to be an excellent companion. It is comforting and affectionate.

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5. Queen of Bavaria Conure

Queen of Bavaria Conure

If you are looking for the rarest and most unique parrot you can find, then the Bavarian Queen Conure definitely fits the bill. Also called the Golden Conure, this bird is a sight to behold. It is covered in bright golden feathers from crown to feet, which makes it an instantly recognizable bird.

Of course, part of their charm is their rarity. They are very expensive, but you can find them as pets. And luckily, they did make really good friends! People who own these birds fall in love with their cheerful and affectionate nature. They are entertaining and fun, but not everyone can afford such an exotic parrot.

6. Red Masked Conure

Red masked conure

Although their bodies are almost entirely bright green, you could easily choose the Red Masked Conure for the bright red fur that covers their entire face, creating the red “mask” from which they take their name. They are medium sized birds, though large for a Conure, which reaches 13 inches and can live over 30 years.

Talking birds are very popular, and the Red Masked Conure is one of those parrots that can easily learn to talk. They are very vocal by nature, so they may naturally start copying your words. But like many parrots, they can be quite loud at times, so they may not do well in an apartment.

7. Nanday Conure

Nanday Conure

Although physically plain and drab compared to some of the more colorful conure species, the Nanday Conure comes across with a larger-than-life personality. They love to play and always want to be the center of attention, constantly seeking your affection.

But if you don’t give it enough attention and much-needed stimulation, you can expect your Nanday Conure to become very noisy and even start exhibiting destructive behavior.

8. Patagonia conure

Patagonia conure

While most conures are brightly colored, usually green but often display a rainbow of hues, the Patagonian conure has a more subdued physical appearance. This species is primarily dark olive in color, although it has small patches of orange and red on its feet.

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The Patagonian conure is the largest conure species and can reach 20 inches in length as an adult. They are affectionate and affectionate, although they can also be quite noisy.

9. Half Moon Conure

Much quieter than many other Conure species, the Half-Moon Conure is still quite vocal. However, their call volume is much lower than that of other Conures, which makes them attractive as potential pets.

What else makes these little conures attractive is their bubbly personality. They will show their emotions clearly, get very excited to see their family, go up and down to show enthusiasm.

10. Mitred Conure

Mitred Conure

A bright green with a red forehead and accents, the Mitred Conure is an adorable parrot. They can learn a few words, become good conversationalists with practice. They are also very curious, always eager to explore new areas.

One thing to keep in mind with Mitred Conures is that they can be a little temperamental. They will scream if they feel they are not getting adequate attention and even start biting. They are not a great choice for novice bird owners or apartment dwellers.

11. Australian Conure

Native to Chile, the Austral Conure is the southernmost reaching of all parrot species. This is a lesser known species of Conure, although one of its subspecies is well known; Chilean conure. Recently, however, Austral Conures have been successfully bred in captivity, so they are becoming more available as pets.

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12. Dark Headed Conure

Dark Headed Conure

These conures are not as visually impressive as the others, although they make excellent pets because of their personalities. Still, they are beautiful birds, although not as bright as other parrots. Their plumage is dull green with a gray head from which the Dusky Headed Conure takes its name.

What makes these Conures pets great is that they are not very demanding. They are naturally loving and sweet and even make good pets for children. Plus, they are pretty quiet compared to other Conures.

13. Blue Crown Conure

As you can guess from its name, the Blue Crown Conure has blue feathers on its head. The rest of its body is mainly bright green, except for the underside of its tail which ranges in red or pink.

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This is an intelligent and sweet species of Conure, making it an excellent pet. They are very playful and eager to learn, so you can teach the Blue Crown Conure tricks and words and they will quickly understand.

14. Gold Covered Conure

Named for the golden fur on their heads, Golden-Capped Conures are very popular pets that thrive in captivity, even though their populations in the wild are threatened by deforestation and habitat loss.

These birds love attention. They will scream loudly when they don’t understand, or when they are excited, or when you come home, or whenever they want. They are not great for apartments for this reason. However, they are highly trained and can even learn to speak a few words.

15. Peach Front Conure

Peach Front Conure

The Peach-Fronted Conure has a bright orange forehead which makes it look similar to other Conures, although it can be distinguished by its black beak. They are cuddly and affectionate, which makes them an excellent choice as a pet. In addition, they are very quiet for Conures and can even do well in apartments with close neighbours.

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As you can see, there is no shortage of diversity among the Conure family. Whether you want a brightly colored bird with a colorful temperament, or you want a calmer bird with a calmer demeanor and less bright colors, you are sure to find the right Conure to suit your personality. Hopefully, we’ve helped narrow down the choices so you know which Conures to start researching more deeply before you add a new member to your family!

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