12 Charming Dwarf Rabbit Races

If you don’t think there’s anything cuter than a cute, fluffy bunny, wait until you see these dwarf bunny breeds. Not only are they adorable, but each has their own characteristics, personality, and style.

Below, we’ve found the top 12 dwarf rabbit breeds. We will talk about each one to give you a better understanding of these mini thumpers. Plus, we’ll also include pictures for your ooh and ahh fun. Keep reading for all the mini size fun.


12 Dwarf Rabbit Races

Mini rabbits have become increasingly popular due to their adorable stature and pet-friendly abilities. Rabbit breeds range from large to pygmy, and the researchers believe it is the deactivation of the HMGA2 gene that causes certain rabbits to remain small.

Dwarfism can occur naturally in rabbits as well as in humans, but when these small animals were in demand, the breed got to work getting these pint-sized pets to breed on their own. Typically, pygmy rabbits will be no larger than five pounds with the majority of them staying in the 2.5 pound range.

As mentioned, these little fur balls make great pets. However, like any other animal, each has its own personality and different breeds have different traits and characteristics. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the different breeds of dwarves:

1. Holland Lop

white chocolate holland lop rabbit

Holland Lop is one of several lop breeds. The term “lop” refers to their fallen ear. Holland Lop was created by a man named Adrian De Cock in (you guessed it) Holland in the 1940s by breeding English Lop, French Lop, and Dutch dwarf. This cutey has soft and thick fur in a variety of colors. Their coats can also be three-tone or two-tone. They have a small and compact body with half-length ears. They will grow anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds and have a flat head.

2. Lop Mini Rabbit

mini bunny lop

Although quite new to the world, this little rabbit is one of the most popular breeds. Not sure of its origins, this pygmy rabbit may come from a French or Flemish background. You can see this breed with a larger head and muscular body. In addition to muscle, they also have a short, rounded skeleton with a medium thick coat.

This rabbit will weigh between 5.5 and 7.5 kp. Their ears are cut with rounded ends. Although the ears are long, they are not the longest. You will also find their coats to be many colors including tri or two colors. These feather balls also have a life expectancy of five to seven years.

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3. Lion Head Rabbit

Lion head rabbit sitting on grass

As the name suggests, this type of dwarf is known for its beautiful fur mane. Not only that, their ears can grow up to seven centimeters, although sometimes they lose all their fur. To keep things interesting, you can also find these rabbits with shorter, erect ears.

This is a larger dwarf breed that can weigh up to 5 pounds. However, they can look bigger because of all the fur. We also want to point out that many Lionheads lose much of their “mane” once they reach adulthood. This is a British and Belgian breed that has a coat that can be of many colors. They also have wide eyes and an elongated snout.

4. Mini English Angora Rabbit

This little pet was originally known for its ability to make sweaters. Not all Angora rabbits are dwarves, and their regular size is by no means a “regular” size. This rabbit is known for its very soft and fluffy fur; which was once used to make sweaters.

This breed is small in stature, but they require a lot of care to care for their coat, which is prone to tangling and tangling quickly if not brushed regularly. They can also develop skin irritation and other hygiene problems.

5. Columbia Basin Dwarf Rabbit

pygmy rabbit columbian basin_Randy Bjorklund_Shutterstock

This pygmy rabbit is one of the rarest mini rabbits in the world. In fact, there are no remaining purebreds of the Columbia Basin Pygmy, but the breed continues to breed with crossbred rabbits. Not only is this a very rare species, but it is also one of the smallest. Adults weigh in at a bite size of one pound.

Not only can you spot these rabbits for their mouse-like appearance, but they usually have short gray fur and smaller ears. What’s more, these rabbits don’t like to breed which is one of the reasons they nearly went extinct in the 1990s.

6. Britannia Petite Rabbit

As you might have guessed, this next little kid has English ancestry. These are a type of dwarf with a lot of energy, so they will need a lot of practice, and plenty of room to jump if you keep them as pets. Their most striking feature is their arched back and inward-retracted belly which gives them a slender look.

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Britannia also has short, erect ears and slightly protruding eyes. They have a wedge-shaped head, short, soft fur, and small claws. You can usually find them in white or gray, but the coat can also be of other colors.

7. Miniature Lop Cashmere Rabbit


Known for their long, super soft coat, the Mini Cashmere Lop has long ears, a stocky body, and a wide head that looks curved when viewed from the side. Their larger cousin, the Cashmere Lop, is one of the most popular rabbit breeds.

Originally from England, this little rabbit fur coat can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Like some of its longer-haired companions, this rabbit requires a lot of care to avoid tangles and mats. They can also have some health problems related to furballs if not treated properly.

8. Hototo dwarf

hotot dwarf bunny_WSes_Shutterstock

These are one of the most affectionate miniature rabbits, and they are known for their tiny appearance and soft fur. Raised in France in 1902, you can tell this rabbit by its beautiful white fur and dark eyes. Due to the contrast between the colors, it makes their eyes appear bigger.

Another feature of Dwarf Hotots is their ears which are located at the back of their head, and will easily get excited. Also, they have sufficient appetite for small animals. However, they will become overweight if not watched carefully, and given enough exercise.

9. American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

This fuzzy lop has a soft coat, although not as soft as the Angora breed. In fact, coats sometimes have a “blurry” fibrous appearance. They have a stocky body with long ears and small eyes. They are also thought to be related to Holland Lop.

The American Fuzzy Rabbit has a round head and a flat face. Their fur is so thick that you usually can’t see their neck or ears either. Their coat color can vary and be three or two colors.

10. Dutch Dwarf Rabbit

This itty-bitty rabbit is one of the smallest breeds of pygmy rabbits weighing only 1-2 pounds as an adult. However, they are one of the strongest rabbits based on their size. This rabbit is muscular and compact with a large head for its size. This breed originates from the Netherlands, true to its name.

Great as a lap pet, the Dutch Dwarf has short, soft fur. Their ears are small and stand up straight, plus they have flexible bodies and are very, very fast. These rabbits need practice and a lot of love if you want to keep them as pets.

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11. Wooly Jersey Rabbit

jersey wooly rabbit_laurendotcom_Shutterstock

The Jersey Wooly Rabbit was bred in the 1970s in New Jersey. This breed has short erect ears with soft fur, and interestingly enough, it doesn’t kick. They make great pets because they will sit on your lap, plus they are very affectionate.

With a muscular and compact body, an adult can grow to more than 3 kilograms. They have a square head and a calm disposition. They are great beginner pets for those who have never cared for rabbits, as they don’t require a lot of extra work outside of the norm. They also have a life expectancy of six to nine years.

12. Mini Satin Rabbit

mini satin bunny

This is another type of mini rabbit that originated in the United States. They are popular for their fur coats that resemble satin. Unfortunately, the recessive gene that causes this fur makes these rabbits rare and not easy to find.

In addition to its fur, the Mini Satin has short hair, medium length ears that tend to stick out, and a slender to muscular frame. They also have narrow heads and can come in a variety of colors. Though rare, they make great pets with easy-going personalities.



We hope you enjoyed the above information about the different types of dwarf rabbits. Although they were very cute with their small stature, they were all also different and had different traits. Each has its own desires and personality. If you’re looking forward to adding one of these little feather balls to your family, we’re glad to know that the information we’ve provided was helpful.

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