fatty liver in cats

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Fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver syndrome, is a disease that affects the liver in cats. It is the most common acquired liver disease in cats and can be life-threatening.In most cases, this is the result of anorexia and dramatic weight loss in overweight cats. Knowing how to recognize the … Read more

82 Russian cat names

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If you’re looking for a different or unusual name for your new kitten or adult cat, Russian cat names are a great option. Russia’s beautiful language and interesting history and culture offer many great name ideas for your cat or kitten. You might also be surprised to learn that Russia is home to a wide … Read more

What is towel disposal?

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Have you ever tried petting your cat just to turn her into a wobbly ball of claws and teeth? As a cat owner, you need to pet your cat occasionally so that you can administer medicine, groom your cat, or examine your cat. Not all cats can tolerate handling. In fact, many cats get very … Read more

Hyperlipidemia in cats

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Hyperlipidemia is a general term for diseases in which there is too much fat in the blood. Hyperlipidemia in cats is not as common as in dogs and humans. What is hyperlipidemia in cats? The term hyperlipidemia is used to describe a condition in which there is excess fat in the blood of animals. overtake- … Read more

Breton Horses: Breed Profile

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The Breton horse may have a smaller draft than your average, but this breed packs a lot of power in this smaller package. Bretons are suited to everything from driving to horseback riding, and the breed’s three subtypes create a wealth of diversity and versatility. Hardworking and hardy, the Breton is a beautiful French breed. … Read more

47 white horse names

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There is something special about a gray or white horse. These horses naturally stand out from the rest of the herd, so shouldn’t they get a special name to reflect that? When you have a gray or white horse, it’s natural to want to take some inspiration from his colors into his name, but sometimes … Read more

Addison’s disease in cats

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Addison’s disease is an adrenal gland disorder that results in decreased production of important steroid hormones, primarily aldosterone. As a result of this disease, cats experience a variety of abnormalities that can lead to death if left untreated. It is important to recognize the signs of disease to ensure your cat receives veterinary care. What … Read more

What is a cat’s third eyelid?

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Did you know that cats have more than two eyelids per eye? In addition to the upper and lower eyelids, there is a third eyelid that you don’t usually see. In some cases, a protruding third eyelid is actually a sign of disease or injury. What is a cat’s third eyelid? Cats and many other … Read more

46 Egyptian Cat Names

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When it comes to a culture’s affinity for cats, there’s no competition: Egypt wins. Cats appeared in ancient Egyptian art and writings thousands of years ago. In fact, the Egyptians are considered the first society to live and love domesticated cats. Cats hunted worms like rats, mice, snakes, and scorpions in Egyptian granaries and homes, … Read more

Cystitis in cats

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Cystitis can be a serious problem for cats and should not be ignored. Long-term management and short-term treatment of cystitis are available for your cat, but cat owners must be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of this urinary problem. Knowing what to look for can help you get the help your cat needs. … Read more

What is a cat skin tag?

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Cats can get skin tags just like people. Fortunately, most skin tags are nothing to worry about. However, it’s important to understand what a skin tag is and how to differentiate it from other types of skin growths. What is a cat skin tag? Skin tags are fleshy patches of skin that can appear anywhere … Read more

mare and mare name

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If you are getting a new mare or filly, then you may want to choose the perfect name to start your equine life. Finding the perfect name can be difficult, though. There are many options, but your horse’s name will likely be with her for the next 20 or 30 years, so choose the right … Read more

Stallions and Stallion Names

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Naming a horse isn’t easy, but your horse’s name will probably stay with him for the rest of his life, so you want it to be a good name. Although your horse may have a registered name, his barn name is how everyone will recognize him. A great barn name is easy to pronounce, memorable, … Read more

Do cats sweat?

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Humans have millions of sweat glands on their skin. These glands are concentrated in specific areas, such as the soles of the feet and armpits, and antiperspirants and deodorants are often used to help control the resulting moisture and odor. Cats, on the other hand, do not have sweat glands in their bodies, so cats … Read more

Why does a female cat spray water?

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While male cats are known to spray water, some female cats may also exhibit this unwelcome behavior. No cat owner likes it when their cat squirts water, but the behavior often manifests as the cat tries to say something. Learn why your female feline squirts and what you can do to help relieve stress and … Read more

Why do male cats spray water?

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Cats speak a different language than humans, so their behavior is actually usually how they try to express something. Squirting is one of these behaviors, but unfortunately, it’s not something any cat owner likes to see, let alone clean up. Understanding why your cat squirts and what you can do about it can help reduce … Read more

Can cats eat pasta?

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Who doesn’t love a big bowl of pasta? Quite possibly one of the most popular starchy comfort foods, pasta is a weekly staple in most households. But can your feline also enjoy macaroni or linguine with you every now and then? According to experts – maybe. Italians are safe for many cats and can be … Read more

Can cats eat coconut?

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A popular tropical summer staple, coconut can be found in everything from pies to fruity warm-weather cocktails. Coconuts are technically a fruit, nut, and seed that are all rolled into one, and after harvesting from the tree, it can be processed into a variety of different products, from coconut meat to milk to oil. Some … Read more