12 Morphs & Colors of the Hognose Snake (with Pictures)

The Hognose snake morph has become the best choice for pet snakes, rivaling Bola pythons and Corn snakes in the pet trade. Recent market dominance has seen breeders develop an astonishing 60 Hognose morphs.

You can find Hognose morphs pet snakes throughout the US, with stunning colors that can overwhelm any hobbyist. Don’t worry though, as this article will feature some of the most popular Hognose snake morphs to help you decide which one is the best fit for you.


What is the Hognose Snake Morph?

Hognose snake morphs are natural and fantastic designer snakes that were bred to look similar, even though they exhibit different colors and patterns. The varied shades, markings and textures make the Hognose snake very cute.

Their captive size is also suitable for any household. Similarly, Hognose morphs are generally polite and great for the novice hobbyist, meaning they are easy to maintain without a lot of requirements.


12 Most Popular Hognose Snake Morphs

1. Albino Hognose Snake

The Albino Hognose snake morph is arguably unique and among the most expensive Hognose morphs. This snake does not produce melanin, which is the darkest of the three pigments you can find in snakes.

For this reason, Albinos have a distinctive snake pattern of white, yellow, and orange colors. They have radiant red eyes because their eyes also lack melanin, allowing you to see the blood in their eyes.

Breeders use this Hognose snake to upgrade other morphs and create a snake with two traits. Albino morphs can grow up to 2 years and measure up to 20 inches in the right environment.

2. Snake Albino Anaconda Hognose

This morph is the result of a cross between an albino snake and an anaconda hognose. The Albino Anaconda Hognose has a lighter yellow scale base with pale orange dots that start small and tend to get larger as the snake grows in size.

You might mistake it for the Red Albino Anaconda, as they are similar, except for the price. The Albino Anaconda Hognose is slightly cheaper than the Red snake.

Interestingly, this morph can grow up to 20 inches in length while still maintaining a width of 2-3 inches. He also has sensitive skin and will love nothing more than resting in the palm of your hand and sharing your warmth.

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3. Red albino hognose anaconda

You will think this morph is fake if you meet him. The Red Albino Anaconda is a remarkable Hognose snake with a peachy yellow skin tone and bright orange spots along its body.

The more the snake grows, the more likely it is to change its color. These spots start out orange in color and turn darker on the tail as they get bigger. The Red Albino Anaconda morph is between 15 and 20 inches long and likes to rest in the arms of its owner for warmth from the human body.

4. Extreme Albino Red Anaconda Hognose Snake

The Extreme Albino Red Anaconda Morph is a Western Hognose that looks just like its cousin, the Red Albino Anaconda. However, this morph is lighter in color than its counterpart, the reason why it is known as “extreme.”

The Extreme Albino Red Morph Anaconda has a yellow-brown skin base with much larger patches and is mainly round in size. The red-orange patches of this morph are more of a bold red.

5. Axanthic Hognose Snake Morph

Hognose Axanthic Snake

The genetics of this morph do not produce yellow or red pigments. This feature leaves the Axanthic morphs with dark tones, although they still display a “wild-pattern” type.

For example, you can find the Axanthic Hognose snake with black eyes, dark patches, and dark brown patches within a black ring. The body will have a white and gray base that extends the length of the snake.

Morph Axanthic Hognose can sense heat easily thanks to their black tongues. They are notably more prominent in size than other hognose snakes. These morphs reach maturity between 18-24 inches long and 2-3 inches wide.

6. Toffeeconda Hognose Morph

If a hobbyist claims to have never seen a Hognose snake climb a tree, they have never met a Toffeeconda Hognose snake. This morph is native to the Western part of the US and gets its name from the light brown leather base that resembles toffee.

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Unlike other Hognose snakes, the Toffeeconda is an avid tree climber and will do anything to perch on a branch. It is smaller than its snake counterparts, measuring up to 12-12 inches long and about 2 inches wide. The Tofeeconda morphs are beautiful even without the bold orange or red hues and can cost around $350-$500.

7. Super Arctic Western Hognose

Finally! This is Super Arctic Western Hognose, most people’s favorite morph. This snake is unique, with a creamy white base and incredible brown dots within a black ring.

The Super Arctic Western Hognose Morphology also has a flat dark tongue with a split band in the middle, and their jet black eyes are a gem to look at! The uniqueness of this morph makes it a premium reptile, so an adult snake will cost you up to $1000!

8. Western Hognose Coral Snow

These Hognose snake morphs attract with their bold color patterns and behavior. Coral Snow Morph is the product of mixing Lavender Hognose and Albino morph, the background of which gives Coral Snow its pale pink and purple shades.

The Morph Coral Snow Western Hognose only grew a few inches, but it cost several thousand dollars.

9. Eastern Hognose Snake

Eastern Hognose Snake

The morph of the Eastern Hognose snake resembles the Axanthic Anaconda. The scales are a rich brown color with charming dark block-shaped spots along the sides and back.

You can tell this morph apart by its black and brown eyes and the flat shape that extends to its nose. Ripe Eastern Hognose Morphs can measure up to 12-20 inches, and they mostly enjoy the delicacies of small frozen or live rodents such as mice.

10. Lavender Hognose Snake

Lavender morphs manifest in very lavender to pale purple scales, dark purple blotches, and black eyes. This morph shows this color because it has a recessive gene that limits the production of melanin in the skin.

Mature Lavender morphs can stretch up to 18 inches, though this Hognose is hard to come by.

11. Snake Jaguar Hognose

Snake Jaguar Hognose

The morphology of the Hognose snake is given the name “jaguar” because its dominant gene forms a circle and oval pattern like the spots on the jaguar animal. These genes manifest in the same way whether snakes have one or two copies of the gene.

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The Jaguar Hognose snake markings are manifested in a pale brown coloration of the skin and scales, integrated with a brown stripe that surrounds the back of the body. This Hognose snake has a brown head with black eyes and is sturdy.

12. Pink Pastel Hognose

Pastel Pink Hognose Snake

This is designer Hognose which is one of the most interesting Hognose snake morphs thanks to its recessive gene which creates an attractive aesthetic in snakes.

It has pale velvety smooth to dark pink lines that are slightly darker, like a pink-orange hue. This skin tone earned Pastel Pink the nickname “Pink Panther.” It’s not every day that you come across this pink hognose snake as it is one of the rarer Hognose snake morphs.



Hognose morphs snakes make great companions, although they are not traditional cuddly pets. This pet snake may not respond when you call or cuddle with you, but there’s something comforting about watching a snake creep slowly into its cage.

Plus, they’re beautiful, colorful, stay calm, and don’t need roads or space for shade. However, their diet can be a challenge in itself.

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