10 Hairless Dog Breeds

One of the most defining and charming traits of any dog ​​breed is their coat. From curly Poodles to downy Pomeranians, dog fur is a big part of what makes them so adorable. However, their coat can also be a source of one of the most difficult aspects of raising a dog: shedding. Even if you don’t have allergies, the constant shedding of both long and short haired dogs is a never-ending chore.

Enter the hairless dog. Not only do these dogs eliminate grooming and shedding duties, but they are just as loving and loyal as any other breed. They are absolutely adorable! Check out this list of 10 unique hairless dog breeds.


Top 10 Hairless Dog Breeds:

1. Abyssinian Sand Terrier

Abyssinian Sand Terrier

Tall:15-21 inches
Weight:20-40 pounds
Lifetime:12-15 years old

Also known as the “African Hairless Dog,” the Abyssinian Sand Terrier is an ancient and rare breed of hairless dog. In fact, they are so rare that there are doubts whether they still exist today. They are medium-sized dogs with lots of energy and are tough animals that can handle the harsh environments of West Africa. Most Sand Terriers have very little hair on their heads and tails, although some examples are completely hairless.

2. American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier_Shutterstock_nika174

Tall:12-16 inches
Weight:12-16 pounds
Lifetime:14-16 years old

One of the best-known hairless dog breeds and the only native hairless dog breed developed in the US, the American Hairless Terrier is a Louisiana native and is thought to have descended from the Rat Terrier. Some of these dogs have short, barely noticeable coats, while others are completely hairless. They, like most Terriers, are full of energy and love nothing more than playing, digging, and chasing, and they make great family pets.

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3. Argentinian Pila

Tall:10-25 inches
Weight:9-55 pounds
Lifetime:14-20 years old

Argentine pilas are renowned for their soft, hairless skin, and they come in three different size categories, from small to fairly large. They are loyal animals that are incredibly adaptable and tough — except in cold climates, of course! They are mostly completely hairless, although some varieties have a little hair on their tails and heads.

4. chinese crested

chinese crested dog in the grass_Veronika Andrews_Pixabay

Tall:11-13 inches
Weight:8-12 pounds
Lifetime:13-15 years old

Despite their name, Chinese Crested did not originate from China, but they evolved in Africa and Mexico and developed into the modern breed in China. The Crested comes in two varieties: the hairless one, which has hair only on the head, tail, and legs, and the powder one, which has a full coat. Their ultimate claim to fame is being the winner of countless Ugliest Dog competitions, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

5. Ecuadorian Hairless Dog

Tall:15-18 inches
Weight:17-25 pounds
Lifetime:12-14 years old

Considered one of the rarest hairless dog breeds, the Ecuadorian Hairless Dog is completely hairless except for a small patch on the very top of their head. Another unique feature of these dogs is their lack of premolars and their short tail, which further adds to their odd appearance. They are descended from the Peruvian Inca Orchid and are not considered a separate breed, but as a variation of the Peruvian.

6. Chihuahuas are hairless

furry and chihuahua mix_Rosa Jay_shutterstock (2)

Tall:6-9 inches
Weight:2-6 pounds
Lifetime:12-20 years old
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The same breed as the regular Chihuahua but with a marked lack of fur, the Hairless Chihuahua has a rare genetic defect that causes them to be hairless. They are prone to some skin problems but are just like a regular Chihuahua in every way! They have big personalities within their small sized frames, bond strongly with their owners, and are a delightful bundle of fun to have. Make sure to buy them a warm jersey for the winter!

7. Hairless Khala

Tall:14-20 inches
Weight:14-30 pounds
Lifetime:12-16 years old

A rare hairless breed native to Bolivia, the Hairless Khala are not completely hairless but do have cute tufts of hair on their heads and sometimes on their tails and legs. There are two distinct types of Khala: “Medio”, which is the smaller, shorter-legged variety, and “Grande”, which is the larger, longer-legged variety. They are agile athletic dogs who have a lot of energy and strong bonds with their human companions.

8. Jonangi

Tall:17-21 inches
Weight:28-48 pounds
Lifetime:10-14 years old

Jonangi is a hairless breed native to Pakistan and India and is mainly used in hunting and herding. These dogs are usually not completely hairless; instead, they have a barely noticeable and very short coat, although some are known to be completely hairless. The breed is rare and on the verge of extinction, but some dedicated breeders have brought the Jonangi back from the brink. They are loyal animals that stick strongly to one owner and make great family pets.

9. Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid_Anna Krivitskaya_shutterstock

Tall:9-26 inches
Weight:9-55 pounds
Lifetime:11-12 years old
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Also known as Peruvian Hairless, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is an ancient breed that can be coated or hairless and is available in three different sizes. They are agile and agile animals that are expert hunters and are basically surveillance dogs, similar to Greyhounds or Whippets. They are usually kept as companion animals and are loving and loyal dogs that make excellent family pets, provided they get the right amount of exercise, which this energetic dog needs in sufficient quantities.

10. Xoloitzcuintli


Tall:10-23 inches
Weight:10-55 pounds
Lifetime:12-15 years old

The Xoloitzcuintli, better known as the Mexican Hairless Dog, is an ancient breed that dates back thousands of years to the Aztecs. They are strong, muscular dogs that come in three different sizes, all of which are hairless or very short with the characteristic mohawk tufts that sit on top of their heads. They are calm and grumpy dogs who are not very energetic and do not require excessive exercise, although they have a fairly strong prey drive. They make wonderful family companions and watchful guard dogs.

Featured image credit: Rosa Jay, Shutterstock