10 safe bird toys

When buying your bird, you will find many types of birds Bird toy-Mirrors, ladders, swings and ropes-the choice is almost overwhelming. Some bird toys may look fragile, making you wonder if your bird will damage them the first time you use it.

The other toys look interesting, but you remember that she was hiding from the last 30-dollar toy you gave her. So, how do you decide what to buy? In any case, how many bird toys does a bird really need? Are all these ropes and artificial colors safe?

Choose bird toys according to the size and function of the cage

One of the first things to decide is whether your bird’s new toy will be in the cage or outside the cage, and which part of the cage. Make sure your bird cage is large enough to hold the bird toys you want to introduce. The bird toys left outside the cage are obviously larger and more delicate than the toys in the cage.

For larger birds, there are many bird play racks, Bird perch and toys For the top birdcage. Usually, I prefer to remove the bird from the cage and let him play on a separate playground instead of on the top of the cage.

When a bird is in the cage, they should be able to fly freely from head to tail. Flying is a natural behavior of birds, and they should be allowed to fly at any time.This means that not only large birds need to really Big bird cage, But small birds also need quite large cages.

Most birds are kept in cages, which are too small to allow them to fly. First assess whether you have a suitable size cage. Even if the cage has enough space to fly, you must also ensure that any toys placed in the cage should be placed in a location that will not interfere with this activity.

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Designate the “flying area” of the cage (usually the upper part) and keep it away from all hanging bird toys. Then reserve a corner or area in the lower half of the cage for placing bird toys.

What type of bird toys should you buy?

The type of bird toy you choose depends on the type, personality, likes and dislikes of your birds. Observing your pet and some trial and error will help you solve this problem.

Generally, larger birds like to grab buckets and chew toys. Smaller birds like bells, mirrors, and swings.It seems that people of all sizes like the soft fleece toys that have been on the market in recent years, such as Super Bird Creations Peekaboo PerchHaving said that, my African Grey Parrot loves his swing, and my Lutino Lovebird has a big rope chew toy, which has been biting for a few hours.

See what your bird likes and buy similar bird toys. Sometimes don’t be afraid to add something different to the mix. Bird toys are made for mental stimulation and enriching the environment. Even if your bird decides not to use the new toy, he will undoubtedly think about it for a while, which is equivalent to completing the task!

How many bird toys should a bird have?

Don’t mess up the cage with bird toys. Most birds only need two to three bird toys at a time to keep them busy. However, playing with the same toys for a long time can become very boring for them.

My usual practice is to open all my cages every week and clean them thoroughly from top to bottom. When I do this, I remove all toys and replace them with new toys. I hide 8 to 12 bird toys in a box and rotate them once a week.

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Now, if there is a favorite toy—such as my African Grey Swing—I might not take it away, but move it to another part of the cage. Or I might replace it with a similar swing, which is different enough to allow him to explore it as if it were new. You may want to remove and replace one toy every day.

Do anything useful to your daily life and pets-just change the toys frequently to make your bird’s life full of fun. With some bird toys, the simple thing of turning the toy upside down can make it “new”! Use your imagination!

What should you look for in bird toys?

Most importantly, you want your new bird toy to be completely safe for your birds. Look carefully at the toy-are there any cords or strands that can be pulled or chewed freely and wrapped around the legs or toes? Since dangerous toys restrict blood flow in the legs, I have amputated the legs and feet of many birds.

Can your bird break a piece and swallow it? Some rawhide chews on the market are soft enough, especially larger birds can tear off large pieces and get stuck in their intestines.

Is there any fragile wood they can swallow? Check the way the bird toy is suspended very carefully-sometimes your toenails, toes or feet may be caught by clips or chains and cause serious injury.

Also look at how easy it is to clean the toy. Many birds like to sit on their toys and poop…or cud food to “feed” their favorite toys…or yes, sometimes even trying to mate with them. All of these favorite bird activities can make toys very dirty.

Therefore, it is wise to ensure that you can easily clean the toy. If it must be disposed of once it is dirty, it will quickly become expensive.

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Things to consider when choosing the best bird toy

In short, when choosing a bird toy, try to think like a bird. If someone hangs this thing in the middle of your living room, if you fly to the kitchen to eat snacks, will it get in your way? Does it look like you are climbing or looking at something interesting? If you are playing with it, is there anything that might entangle any part of your body? Is it delicious, can it be eaten? If not, will I get sick if I decide to eat it?

Bird toys are not necessarily expensive. You can try new bird toys or make some yourself.Cut some fruit branches that are safe for birds (no pesticides!) for use Bird perch Chew toys are very suitable for mental stimulation and fulfillment. Some birds even like rolls of paper towels stuffed with newspapers.

See what your birds like to do, see what wild birds do with their time, and let your imagination take over! There is nothing more interesting than trying to think like your companion bird and understand what they do (and why).

Bird toy options by size

Here are some ideas on potential bird toys to help you get started. Be sure to remember your bird-something that is safe for my zebra finch may not be suitable for your parakeet, even though they are all considered small birds.

Little bird:

Medium-sized birds:

Large birds:

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10 safe bird toys
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